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The most important post you will ever ignore... [This is a personal post with an eye to letting it at least be viewed by folks over at so_very_doomed, and one or two of my own communities]...

Well, the AM radio machine was really idiosyncratic, on accounta the solar flare, & all, yup. The various stations would swing and fade widely, so I only caught small snippets of the EarthFiles report, (1 hour into the show). But Linda Moulton Howe gave a new presentation on life changing incidents which occurred in her past, which was fascinating, and I'm sure the more spiritual, psychic and religious people in my LJ audience would love to hear the podcast on that, (go to CoasttoCoastam.com or EarthFiles.com?). She is normally an investigative reporter on the unexplained. I didn't hear too much more, except one ting which was extremely important. Linda Moulton Howe had come upon an explanation as to what all these Earth hums, and "trumpets", and rumbles and flashes and explosions are all about - and this explanation corresponds to a strong theory which I too have arrived at, but have failed to post about adequately herein. Why I haven't posted it? I wanted also to give a list of many other loose hypotheses on related Earth Changes phenomena first, before detailing the main, DREADFUL, theory, which is related to the electrical universe theory, although Moulton Howe doesn't get that far. She merely touches on the bare-bones physical, descriptive explanation, not the bigger picture. So, I will be contacting her sooner that I would have, before her revelation). Speaking of REVELATIONS, yes, the world is ending. To some degree unknown. It may be something many of us can get through, or it could be something where the whole damn planet explodes.

I have also been - besides being sick, and walking on eggshells for some selfish tool who has no life but was installed by a mundane Satan just to keep getting in my way and slowing me down - concerned with all these political and mass-slaughter events. And the latter, speculated upon, could never drop the caveat that perhaps they might not have been caused by some random Earth explosion. For example, it remains to be considered that the Indianapolis, or Springfield, or BOSTON, or Waco FERTILISER PLANT, may have been triggered by static electricity, flashes, or gasses, from recent unusual Earth Changes, these being phenomenon on which our government is being deliberately and actively MUM. The authorities only stand to gain control by reacting to some events as if they were terriblist-caused, keeping the public distracted and in fear, but not panicking over what I shall be telling you. On the other hand, the assumedly random explosion of the Waco Fertiliser Plant also fits tightly into a theory that sinister human alliances are in play, seeking to limit public access to munitions, and to controlling the public through fear and smoke-screens/ distraction, and/or by slowly moving in to take corporatist-bankster military control of the country. This latter theory has a LOT of conspiring evidence behind it, so you may dismiss it perhaps at your own risk.

But, even if some nefarious agents may be trying to puppet the government into handing them strong-armed control of the country, or even preparing the country for some catastrophic event such as war, an invasion from China stiffed on its bonds, or some astro- or geological disruption of unprecedented scale - and even if the corporatist-puppet governmenteurs may also be playing with giant Tesla, UFO-type technologies and weapons, perhaps even in some covert cold war within itself, etc. - it remains that at least some of these recent bizarre Earth Changes are real, and need to be responsibly hyothesized upon, and scientifically studied. The fact that they are being OFFICIALLY dismissed, like police and Ferret info in the "terriblist mass-slaughter" events, tells us something right there, for they are definitely happening. Analogously, at least, just because it is possible for some humans to make some crop-circles, it does not mean that the 10% of crop-circles which could not possibly be created by humans should not be dismissed as NOT EVEN BEING THERE. These things are CRYING OUT TO BE STUDIED, almost as if greater forces are trying to tell us something. (Taking the latter into account should also be entered as possible co-factors in some hypotheses).

So, I cannot, unfortunately, go into detail, describing how these Earth Changes may be occurring physically. I cannot go into detail about possible messages through them or about them from outer-space or other dimensions, which would only invite skepticism on what I WILL say, when described insufficiently. I cannot tell you why or how governments are reacting. I cannot forecast what will become of the planet, other than some conservative scenarios. I cannot hardly even get into the electrical universe theory, or separate out for you how much global warming from the sun, from geothermal/ tectonic processes, or from human carbon emissions may be causative, contributory, or interrelated. I cannot get into,again, the whole subject of solar entanglement, solar flares, internal geo-reactivity, cosmic gas clouds, solar consciousness, Sirius the Dog Star, or the battle between Good and Evil within the soul of the universe. These subjects are without end, and I don't have the time. We may not have the time. So, I will lay it flat out. According to THEORY, the following MAY be happening.

According to Linda Moulton Howe's report, not to me, although I came to the same conclusion, (which can be referenced at least back in a fairly recent post about schizophrenic hallucinations, but can be gathered from other post on Earth Changes or about the Sun):

The hot core of our planet is heating up. And so is the huge strata of hot liquid surrounding it, lying beneath the deep crust. This is affecting the structure of the crust and surface, all the way up to the level of sinkholes. (I maintain doubt as to whether the core is solid, wanting to research further the measuring of such, but this goes towards some future important post I need to write). Whether cause or effect, this suggests to me that there is discord and tension between the rotational planes in the relationship between the core, the hot magma layer, and the crust. (This would suggest, also, some external force or orbit phenomenon, or perhaps even gravitational imbalance caused by loss of weight at the poles, from melting ice, etc.) It has not been our planet's magnetic field alone, going through changes, as if in a vacuum, or itself merely being directly influenced by the fields or electrical activities on the sun - (or even IN the sun, or in some cosmic cloud, or some passing orb, or the galaxy's centre). And there is proof of this geomagnetic fluxuation - (even personal proof from that one night {posted} when compass went widely haywire, refusing to point NORTH). my The deep internal guts of our planet are in flux, and this is fluctuating the gravitational field(s) above the surface. There is a corresponding, and RELATIVELY MORE DIRECTLY CAUSATIVE, turmoil occurring in the hot iron and magma, in the hellish bowels of Earth below. The core and its cradle is an electromagnetic DYNAMO, from which the gravitational field(s), and associated electrical balances and some piezoelectric phenomena, are generated. Combined, the heat and turmoil below also generate plate tectonic changes and heat; setting off quakes and volcanic and lava events; raising or lowering vast areas of land; (influence electrical balances and storms above; perhaps give us headaches; add to the Greenhouse Effect; threaten the release of some gasses such as methane and hydrogen sulfide and suphur dioxide), and, according to L.M.H., CAN CAUSE GREAT CRACKS IN THE EARTH'S CRUST. (Note: Why or how internal gasses may be made and/or aggregated, and what manner of threat they may pose, is something I need to post about later).

These massive crackings may portend Earth Changes so drastic that they can imperil life on Earth; (even moreso than an impending collapse in economic hyperspace DERIVATIVES).

As I described recently, the members of the Anti-Tinfoil Hat Club are now feeling it is safe to come out and decry people who question everything being presented through the corporate media and affiliated, "authorities," concerning, now, the Boston Marathon Massacre, as they did after the highly unanticipated Fukushima or BP disasters. These skeptic-wanna-be's, with great powers of delusional, so-called "critical thinking," lump those who question and think, into a small, if extant, population of people who feel that the massacre had been a concocted theatre performance; as they did after the Sandy Hook incident, and so on. Those who question are lumped in with evil 9/11 Truthers, people who supposedly believe we never, at all, went to the moon, who have six toes and married their own sisters. They shout out that their manufactured straw men, "MAKE NO SENSE," offering poor evidence and timelines in their own complaints. This is sad, and unfortunate, and an interesting phenomenon - i that they see no connection between their own assertions or denial, and some FEAR hiding within them, or some BULLYing being perpetrated via their own behaviours, which claim to be enlightened. This is not to say that all people who BELIEVE official versions of events are likewise twats - I am referring more to those who come out of the woodwork and take it upon themselves to be the arrogant champions of public ignorance, seeing themselves as some kind of benign Holden Caulfield.

Well, such people also pop up regarding Earth Changes, and associated hypotheses. For example, one fellow popped up and shouted that, according to his great scientific knowledge, that it was NOT POSSIBLE for fluxuating geomagnetic lines of force to result in the documented sounds of "trumpets" and hums, and so on, being reported. Well, for one thing, we do not know if all the knowledge is complete for ANY model of physics or reality, or even math, or measurement. (Early measurements of ozone changes above the Antarctic come to mind). Even without having to go into (CURRENT) electromagnetic physics, any wise physicist, or teacher, can tell you that ANY sustained force, applied to ANY substance or object or system, including AIR, can excite that substance into resonating in harmonic, (or other), frequencies, and these frequencies can directly, or in an interference pattern, result in AUDITORY SOUNDS. And, anyone with fair familiarity with Chaos Theory would, as well, agree. I just wanted to put that down for the record. I think it is important. And, it is important to see that these weird sounds occurring recently around the planet CAN certainly be related to unusually fluxuating, general and local, geomagnetic and/or electrical forces, fields or lines of force. Further, these electromagnetic fluxuations CAN very clearly be related to huge dynamic changes beneath the mantle, which surely CAN be affecting the crust, and above-the-crust, strata, as described above. All of this is within the realm of possibility, and comfortably, I should say, (uncomfortably).

Now I will add some additional conjecture, based on considerable contemplations, etc., whether spelled out in previous posts, or yet to be. This present post is not an attempt to argue logically or scientifically, to any great extent. I am only doing a synopsis, including some hypotheses, and some suggestions, related to science, or common sense. Sometimes, even, imagination, heaven forbid. But the following conjecture is merely the tip of my very own brainy iceberg. It may be discounted as invalid on its own, or invalid ever were it to documented all the thought or evidence behind it, by anyone of such an inclination. Or, it may be considered as views to be considered or remembered, as prods to research more or to experiment, by anyone with half a lick of sense, especially considering the possible seriousness of the topic(s) presented. I am not out to fear-monger. I leave that to anyone who reads this, ha ha. I proceed:

That there would most likely be somewhat broad wave or field interference patterns both in electromagnetism and in sound, or etc., during a variable magnetic field, would mean that local nodes and anti-nodes of differential activity would occur. This would explain the bizarre localised effects experienced by people hearing strange "metallic" noises, "trumpets", "thunderous yet muffled explosions of indeterminate location", and of explosions and mini-quakes even causing a little damage in specific places, while in nearby localities, there are no reports of noises, quakes or explosions of any kind, (whereas bright flashes can be observed from far off, which then do cause some travelling thunder).

I want to mention that, even during a more stable geomagnetic field state, there is the likelihood of localisation of weather or geological events. And these local phenomena can actually have a pattern of repetition, (which defy current statistics), within the same general locality or region, even lasting over the course of years. I began to notice such recurrence of weather patterns, electromagnetic and spiral-like, recurring over Iowa, perhaps 5-10 years ago. It would help to have additional broad factors in place, encouraging such repetitions or patterns, such as a generally sustained electrical charge or temperature of some strata, such as water or some particular stone, such as granite, or metals, some distance beneath the recurrence, encouraging the phenomenon. Broad changes in climate can even encourage the development of localised patterns, given said inclinations of geomagnetic forces, but really, all that needs to be said is that chaos theory allows for the local or regional repetitions of such events, (and even of events where fractals may amplify into very large local, or even broad, amassing, cumulative events, such as hurricanes or the Eye on Jupiter). I am mostly concerned with localised patterns here. But, there always remains the threat of such massive, "phase-shift," occurrences, under even discrete, apparently negligible changes across a broad area, which do in fact threaten to be the main concern when it comes to species survival. One such catastrophic, "phase shift," may be, e.g., the emergency of a massive, liquifying earthquake in the large region around the New Madrid Fault. Other such events are, e.g., sudden rises or drops in large land masses, which have definitely occurred in Earth's history. Well, now we have temps, and carbon levels, and magnetic field fluxuations, and etc., which not only haven't been happening in RECENT years, but they have not been happening in tens of thousands, or even MILLIONS, or hundreds of millions of years, (depending on which ones we're discussing). So, any places overdue for a high-Richter earthquake, or a super-volcano explosion, or such, have a far greater chance of seeing these events happen sooner, rather than much farther down the road, because of these new ambient conditions or phenomena. Perhaps much sooner.

In the last paragraph, I mainly discussed how even a stable magnetic field, in cahoots with other ambient or regional or local conditions or forces, can produced localised weirdness, and even weirdness amplified into large regional electrical storms, and such. Now, consider that we presently have a more variable, (and in fact weakening, in stability or structure), magnetic field, while we also have these bizarre relatively new Earth Events being observed and experienced. First of all, in the past, times preceding shifts of the magnetic poles, (which can take many thousands or perhaps millions of years to process, occur, and settle back down), large new nodes seeking claim to be the new magnetic North, or South, would arise chaotically, in certain areas on the globe. There would arise lots of "little" Norths and lots of little "Souths", in preparation for that huge global phase shift, which we know as a pole reversal, or full pole shift result in in a new norm for stabilised dual polarity. For example, after some such chaos, something like 350 million years ago, the magnetic North pole shifted from somewhere closer to Wisconsin, up to about where it has been as we've known it, (although now it is trying to get to Russia, and I don't blame it). I find it interesting that when my compass went arise, there were subsequently a few reports leaking out that our known magnetic North Pole had, in a way, relapsed back, nearer to where it had once slumbers, circa 350 million years ago. Is that not a wondrous, harmonious thing? Of course, there proceeds much argument over whether this actually happened, but I am convinced that it did, and stand by it, as being within the realm of possibility, wearing my tinfoil hat, which is maybe what messed up my compass, eh, who knows, ha ha)...

To quote Alex Jones, "The point being... Is that..." The point is this: Even if a full pole shift is millions of years down the road, it is not only possible but probably that intensifying, somewhat transient, (although less and less so over time), contenders for new polarity can begin to emerge i various spots around the globe, and these can become more and more recurrent in specific localities. In their nascent form, which I feel may be occurring now, they may simply rise up in relatively low force, as hums, "trumpets", and other little oddities, which are, in geological history, non-event, but which are beginning to freak we ant-like creature out a little. Well, who knows what the timescale may be, but things will only get more exciting. That is given normal ambient conditions. But, we are also experiencing an active phase in Solar geomagnetic conditions which, according to some "electrical universe" thinkers, can directly affect electromagnetic, and even nuclear dynamics, within and around the Earth. Anther, probably associated change, is that, it is being hypothesized, as presented by L.M.H., that the core and associated areas down below, are becoming heated and unstable. So, if this internal turmoil is something really unprecedented, then things would neither bode well for our magnetic field, nor for our own safety here on Earth. We do not know how radical the changes below are, but considering the relatively unprecedented level of ambient conditions described above, and the fact that very weird Earth Changes are occurring, which apparently has the ear of those authorities huddled away in power, like TEPCO officials, require us to take these matters very, very seriously. And look for evidence comparable emergencies in the past, or in the past of other planets. At the very least, we need to look at the rising preponderance of sinkholes popping up like gophers every which way, and accept the fact that we must look at the world in a new way, and see that new geological dynamics may be our new conditional norm, whether we like it or not. And, have we not been bad - very very bad - such that, well, we're due for a come-uppance? Don't worry, this will not turn into a fire-and-brimstone speech, unless I start talking about Hydrogen Sulfide...

Continuing with the theme that we are entering a time of VARIABLE conditions, which can, paradoxically, evoke even more severe localised events, just as "partly-related" global warming can produce even wider, more tumultuous variations between localities or regions, (as in, less but more powerful hurricanes, more severe droughts here yet floods there, snow here warmth there, etc.)... Rising forces in chaos, like steam, create more and more intense local eddies and vortexes where they conspire in concentrated intensity. In relation to conditions, (or other forces and fields), in their environment, they push and pull about, seeking some stable state, or dispersive wave pattern of interference - a new phase, like ice into liquid, like liquid into gas, or static electricity into explosion... Conditions, agitated by an unstable magnetic field, etc., can find local ways of exploding or altering in new, surprising, and maybe devastating ways. That can range from energetic hums, odd harmonic "sirens", piezoelectric anomalies, even fireballs and sudden explosions of leaking methane, or of built-up static electricity charges. Far greater disturbances may be occurring below the ground, and according to L.M.H.'s report, such large explosions, or electromagnetic concentrations and shifts of current, or deep HEATING AROUND THE CORE, are enough to not only trigger similar little events above the surface, but to cause major cracking in the Earth's crust, below where we walk each day.

With more variable electromagnetic fields and currents, and build up of static electricity, and so on, it not only becomes possible that strange associated Earth events may become more active and unpredictable, it ALSO, (according to me, in the spirit of chaos theory), becomes more possible that localised events shall continue to occur, and that they will be MORE INTENSE or targetted, even while the field(s) move around. More critical in nature, and also in location. This is because moving and aggregating forces become caught in contesting pushes and pulls of other lines of force, and other conditions or forces, so that they are rather trapped in one place, with no better place to go, and so there they amplify, possibly into tragic levels. "Targetted", intense "phase shift" events may even erupt, where local patterns recur. So, emergencies of more intense and sudden, or sometimes stationary local anomalies, become par for the course - and a challenging course it is. Well, consider also that other forces and conditions ALSO interact to either invite or repel local weirdesses vis-a-via specific locations or regions. For example, if there is already stress at certain points along continental tectonic plates, then this concentration may encourage a tendency of geomagnetically-associated phenomena to fixate and make camp. Even in normal times, piezoelectric orbs or fireballs or UFOs are known to hover near points of geological stress and pressure, just as would thermodynamic heat itself, in anticipation of some pending quake or volcanic eruption. So, I am referring to a tendency, in chaos, for different forces to conspire in patterns which may defy our limitted statistic, and result in unpredictable events, as well as such events recurring in certain areas(!), (in the fashion of repetitive, "100 year floods"). Well, we have a mix of rising or variable geological pressures, temperatures, gasses, electrical charges, drought or rainfall, barometric changes, melting glaciers, and so on, many of which are not of the level or nature they had been only decades earlier. And, we probably have rising near-core temperatures of considerable degree. Considerable - as in, we must consider them. So, what I am trying to get at is that it is possible not only for these weird "trumpets," and flashes of apparent static electricity, and so on, to be common and more bizarre in some areas, and not others - but it is also very likely that stresses on the Earth's crust, not unrelated, can be highly local and regional as well. Thus, there is the high possibility that some areas of the planet may be due for, on our scale, changes of tragic perportion and consequence.

Some time back, I postulated that, whatever the cause, it was likely that the core area of the Earth would be heating up. On the one hand, there was the electromagnetic dynamo (model to which I adhere), which Earth Events indicate may be becoming more active. On the other hand, there is my theory that there is an internal subatomic and even radioactive reactivity within the Earth, which rises with greater Solar activity, (creating thermodynamic heat), both via CME's and very possibly more directly, at least by a time lag of 8 minutes, (neutrinos). Luckilly, I have three hands, so on the third hand, there is global warming, whatever the cause or co-factors. Because of global warming, I concluded, the other regions of the globe had to warm up sooner than expected. Why? Because here there are rising vectors of heat coming in from every direction, making their way downwards and meaning to converge and concentrate at the center. Of course, this would take time, but perhaps not as much as expected. The deep internal temperatures would also increase because they are now being thwarted from radiating outwards, up towards and into space, at the previous rate, by the new incoming vectors of heat nearer to the surface. Even the slightest containment of this heat radiation would be enough to cause a geometric increase of internal heat, considering other factors (mentioned), and considering that such great pressures near the core are going to want to snowball heat towards a more critical level, much as they would in any pressurised, or highly massed, contained body, like a pile of rags, or a corn grain silo, or a planet, or a star. So, that the areas near the core may be heating now should be a possibility, does not come as a surprise to me, because even if some of my thoughts were errant, all of them together suggested a fairly high probability. At least higher than average, which many people say when they look at me. But seriously I don't do drugs. Although that's debatable.

Whether or not I do drugs, I feel that this latter theory was supported by the finding, which scientists then found astounding, that the place where the Earth was most rapidly rising in temperature was not at the surface, as was expected, but deep down at the floor of the oceans and seas. Such would also support the theory that internal Earth heat is also radiating outwards, whether associated with this, or whether via some other cause, (mentioned above). Silly things happen, such as the finding that the stratosphere has been getting colder, not warmer. These local or regional, or strata, differentials are completely to be allowed for, as suggested above.

Sinkholes: Sinkholes may be an example of small-scale Earth Change events to cluster locally or regionally. Even each considered separately, some sinkholes can represent some localisation or confluence of forces, whether by pattern or by chance. (More and more, I see that there is no real separating these two values - the same with much cause vs effect or correlation - there are always more subtle influences in play, in relationship, which, for some, portend madness, bwa, ha). While there can be regional phenomena on a wide scale, even self-organising or snow-balling phase shifts, on a vast scale, (by our standards), such as a sudden rise in some land mass, or some sudden drop in land mass elsewhere; or the decisive eruption of some super-volcano; or some sudden tectonic plate shift; or some sudden melting, slide or flash flood from some massive glacier, which can be the result of a conspiracy of local anomalies, SOME SINKHOLES may be examples of such conspiring local anomalies, indicating some larger event under way or in potential.

Now, I do not have geological expertise on sinkholes, and I have been too overwhelmed lately to complete my study sufficiently. But I do have inklings, like any other healthy American boy. I do know that the main, accepted explanation for most sinkholes is that a strata of limestone, (usually), gradually becomes eroded to the extend that it allows earth above to collapse in a sudden underground, central slide. What erodes the limestone? Usually water, from the surface or possibly through the table, or an underground spring. It may not be so suspected that sinkholes would occur in areas of drought. One way I could imagine THAT happening would be that rising seawater level may hinder underground water drainage to the extent that there is yet sufficient water to erode the limestone. (I do not know if salt water would be more corrosive, but I imagine so, if that is relevant - idk). Oddly, it appears to me that MANY sinkholes have been occurring beneath asphalt or concrete, beyond those related to underground man-made tunnels or works. So, that corresponds to dryness, as well, as in droughts. This is one of the reasons why I contemplated a alternate explanation for some sinkholes, which could include no flowing or seeping water. I considered that there may be, in some areas, some strata of ice, remaining from some previous ice age, which could now be melting due to global warming. This ice, which could alternately be methane ice perhaps 3-5 miles down, (which seems more far-fetched for most areas), could expand and contract prior to melting, inviting fissures and drops, in the same way that pot-holes are created. When the final melt occurred, the drop would be more likely, due to loss of structural integrity. If the ice were methane, as beneath the Northern Atlantic, or the Siberian permafrost, the expanding and rising gas would certainly create more of a large bubble, where-into a drop could occur. Gas would continue its attempt to leach up to the surface - which is why I urge that sinkholes be measured for the possibility of very discrete traces of methane - (not man-tainted natural gas). Well, if a drought should develop, then the replacement of water with gasses, FROM WHATEVER SOURCE, would certainly destabilise structure and pressure, such that a drop becomes even more likely. So, dryness may help precipitate criticality.

Of course, we know there are other reasons for sinkholes, like collapsing salt mines, extraction of oil, and forced fracking. These man-made causes may be ruled out when considering causation - but that does not mean that there may not be a co-factor relationship. For example: If an underground strata, as of limestone, is wanting to destabilise over a wide area, it would be wont to search out the weakest areas, which would be around salt tunnels, and then collapse those areas, leading to sinkholes above. Any build up of gasses, whether from man-made sources, from possibly melting methane ice, or from natural seepage from deeper in the earth, would only stand to further destabilise any vulnerable locations, (water or no water). Concentrated gas, or accumulating gas bubbles through aggregating small underground drops, can replace water and so destabilise structure, can create voids into which earth above could cave, and can also - possibly - result in underground explosions, triggering large or small drops below, precipitating small or large sinkholes above. The idea of exploding underground gas, probably methane, seemed to me to be a possible explanation for many of these small quakes and large thunders, reported by many locals, described as having indeterminate geo-location. Surface light flashes could be related static charge or piezoelectric phenomena. This was my train of thought. I have not abandoned that, even as many other hypotheses remain on the table, such as fireballs, ice comets, electrical arches or "cosmic" lightning, a covert battle involving drones and neutron nukes, or incursions from above our atmospheres due to magnetic field failures - or maybe to HAARP - I remain open-minded. Others seem to find that exploiting such events can be a great way to extend the control of their... hhhh... you finish this sentence, I don't feel like getting in trouble...

However, if the temperatures down below are really rising significantly, there is no requirement of either ice or water pressure variations to explain a spate of sinkholes, especially those which may seem to cluster in statistical significance. That is because, like ice, UNDERGROUND ROCK ALSO MELTS. Ok? I think it is immediately apparent what I am saying. If we are taking about melting rock, encouraging sinkholes above, through structure destabilisation; through accumulating gas bubbles, and possible underground explosions, and/or through subsurface pressure & temp. changes due to drops in water, dispersed seepage of gas upwards, and associated electromagnetic changes, then we are talking about events far far lower down than 3-5 miles. And, if we are talking abut bigger events, far lower down, then we are talking about land drops across a wide, wide scale, only presently showing up as a little sinkhole here, a little sinkhole there. Get my drift? Connect the dots - it maybe all be part of a bigger pattern. Large land areas where many non-man-made sinkholes are occurring, perhaps in England, China, the USA, may be edging towards a significant altitude drop in the future. These areas, btw, seem also to be areas frequented by inexplicable crop-circles and/or foo-fighter-like, piezo-electric like orbs of light, or orange fireballs - (the ones which are not airborne Chinese lanterns). Well, I am not ABOUT to get into this whole vast knot of a subject, but I will mention that it has been said that crop circles are also tending to occur above areas of high or running underground water, and near ancient sacred sites, such as mounds and patterned dolmens. I have my own ideas about all this,but I thought it was important to mention, for your own thought.

I should note that, for our dear sinkholes to occur, there may no longer be the requirement of melting methane ice to produce the gas conditions contributing to a destabilisation, or even to explosions. All you need is a large conspiracy of gass(es) pressuring up from much deeper below, finding its way to and through more vulnerable points, or geomagnetically predisposed local nodes, for the same result, in various surface sinkholes. And, how and wherefore does this great amount of gas arise? Most simply, it arises from melting rock. It may also arise from general excitation of liquid magma already existing below. Methane is not only produced from biological sources - many, many planets hold, and likely produce, huge amounts of methane from a-biotic processes. (Some say this is also true of oil, and I tend to agree). So, it is not a surprise that methane may be building and trying to push its way up, during a time of increasing core area temps and activity. The same would be true with other gases, such as sulphur dioxide. Methane is a major worry, because it rapidly accelerates atmospheric processes of global warming and, if enough is released or exists in an underground bubble, as under the Assumption Parish, Bayou Corne, sinkhole in Louisiana, (which is said to be solely, "man-made"), there is the danger of explosions of massive proportions, even at extinction levels.

Another major worry is hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulphide has been shown to attend at least one mass extinction level event in the past - (perhaps that was also approx. 350 million years ago - needs to be researched) -

Meanwhile, a vast area of land - I believe it is in the Amazon - is now rising up, trying to act like some bad-ass super-volcano, the nerve. The pace of land rise is slow, by our standards, for we are but ants - but the pace is quite rapid by geological standards. Not to worry, say the experts, it can explode or even lurch up any time soon. I'm down with that, but would hasten to say that we choose our stats based on normative, stable conditions. We don't always allow for subliminal yet critical influences; chaotic changes, or possible phase-shift emergencies. As I have said, the formerly impossible should be considered to be the new norm, just to be safe. And, as I have tried to say, there is a tendency in nature, transcendent of our comfy stats, to self-organise into local patterns or fractals, or in large scale conspiracies of such, especially in unsettled times, such as these. So, don't close the book on Yellowstone just yet. Don't take anything of the table just yet - for we are not gods. We do not know the mind of the universe. It very well throw dice - with a curve. So, anyway, here we have documented la mass rise over in South America, (which would not be immune to a few sinkholes in conjunction). Meanwhile, in North America, we may now have the prospect of a possible land mass FALL, of large degree, especially if triggered by a New Madrid quake, or even by some puny Assumption Parish, Bayou Corne, methane explosion, of the power of many, may hydrogen bombs... Which reminds me - back to hydrogen sulfide...

What I can say confidently is this: There is most likely a massive aunt of gas deep below, wanting to rise up. There is certainly methane wanting to come up from methane ice beneath the warming sea floor, every which way, (which probably had something to do with the BP Gulf Disaster). But, more than this, the Earth is doing it IT'S Way - and there is gas even deeper down, of greater amount, pressing its way to the surface. Most likely, this includes hydrogen sulfide, and may presage an extinction level emergency, should it suddenly, sufficiently succeed. Hellish, deadly, rotten egg gas - kills everything in its path. The colour of orange-red when it burns - same colour as those fireballs we've been witnessing lately. (Not to conclude a causation there, btw). How does hydrogen sulfide gas form? I don't know precisely, but it would be safe to guess, from the SULFIDE, that it can involve melting rock, or magma. But the HYDROGEN part? Well... All I can taunt you with here is that hydrogen is a basic element often associated with nuclear or radioactive processes, as it is also associated with water. So - herein lies an important area for some serious study. In ivory towers. Wearing uncomfy gas masks and eating Space Food Sticks... Anyway, if there is some kind of nuclear or radioactive turmoil going on down there, even if widely dispersed, and only critical in certain spots - or even if the turmoil is all related to electromagnetic field changes associated with the core dynamo - either way, I feel pretty sure that it is at least partly related to activity from and/or within our Sun, upon which we should keep one eye, while the other we may keep on "man-made" climate change, while our third eye goes blind in the whole big ball of grief.

Now comes the kicker. I have tried to study the geographic incidences of hums, trumpets, booms, flashes, orbs, sinkholes, and such, seeking to discern any patterns or relationships. What I can confidently intimate, for one thing, is that crop circles and "piezo-orbs," ("UFOs"), generally seem to be predictive. Interpret that as you may. Another thing I have found is that there may be some correlation of many inexplicable events and events from or in the sun. That would be something to prove statistically. I do feel that the sanity of my neighbour downstairs, along with my own migraines, may be lumped into this possible correlation. Extrapolate from that latter part any sociological contemplations available to you... Also, I have considered the emergence of military helicopters associated with many of these events, seemingly arriving for investigative purposes. And I have wondered if we may not be hosting some covert, occult war - perhaps yet another invasion from Mars, ya never know, ya know? But, seriously, what I am inclined to conclude from the snooping copters is that they are making various geological and energy measurements, including measurements for slight changes in land altitude.

As it happens, I have noticed what appears to be a pattern of geographic location of many of these local events, especially in the eastern USA. It goes like this: There is a general line of piezoelectric, booms, and tiny quakes occurring East of the Appalachians, centered around the lower New England states, where there is, I believe, a lot of underground granite. This may be related to sea pressure changes, and/or it may related to a large scale geographical change, such as a land drop. More importantly, there is another line of similar events on the WEST side of the Appalachians, which extends down from some general area in the mid-South, up through Tennessee and Kentucky, all the way up through Windsor and around Toronto. (Recall that whole compass, North magnetic pole talk above, just for curiosity's sake). Meanwhile, up the west in Mexico, through Arizona, and possibly branching away up towards Denver, and also perhaps all the way up the Cascades, is another connect-the-dots line of similar events. Arizona has been a hot spot. Several million years ago, there was a great rise in land altitude around northern and western Arizona as well. Also, we have yet to conclude how or when the Grand Canyon was actually formed, but it sure is big, ma.

Meanwhile, most of the sinkholes have been occurring in places where they might be expected, Florida and Louisiana, where sea level is rising,and where oil has been explored. But many sinkholes are occurring in a broad swath across the midland of the USA, (and Canada somewhat). What this suggests to me is that a sink may be forming, bounded by the Appalachians and the Rockies, where it may be possible that a sudden, catastrophic massive land drop may occur. I say that after consider other things mentioned above. But I will also venture this freaky prophesy: Edgar Cayce did say that he foresaw a great flooding of the middle of the country, as well a submergence of NY, etc., into the sea. Well, how 'bout that for coincidence, ye scientifiks? Although old Edgar got the dates wrong on some predictions, and some have not materialised, he was as good as prophets come, and some of his prophesies have come true, albeit off-date, as often happens in prophesy, for idiosyncratic reasons to do with physics and such. I am NOT going to get drawn into a whole tangent on prophesy here, however. I will merely ay that we appear to be doomed, ha ha...

Oh... MY HEAD!...

L.M.H. has reported that great cracks may be occurring deep beneath the surface of this Earth we dance over like water-bugs. what I have gone on further to conjecture for you, much to your chagrin or aggravation or something, is a painting of a bad case scenario of what be in store, soon, or for our subsequent generations. I do not at all know the future. I read the paper and drink my tea - I don't do the reverse. But, massive catastrophes have happened on this planet in the past, and on other planet. And here comes old Comet Ison, which some think may portend some electromagnetic arch zapping Mars, (again), and not doing us ay good, as it may release down upon us, great, "orange-red fingers of death," as prophesied in the Bible, and who needs to grapple with all that crap when I can't even get the payments address of my gas company straight? But, let me just say, that I have been being kind to you, keeping my estimations of impending doom conservative. For all we know, our whole damn planet may be filling up with enough pent up heat and gas, or may be becoming so radioactive or electrically charged down there, that it is actually going to explode once and for all, Devil may care, leaving nothing but the light of a new-born star, for, as I said:

We do not know the mind of the universe, or the intentions of any god, or the mental state of the damn sun, and so, this is as much a good thing as it may be bad - for we are safe at the moment, and I thank my lucky stars that, despite all the troubles in my own personal life, at least I was able to think and write today, for, soon enough, I will be as dead as Carl Sagan; or as my role model, Annette Funicello, or as my current sex life, which appears to be way beyond resuscitation. But to sleep, perchance to dream, this is the most I strive for, through my bars of chronic illness. Well, I have some sympathy for natural gasses, wanting to escape. I just feel that the only way I can muster soul enough to wand those gasses back a wee bit, is by living as comfortably in my skin as possible, and spreading joy where joy is needed, when possible. To write and think and dream and eat more porridge. Come to think of it, my life sucks, so bring it on.

What we need are a few good links - http://madman101.livejournal.com/1387555.html

Many have marvelled at the greed and unscupulousness of people like vulture capitalists, politicians, Goldman-Sachs, etc. How is it possible than any humans could act this way, what with stealing our pensions and bank accounts and so on into the future... Well, maybe they can be forgiven, for knowing something that we don't know. Maybe the aswer is simple. The end of the world is in the cards, and, if you are smart, ya otta go for all the gusto you can get. When the juggernaut of doom looms over your event horizon, get a clue, Muppet People. Go for the Motherload! Why not? It's not like it will make anything worse than it already is! So, I guess, bless these bastards for, even though they know not what they are deliberately doing, they are at least canaries in our coal mine, or proverbial bees in our bonnets, or bats out of hell and into our belfries, telling us that it's pretty much time to go. HURRY UP PLEASE IT'S TIME... Eh. Eh, but who needs to piddle with puppet and Ponzi masters? We need to get a move on and, idk, deal with reality. Squabble in the frantic rush for grave-sites on sale, picking and choosing the best place least likely to go hurtling into outer space for all eternity. The last thing I want is to have my head hanging around forever in what was once the Van Allen Belt, winking at the new tourist throngs from some planet in the Sagittarian constellation who have been laughing at us all along. That's what I always say.

Image of three red unidentified lights in triangular pattern and pale shaft of low, rainy fog that appeared right after loud boom at approximately 8 PM on April 14, 2013, southwest of San Diego in the City of Imperial Beach, California.
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