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Sweet Little 16 Things that Lydia can do to Lose Weight!

Posted on 2013.04.24 at 23:37
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OK - here's a quick diet post. I have several links on diet and vs. diseases, but I am only concerned with dieting and weight loss in this post. But I am adding two other links to the gut posts re: "diet causes alzheimers", (cuz they may be somewhat related). There are also interesting health links over at, healthy_planet.

I must create an imaginary person named Lydia. This is to avoid legal issues.

Lydia wants to lose weight, and so here are some things she has found out which may be guaranteed to help. She reads the following in a comic book ad or else medical textbook, idk...

1 - Coconut Oil: Eat 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of coconut oil in the morning. It contains an oil which the liver converts into KETONE BODIES, which are the ONLY ALTERNATE FUEL used by your cells, beyond the glucose nonsense. This will not only curb your later cravings, it may help thwart anxiety or (psych) illness spirals trying to germinate when you wake up. Rest an half an hour before proceeding with your day, or allowing light into your eyes. Take a similar amount later in the day, pref. 30-45 minutes before meal. I will be making a post mainly about coconut oil later, including links. Coconut oil has an action similar to actual fasting or some exercise.

2 - Apple Cider Vinegar: Just a teaspoon or more can help you lose weight, dear Lydia reader. Why? A few reasons. A main one is that it contains digestive enzymes which help you better digest foods, breaking them down more efficiently and with less energy. You can also take supplements, eat raw veggies, drink other fermented things (or foods) in limitation, and/or eat pineapples. Take Apple Cider Vinegar pref. during meals. It is said not to acidify your system. But, try to balance it anyway, as with yogurt or such.

3 - Don't acidify your system! While you don't want a high pH, (alkaline), you certainly don't want a low one, (acid). Acid can burn and help cause leaky gut - while promoting bad, anaerobic bacteria in your gut, sweet Lydia. Also, it is said, in the blood. If you eat wheat flour foods like bread or pizza, if you eat rich foods, or spicy foods, OR SWEETS or FAST CARBS, and drinks, these can go into an indigestion spiral a few hours down, causing your own digestive system to release more (hydrochloric) acid. This is greatly encouraged by NERVOUSNESS, STRESS, POOR SLEEP, ALCOHOL, and anything which can counteract easy digestion, (such as excessive salt?). Avoiding stress is VERY IMPORTANT to losing weight. Your stomach naturally produces SODIUM BICARBONATE, but this decreases as you age. A tiny amount of baking soda in water can help prevent overacidification later. Calcium can also help. But some antacids, like Tagamet or Zantac, can thwart mucous release in the intestines, while they efficiently prevent acid, and this unfortunately can be very bad for you, as it makes it EASIER for pathogens and toxins to get through the intestinal walls, and also wear that wall down. Drink lots of water, that can also help, except if your flat shitfaced drunk and you know what I'm talking about.

4 - Avoid GLUTEN! Research is strongly suggesting that if you avoid wheat and similar grains in flour, pizza, beer, catfood, etc., you will definitely lose weight, especially around the beer belly area! If you don't believe this, just Gaggle authoritative sources and always talk to your doctor or else they will arrest you for thinking. Gluten grains include WHEAT, BARLEY, (not wheat grass or barley grass), TRITICAL(sp?), COUSCOUS, and Gaggle for others or see my tags, (#food - gluten?). Destructive effects from immune reactions can occur in some people, EVER FROM MINUTE AMOUNTS - so all good Lydias would be smart to go as GF as possible, since even OATS can be bad, and/or contaminated from wheat.

5 - Avoid fast carbs and sugars! Corn syrup is the worst, because it is greatly FRUCTOSE, which influences the body differently to SUCROSE, and gives no signal of FULLNESS, as GLUCOSE does. Corn Syrup also is most likely GMO, which is being found to be more and more destructive as the research proceeds - affecting the gut and so weight. Corn Syrup, (like some fish, most vaccines, fluorescent light bulbs, and coal pollution), can also contain the devastating neurotoxin, Mercury, which is somehow also a planet. Mercury may be a causative agent or co-agent in Autism, and perhaps other diseases, which may also involve metabolic and mitochondrial disorders involving the utilisation of carbs.

6 - Avoid most sweeteners! These send your insulin and sugar levels into a roller-coaster ride, which is a major cause of internal stress, inflammation and illness - including diabetes and similar brain diseases, including dementia. Everyone knows that sugars, in this way, can make people gain weight, but not as many appreciate the fact that low-cal sweeteners can trick the body into the same dysregulations and weight gain. Cinnamon, btw, is great at helping to regulate blood insulin or sugar imbalances, among other things!

7 - Avoid additives: MSG and Aspartame, (NutraSweet), are known neurotoxins. Other additives may be wheat (gluten) derivatives. Caffeine, even, is an isecticide which can, in some cases or people, increase nervusness, and so cal metabolism probs, or hunger pangs, and so increase weight gain, in the long term - (so know what is moderate for YOU). Other additives can have other toxic effects - so eat as little processed food as possible, Lydia, and try to avoid the worse additives. If you can move to a town with no Fluoride in the water, that could also hep you reduce stress and free up your mind a little - just a theory, Lydia, just a theory. Did I mention how bad GMOs are. Therefore, look for ORGANIC FOODS as much as possible, and also look for the other good label, "CERTIFIED NATURALLY GROWN." ("Free-range," doesn't always mean a lot - and if they are referring to CORN, I'd, uh, kinda get a red flag from that).

8 - Eat FRESH & RAW VEGGIES whenever you can. Why? Aforementioned enzymes aid digestion. Some uncooked veggies actually give you less cals, (and nutrition), than if cooked. (So also eat cooked veggies, esp. mushrooms, tomatoes, carrots, at times too). But beyond digestive enzymes and those vitamins more available when NOT cooked, raw veggies contain crucial "live" RNA for your, "junk DNA," (which is being found to be very important, e.g., to the brain, metab, etc.), and other junk. And, even more important, veggies have vitamins and minerals. ORGANIC VEGGIES contain more trace minerals, since they are grown on LIVE (fungi) soils, where the NATURAL GROUND SULPHUR, e.g., is not lost to dead, SOIL-FUNGI-KILLING petrochemical fertilizers, not to mention pesticides. Natural, bioavailable sulphur is important to the body's use of oxygen in metabolism! Veggies containing sulpur: broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, etc., onion, garlic.

9 - Supplement with TRACE MINERALS! This is crucial to good health and prolonged life, and so must be good for keeping weight down. Most really trace minerals are generally not common in grocery store veggies, and so supplements help. Organic veggies and sea salt contain more trace minerals, but supplements are important. (Try to avoid those containing sugars - or else ferment). Some chelated, etc., minerals in hard supplements are not so utilisable, so look for IONIC solutions, or else break down the chelates by adding them to your fermenting beverages and food, (such as horse-raddish or tofu), OK, Lydia?.

10- Eat nuts and seeds!!! And get the added boost of LIVING LONG. These contain low cal, high protein, and GOOD OILS! (See oils below). Also, many types of SEEDS are also very therapeutic or nutritious, like Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, the brans of on-gluten seeds and grains such as black rice, the oils of black cumin seed or grape seed or grapefruit seeds are all highly healthy and anti-illness. Most importantly: NOTHING DETERS HUNGER PANGS AND FILLS YOU UP LIKE LOTS OF SUNFLOWER KERNELS, which can be bought in bulk, (avoid sodium chloride and avoid bad cooking oils)...

11- Eat as little fried oils and fats as possible: These can create aldehydes which can, over time, contribute to the development of dementias. You can try to combat the effects of these toxins by using ANTI-OXIDANTS, such a C, mixed-E, Gluathione, melons and dark berries, etc. Even Melatonin is an anti-oxidant. You can also substitute burnt sunflower, peanut, vegetable, corn or canola oils (GMO), with FRESH COCONUT, WALNUT, GRAPESEED, VIRGIN OLIVE, AVOCADO, oils, etc., whenever possible - or cook with these when necessary. (PS - Cottonseed oil, a common ingredient in cooked processed food, can contain a high amount of pesticides).

12- Avoid meat: Esp. red meat, of course - see yesterday's post on GUT BACTERIA. Meat can also contain bad oils. But some people need cholesterol, as in eggs. And everyone needs B12, which can be supplemented in the form of METHYLCOBALAMINE(sp?). Some amino acids from light meat and fish may be useful at times. When eating meats, try to use digestive aids like fresh veggies or fermented foods.

13- Balance out that nervous gut! Use pro-biotic bacteria, live soil organisms, good food for good behaving bacteria, enzymes, low acid (see #3), de-stressify, eat fermented foods and yogurts, avoid sugars, and so forth. This is possibly the most important thing you can do to lose weight.

14- EAT CHOCOLATE: Yes, chocolate can help you lose weight. But it has to be low in sugar, low in ADDED oil, NON-GLUTEN, (and hopefully not too dairy). Eating pure cocoa helps people lose weight, and the saturated fat isn't too bad, either - same thing with the saturated fat in AVOCADOS, NUTS and COCONUT OIL.

15- DRINK GREEN TEA, LYDIA! So long as the caffeine is managed, green tea can help people lose weight. It is also a powerful antioxidant, and is healthful in other ways, as are other related teas, and many herbal teas.

16- GET LOTS OF SLEEP! Sleep makes you dream and that's gotta be good. You can dream you are thin. But, more than this, studies do strongly suggest that adequate sleep really can help people lose weight! And sleep can sleep in just about every other healthy way, because it is a gift from the gods. Eat it up like chocolate, but also get plenty of sunlight, and EXERCISE, of course! That a girl, Lydia! Whoompa!!

PS - I never even mentioned DETOXING, (in addition to ANTI-OXIDANTS!), which can free up energy and so probably help reduce weight gain! So, check detoxing out. One really easy way to detox is to take some BENTONITE CLAY daily. This has the added benefit, (not mentioned above), of clay adding crucial trace minerals to your system! - Also... here's an incoming: "Battling Obesity ... with a Brain Implant?" - http://www.livescience.com/29061-obesity-treatment-brain-stimulation.html


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