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OK, this is wonderful research! http://www.npr.org/2013/04/12/177029247/red-meats-heart-risk-goes-beyond-the-fat.

It finally shows how gut bacteria can create toxins which can profoundly affect your health! 90% of the cells in our body are foreign bacteria, etc., such as gut bacteria. So, the biotic floral arrangements down under really do make all the difference in the world, esp. since the stomach literally DOES have a mind of its own, which loops back via the parasympathetic-limbic-vegas-nerve loop. Depending on what bacteria and/or yeasties are entrenched in gut, you are directly influencing your overall health, and this is possibly the primary influence thereuponinthrufore! (Besides genetics and epigentics and pesticide-GMO intoxications, which are themselves able to be modified. This heavy influence on health includes bacteria and/or toxic byproducts which remain in the gut and irritate, (like gluten), travel through the intestinal wall, (gluten again, etc.), entrench in organs, infect the brain, and/or actually lodge in the brain and nervous systems. Not merely this, but digestive GAS related to gut biota can also be toxic, or curative. This is why French officials urged their people to FART IN EVERY GENERAL DIRECTION, because they know something we don't know. Gut bacteria is the greater part of human personality, yo. And, it will sound like I am going out on a limb here but no I've been sitting on this limb for years, but GUT BACTERIA HAVE THEIR OWN WILL, and they talk to each other, to our own cells, and to the universe, through chemical, electric and psychic channels! So, if you ever feel you are POSSESSED, it is probably because you are a zombie slave to your gut bacteria, because you fucked it all up by sing ANTI-BIOTICS, or by eating too much fast carbs, fructose, gluten or meat - or alchohol. Too much stress, or being up too many nights, etc., can also fuck up the natural gut bacteria, which should be composed of organisms like acidophilus, and soil microbes, and not crap like CANDIDA YEAST, (which, btw, CINNAMON and also GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT, ad low fast-carb intake, help fight off). Believe me, I speak from experience. Another thing to understand is that, while many people don't even realise it, GLUTEN can get in and provoke an immune response to you small intestinal lining, irritating it, and creating a LEAKY GUT, (which can grow into a syndrome), thus letting in more undigested gluten, as well as a whole massive army of bad bacteria toxins, gas, and associated PATHOGENS, including unwanted viruses. Finally, too many nights of beer plus donuts, and perverted sleep rhythms, and BAD GUT BACTERIA CAN SPREAD UNTIL IT TAKES OVER REGIONS WHEREBY IT BECOMES, like C-difficile(sp?), almost impossible to dislodge, as through simply eating yogurts and salads, or doing other good dietie things. By all means, keep doing these good things at any point, but chronic illness is chronic because it has so taken over some important bodily cycles.

So - this research, along with early work by Dr. Willaim G. Crook on 'THE YEAST CONNECTION," is great, because it helps illuminate that problems such as Alzheimers and CFS and Autism and Diabetes, and CANCER, do not merely begin as a carb metabolism problem, (or an oxygen-access problem, or a calcium/stem-cell dysregulation), but may probably be linked to influence from BAD GUT BIOTA PROCESSES, which are reinforced through DYSFUNCTIONALISED BRAIN REGULATIONS stemming from said diseases, via feedback loops. -- (and which are tragically enhanced via GMO foods). THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. You may be being controlled by the devil in outer space via your gut bacteria! And is name wath Monsanto. I have already known that eating red meat changes gut bacteria for the worse, and this is one main reason I almost never eat it. The other main reason is that there there is far less road-kill in this neighbourhood.

Now, while it is sad to hear than one of the popular heart and energy supplements, carnitine, has been indicted in this study - being a substance in red meat leading to cholesterol problems via bad gut bacteria. Carnitine was a MAJOR supplement for people w/CFS, which I rarely used, and found seemed not to be good for me - I preferred CoQ10, Magnesium, Malic Acid, Methelcobalamin(sp?) B12, B6, etc. But, whatever. I should also let you know that GLUTATHIONE https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glutathione is a great supplement which, like FOLATE, helps counter the amino acid, homocysteine, and fights bad LOW DENSITY cholesterol. A majority of hormones and related are created from cholesterol, so, we need to get cholesterol right. People with alzheimers, (and other dementia and related), according to some, SHOULD NOT AVOID EGGS OR TAKE STATIN DRUGS, because they desperately need good cholesterol. Now - the NPR linked article said something about hard-boiled-eggs, which I missed, so I need to retrieve that ASAP, FMI. - PS: Call for any links you might have on: Coconut oil, alzh/demetia-related, cinnamon, honey, stonehenge, beaker people, crop circles, other - welcomed in comments here btw.

PS - - -

Snippet from incomplete and un-posted post, from last year... "Gut Bacteria: First of all, I have known that gut bacteria are very important - and that there are correlations between bad gut biota (including yeast) relationships and illnesses. But I recently used logic to realise that there must be some bad gut bacteria involved in, and possibly causative of, such illnesses as CFS, Alzheimers and MS. Well, since I want to try to go back to sleep very soon, I won't try to pull up those thoughts right now. I only wanted to mention this because suddenly up pops this news article: Gut bacteria linked to MS. Amazing. Just how I reached my own conclusion was pretty interesting, as I recall, and so I'm eager to post that for you. Another very recent thought: There is just too much going on in the world for me to keep up with, and post on! Especially now when there's so much I need to do, much less write my own books and fiction! I might get far more accomplished by just closing off my internet senses and becoming a sleeping gnostic gnome, divining the answers to frizzy hair and world economics, simply meditating on the wing of a fly. Whom I shall call Sylvester. Sylvester the Fly. Break it down."

(Also follow my tags on #alzheimers, #autism, #health - gut, #food - gluten, etc. And then dig up posts like, "From insanity comes rectitude", "Why the universe laughs", and one which has an LJ cut reading, "On consciousness and dimensionality").

Probiotics Destroy Toxic Chemicals In Our Gut For Us
greenmedinfo.com - It is an awesome fact of nature that we have trillions of organisms within our body – containing completely foreign DNA -- some of which break down toxic chemicals that we humans have created to kill other things, but are now killing us, e.g. pesticides. Who are these strange helpers?... [read all, in title link]

Gut bacteria may affect cardiovascular risk
Your gut is your SECOND BRAIN
Gut Bacteria Conspired in Melamine Poisonings
Diabetes and gut imbalance - (& diabetes-type carb probs also similar in early aspects of Alzheimers, ETC.)
Autism GAPS diet and the gut
Spices that are said to heal the gut.

Is Alzheimers Just Another Form of Diabetes? How Our Diet May Be Destroying Our Brains - http://www.alternet.org/alzheimers-just-another-form-diabetes-how-our-diet-may-be-destroying-our-brains
Poor exercise causes Alzheimers ? - http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/09/24/poor-diet-causes-alzheimers-disease.aspx?e_cid=20120924_dnl_art_2

The American Gut Project! -
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