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"To breath together" - or hang alone

Ha ha - earlier today, I heard a clip of Obama announcing that he will stop at nothing to track down the Bosston Marrathon perpaTraitors. But his tone sounded very artificial - bored... He sounded like he was just repeating the same-old same-old litany or script of the whole endless dumbass War on Terriblism which he, for one, was royally sick of by now...

"Be sure. We will hunt you DOWnnnnnnn blah blah... whatever...

"And we will find youuuuu blah blah... eh...

"And... Blah blah BLAH ...etc. etc. ...

"Whatever I suppose..."

It sounded like he was testing the water, sending out a subtle signal to the future, when, one day, all of this obscurity will be cleared up, and the great War-monger Parasite Machine will be turned around, and we will all be aware that people like Dick Cheney and Rahm Emmanuel and the London and Saudi and USA and Asian and German banks were actually the ones behind these crimes, and all the BS. It's almost as if you can hear his mental calculations through his vocal tone. Or - maybe none of this - maybe it's all caused by true Terriblists, and there are no large conspiracies linking things together, but he is fucking sick of it all anyway, to paraphrase Craig Furgusen. But, I will not forget that clip. File it away. Cuz YA NEvER KNOW.

OK - I will be defining a few of my terms later in this post, unrelated. But first:

Well, I have a few links for you to follow, consecutively, to help you breath your way out of all the social and media anxiety caused by this endless string of absurd travesties. Just breath and count to TEN and feast on coconut oil... I will start by going with the common conclusion that these events are caused by Terriblists, cuz, frankly, I don't care about looking right or wrong. If you believe the Terriblists are doing it, you are right at least some of the time, and maybe even all of the time. But, if this is your view, then the issue is similar to how do we deal with BULLIES - the VIOLATORS who prey on everyone along "the margins", including all the normal law-abiding people abiding peacefully in The Commons...

Bullying be Gone - http://bullying-begone.livejournal.com/132363.html

Next - a discussion by a Buddhist - http://buddhists.livejournal.com/2937844.html

Finally, a post by bobby1933, about the wonderful concept of "Tonglen." Breath out as you breath in - http://bobby1933.livejournal.com/462831.html

More on that concept later, which I can relate to ENTANGLEMENT - quantum, psychic, etc. (The minute one creates, or observes, it is created or observed everywhere in the universe, as retrievable memory. Perfect info, etc.)

Extra bonus links - http://daily-tao.livejournal.com/802922.html / http://the-recession.livejournal.com/922718.html

OK - some terms:

First, introducing, "THE VIOLATORS"... All through history, there has been some small group of people who cheat. They thieve upon the social contracts, the trust, and the COMMONS, of the more straight-and-narrow folks in society. They are an expensive waste, and they are parasites, and they get away with it by dangling FEAR and THREAT over people's heads.

Like bullies. They VIOLATE the Commons. They violate personal space, physical bodies, rights, honour, expectations, etc. For us, in the Common world, up is up and down is down. They, however, thrive by confuzzling us all: by turning up into down, and down into up. When society expects one outcome, they will profit by bringing forth the exact opposite outcome. Disaster, vulture capitalists. The Shock Doctrine.

If someone accuses them of lying about something, they completely turn it around and blame the accuser - or the messenger, the victim, the poor - of the exact same crime. Thus, they befuddle the waters by turning it around by 180 degrees!

"Well, how can that even POSSIBLY BE?" says society! "How do we even begin to imagine how to deal with such absurdity?! It is the last thing expected! The last thing any normal human would do!!"

But, up the rungs of authority, when authority becomes more and more FALSE, in a somewhat self-fucking-up social or economic system, (employing now-eroding moral standards which are vulnerable to being exploited), certain groups and persons can tend to be more and more CONTRA-POSITIVE, DYSTOPIC or EVIL. They got into power precisely by, at least sometimes, employing these parasitic tactics of VIOLATION.

Crooks and liars. They employ not the tactics of good, for the greatest number of people, but the LOGICS and ETHICS OF DEATH, which they believe to be "good" for THEMSELVES, mainly, (envious little louts and cowards that they are - and as spiritually corrosive as their idea of "good-for-me" may actually be - even for them, fools that they be).

I will possibly use this term, "THE VIOLATORS", a lot. It covers all manner of bully, bully wanna-be, cheat, killer, war-mongerer, bankster, etc.

Well, the thing is, how do you deal with them? You do so by REALISING that all 100% of people do not believe in the social good, or moral, way of being, thinking, or predicting actions of others. The small (sometimes elite) group of Violators ASSUME the worst of others, and then proceed to try to FORCE the worst to be drawn out and made true - "proving" themselves RIGHT and POWERFUL, in their realm of DEATH and of MIGHT MAKES RIGHT.

Most Americans are almost obsessively inclined NOT to believe that the LOGICS of DEATH can be possible. But take a peaceful, naive American out of the USA, and land him or her in the middle of a WAR, where every second is a life-or-death emergency, and the American will see that practices like pointless TORTURE, or TERRIBLISM, or RUTHLESS GREED, or the like, are all very true, and all very much in practice.

This mass social loss of control, in war, is the direction that we are headed, unless we come to realise that there are people amongst us, including some authorities in whom we trust our safety and money, are in fact avowed, psychopathic VIOLATORS, thinking not about how we can rationally solve things, or scientifically find answers, or share empathy and providence, through free association - and we must be prepared to look at motives and scenaria along THEIR logics of FIGHT-OR-FLIGHT, PARADOXICAL LEARNING, ADDICTION, BULLY TACTICS, CONTRADICTORY MESSAGING, SHELL-GAME DECEPTION, and so on.

We must be open to the absurdity of them, or whole crowds of people whom they may prod, acting in completely paradoxical or 180-degree ways - in nefarious ends-before-means ways. We can't be stuck on, "Well, how could any person so desire silly "power" that he or she will do anything and everything to get there, including killing off dozens and dozens of innocent people - or even entire ethnicities.

We can't conclude by the pleasantries of our own personal banker, that there are not nefarious banksters in control of a great many enterprises and investments who would think nothing of sending millions to death in war, so long as they can uphold their system of power and control. In fact, it is the very nature of CAPITAL to compel these VIOLATORS to act so, destructively, when the status quo becomes dysfunctional. Fortunately, other aspects of capitalism call for more sane enterprises as well.

Enough of that. Subject was not fully complete cuz of my eyegrain and my restless and distractive dog. Wanted to ay more about the Logics of Death - just how they work. How they trap beings in an animal game and prevent further evolution. Latah on that, Charlie.

OK - lets see if I can remember 2 other thoughts I wanted to put down, unrelated...

um... EMOTION IS INTRINSIC IN ANY ACT OF OBSERVATION, including the employment or interpretation of scientific measurement.

I guess I will jot the other one down if I remember it aft I rest. And then you'll know the rest of the story. Maybe this is it: EMPATHY IS NECESSARY TO MEMORY RETRIEVAL OR INTERPRETIVE SELECTIVITY
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