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Well, sure enough. As I mixed my newest crop of morning cereals in the kitchen, N-Girl took her dog out and did a rare thing. She coaxed her dog into bouncy playfulness, (just as she had seen me and my doggie doing earlier), for display of some neighbour teen or female, who laughed. The difference? Her dog barked, (annoyingly), (and ultimately said, "yarp!" perhaps in response to the imposition of a foot). Then, a little later, N-Girl was downstairs near my Netherly hall, bombasting, darn-near banging again. (I'd say this is all conjecture but it is a 100% predictable pattern). So, this latest tiny sampling of passive-aggression was meant to mean, according to my studies, "Ha! So THERE! You aren't the only one who can be you! I can take what you have! I am the one in control! Darn you for coming between me and whatever! My dog, I guess. Suffer! SUFFER! Pay up! Repent! Cloth yourself again in your white guilt or, if you were a female, in your female whatever, or, if you were a turtle, then in your depraved turtleness!!" The difference? Whilst this was occurring, I came downstairs, went out my front door, in front of the window where she was, and picked up a medium parcel from Farm & Fleet! Yay! So, I cut open the parcel with a knife, brought out the grass seed and such, and packed everything away to carry upstairs, including the endless roll of brown paper packing material - all of which was plainly audible to enquiring ears wanting to know. I have heard it said that, "You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man." Well, in my case, at least this one time, this saying certainly rang true. Then I gae my dog a rib bone from F&F and continued making my first big bowl of my new hot cereal mix. And I ate some Virginia Peanuts which also arrived from F&F, which is based in Wisconsin, where several Gingerbread Men have been made, I believe.

See, the reason I am writing this, is to emphasize that the crap never ends with these people - these purveyors or the Ethic of Envy, and of the Logics of Death. As taught in privatised schools called, oh idk, "Ayn Rand High Juniors School", etc., these people have been fed the lie that greed is infinite, that selfishness is an endless virtue, and that the GREAT INVISIBLE HAND shall be in your control, if you only COMPETE relentlessly, employing every means and addiction and weapon, like spite, or passive aggression. Somehow, the opponent in this GAME, who is EVERYONE, is just as envious and mean and feckless as you are - "So never surrender! There is great value in constantly poking people in the face with big hard imaginary penises." I let up and gie her a smile, and she is back to considering me the weak one. The one to control and exploit. To wave advantage over, and remind of his lowliness. "Take THAT, and LIKE IT! Ooooh! Don't you WISH you were ME?!" Um, no. ery much not. Although, if I were a hot black female with a hot body, I wouldn't be dinking around in crap like this, ha ha. Whosoever haseth a hot body enjoy not the ice cream, I always say, incoherently. In the check-out line. With a plastic duck on my head. Anyway, yeah. So, the same with these jagholes up there in the Ether Regions - the the cokaholic Banksters, and their enterage. They just keep coming and coming and coming, like excitable zombies, with no end to the free money they demand be printed. The sky's the limit, said the #tree-trimmers falling out of the sky. The tree-trimmers, who are the first to be eaten up as a sacrifice to the great god gluton, obviously mistaken for actual money - which supposedly grows on trees. Then, they send all the other minorities, and it becomes a great feast. For where there was spite, there is now murder, and where there is murder, there is the DEATH WISH.

(Look not at the eyes of the crazed lunatic - or risk becoming consumed into a relationship of endless YELLING).

I swear. I had a relative who fit this mould of being insatiably jealous, (control hungry), but being not so overtly aggressive. Even as her father, whom she believed she loved, lay dying in the last hours of painful, painful cancer, grasping for air, there she was at her side, still displaying jealousy games, for his attention. And he lay there, wanting her to stop it. Wishing she would shut that up. Trying to convey to her his disapproval in one last fatherly look of stern reprobation. And this was very sad to see, my friends. Very sad and disgusting.

The point is: Even while they very much know not what they do, they continue to deliberately do it, as in an addiction, and there is no limit to the death and the suffering they mete out, a thousand cuts here. A thousand cuts there. And this is all about. Being a good bearer of the cross. Another thousand here. Another thousand there. What starts as a fight from empathy, and grows into a silent global spite, one day - you will find - suddenly turns from and abandonment of the poor, into an actual physical slaughtering of the poor - of the black, or white, or Christian or Muslim, or Jew or Mexican, or Right or Left. To destroy is to create. This wish of Death upon others swallows all into the same entropy, until the perpetrator finds him or herself, JEALOUS OF THE DEAD OR DYING, and into the fire they fall. Death wish 101... I'm glad I got around to completing these ideational connections, because I have a few links for you. The idea of this death wish - where envy of the clothes of others becomes a mean deprivation of the clothes of others - and then becomes an actual MURDERING OF THE CLOTHED AND OF THE NAKED, BASED ON THE DEBASEMENT OF THEIR IDENTITIES - BASED ON THE OBJECTIFICATION OF THEIR BEING - AS EXPLAINED IN THE STEPS OF GENOCIDE, AS DOCUMENTED ELSEWHERE - well, this idea was inspired by a link twittered by glitterophelia, (see below), although I had already known about the incident described. Please forgive me if my links may duplicate in reference to this same incident.

However, I shall prelude by saying that many of you have heard of the raids on Organic Coops and family farms and such, and the massive dumping out of food, milk, clothes, etc., by police, all illegally, in reaction to some claim that raw milk was being sold, or that tomatoes were being poor, and so on. Well, please, please heed my warning for, as a creative person, I am also a 2-bit prophet. Because of the paradoxes inherent in deranged human nature, IT IS ONLY ONE EASY STEP FROM DUMPING THE ("envied," i.e., DESPISED) belongings of some cornered group, AND KILLING OFF THE ACTUAL LIVES OF PEOPLE - GROUP BY GROUP - CLASS BY CLASS - RACE BY RACE. We are entering a dangerous time of baboon logic, of death ethics and death wishes, and paradoxical learning and addiction and fight/flight emotional rote reactions - all puppeteered by cocaine-obsessed banksters, who care not a whit about the rising ominous folly of war.

You may choose not to see it now, but one day soon, you may see your personal sayings vanish. Your property may be taken for illegitimate fees. Your family may face illegal foreclosure. Your jewelry may be seized. You may choose not to see it as you choose not to imagine your own death. But all of History lies dead, and betrays that these things are true, and happen over, and over, and over again - like an addiction. Like a cross-species death wish, when the environment becomes too hot.

Well - I don't have a tonne of links, and I don't feel like researching. You can. It was outrageous when Dallas, (and others), outlawed giving meals to the hungry, cuz of safety ordinances - which is why police also tasered OCCUPY demonstrators. Safety. And they outlawed giving clothes to the poor. And canned food to hungry people in Atlanta. All these things were dumped and destroyed, with no regard for the needs of others, or of COMMON SENSE. Economic sense. Political sense. Again, I say, we will probably lie through a time when we shall see raw milk running in the streets, suddenly turning to oil-laced blood. If not here, then there. And what is the difference?

Feds succeed in destroying entire business of Amish raw milk farmer

(glitterophelia) ''American Dream'': Food loaded into Dumpsters while Hundreds of Hungry Americans Restrained by Police via @grtvnews

See also 123_food_4_food & http://madman101.livejournal.com/1118905.html

Imitation is not always the sincerest form of flattery.

Its interesting how a large mass of people seem to develop during the very same time as the need to go into war is seen as necessary by a whole nuther, duped mass of people. The first group - the Isolationists - are wont to laud the great Marlene Dietrich, as in WWII Europe, and chime together:


(Need I mention? They took my home from me, and saw nothing immoral in it. I was instead the problem. Almighty dollar. Oi - I hate this shit. They dumped most of the furniture).

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