I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

don't forget to pay your taxes

It can't be discounted that another comet(s), fireball and/or geomagnetic event caused the explosions in Boston a few moments ago, (especially since there was also a CME, and a rolling large storm). It also can't be dismissed that it was a methane explosion from a leak from the Earth, the tunnel, or from some other man-made structure. But since this twin explosion hit at such a specifically symbolic and coincidentally peopled area, it most likely was human caused. And if it was human caused, it more likely that it was a rogue-intelligence contrived event - a false flag - rather than a psycho crazy or even an actual self-made terriblist or group. (I have come to be of the opinion that 9/11 was, "an inside job," although I maintain doubt about internal rigging of explosives or fire accelerants - but still very possible). As a contrived event - who would have done it? Hmmmm... I will tell you. The same people who set up Korea to sable-rattle again, and the same people who caused a "report" to be released, claiming than Korean nukes could reach cities on the EAST COAST. This is a "report" which JOHN KERRY has flat-out rejected - marked INVALID. So - it's probably basically the same old gang, seeking to use the Korea issue for several reasons, which I suppose I should discuss soon. I am currently trapped in a future Nether post. For the time being, you can consider who is the rogue group to whom I am referring. I will say, it is a parasitic Siamese twin growing at the side of our official government, or military. Cheney is probably involved, and it is masterminded by corrupt elements within corrupt banks. Hey - wait - this is a warning sign of the payback which I was was talking about. Hey - now - what state did you say JOHN KERRY was from? Massachusetts? Little boys with firecrackers, and with the empathy parts of their brains missing. LATEST: Explosions were followed with the smell of SULPHUR. This can point towards a "cometary" influence, or a geological source. But sulphur is also a massive, useless waste product from the refinery of BIG OIL into BIG GASOLINE, btw. The fact that there were TWO explosions may have been a deliberate harkening back to 9/11 - as these pranksters would be wont to do. So. No conclusions, but good leads.

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