You will own nothing and you will be nothing. (madman101) wrote,
You will own nothing and you will be nothing.

I'm hearing things again

Loud bang turned out not to be N-Aggression but head-on collision outside, except only one car was there. Its front was damaged and the front tires were gone. It looked like the Nether's car. It apparently was not, cuz big lady and little daughter who were outside taking to police stepped inside the car momentarilly. I looked out and the people saw me looking and looked back. That's always strange. Then I let my dog view the problem so he could find closure. Then these 4-5 black boys on the sidewalk start rapping and jumping about and mocking the white ladies in the accident, who also included a driver-by who stopped to help. The police guys directing traffic were totally lame. One wanders closer to the kids ad says,"Don't you have some homework to do. Or, er, maybe a video game.. or something..." This place is messed up.

Rejoicing in another's troubles or pain, "Welschmertz"(?), "freudenschloiden?", is an urban or a Calvinist thing, where everybody's straining to be perfectly good for no good reason, and all they feel is private spite towards each other for this. And so, someone trips, and people feel joy - as if liberated up to heaven in the magic heaven elevator yay. I admit, it would have soled a few problems if the wrecked car actually was the N-Car. Maybe someone wrecked it, thinking that it WAS - who knows? But, at least it is another Omen. Which only means this: Solar flare causes increased earth geomagnetic and nuclear reactivity. Locally, that means the sinkhole, right in front of the wrecked car, is acting up again, way way deep down. Causing more negative vibes - also added to the endless rainy days. The N-People had their major fight right when the sunspot cluster was magnetically hot, and gearing for the flare. This is also one reason the bitcoin dropped, but more on that later.(?) As soon as the flare erupted, maybe 8 minutes later, radio reception blacked out here on Earth. And in a day or two, we will experience a moderate hit from the flare's CME, which will again disturb radio reception and human minds. I have been severely hit by CFS & brain probs lately. Overwhelming fatigue today. But when the sun was ready to flare, I wrote my "SEEN vs UNSEEN" post, which some would call, "demonically-inspired," because maybe I get good vibes from my friendly otherwise-tormentor Sun. Perfect so-called information. Well, the next time your cellphone runs around, or big ants are playing poker in your kitchen, or giant long-legged bugs are getting into people like puppet masters, or your sister tells you that the voices in the TV are commanding us to do things - take this with a grain of salt, because, in some dimensions, it is all true. The Earth's core is out of whack, related to the sun. And the electromagnetic disturbances are altering extra-dimensional vibes, which some people are not able to well-repress, and so, like N-Girl, we dismiss them as schizophrenic - but they are also just bent antennae on this giant ant-head we call Planet Prion. The following was commented to a friend, and I wanted to tack it into an earlier post, which I might do, if I ever wake up and locate that... BTW THE V ON MY LAPTOP IS NOW IMPOSSIBLE. I have been trying to figure out online orders for cornmeal, gypsum, etc., but have been way too way-laid, oh yeah.

It seems quite clear that you do have BP events, but these may be strictly related to your recreational cocktail mix. You won't get anywhere unless you transition off this lifestyle, unless what you wish to end up substituting more zombifying pharma drugs instead. If the pushes and pulls of your cocktail is not solely responsible for what is going on, then I would suggest that beyond BP events, you may have the beginnings of schizophrenia. I am not diagnosing, but only mentioning this as something I feel should need to be considered by your doc(s). I would dread to think that you end up on drugs for this so I hope you consider adjusting your lifestyle to try to rule this out, hopefully.

That being said, the brain-mind is a regulatory, inhibitory system. Wild thoughts of "enlightenment" usually are filtered out. But they can break through, for some people. This does not mean you are crazy. These are indeed messages from an infinity of messages which exist dynamically in the universe. For the moment, they may "BE true", and, for some people, when some of them are pursued, they may lead to good or great things - more often not, however. Society also exists as a regulatory system - and that is where your fear is probably coming from.

These "crazy" thoughts should not be feared, but appreciated in the same way that dream images can be appreciated - and analyzed. I think you will find, as I did, that if you open up to the extra meanings behind these wild thoughts, then you can find extra meanings and directions. Only then will "God have a special direction for you." Everything hangs on your own determined free will and choice - and work.

Oh - beware - since we are talking about paranoia etc... I am getting a guy posting in my friends page who isn't one of my friends. Either he hacked his way into LJ generally, or he hacked into mine. Maybe he was granted permission to view my posts since he is a spy or something. One can speculate, but the fact is that this error is occurring and it is cause for concern. So, let me know if he is also on your friends page. His name is "11", (and the border of his posts don't conform to my fpage style). However, I would not view his LJ because you will end up w/ his LJ cookies - and certainly do NOT click on any of his links. If you do wish to view his LJ, the go to search engine "IxQuick" or "StartPage", seach for "" then see "proxy" - only hit "proxy". The IxQuick proxy serer will then take you to iew his LJ, but you will pick up no cookies, and no one can iew where you are surfing either. I use IxQuick Proxy often, to brush my teeth and shiver me timbers.

Oh - PS - you know this whole KOREA crap? I'll tell you why I think it's happening later. But KUDOS to John Kerry for cutting it out. However, this does mean that John Kerry probably wake up dead one day in an airplane crash maybe near a sinkhole. Maybe not today. Maybe not next week. But someday we will all be a hilla beans.

Praise the Lord and pass the Holy Gypsum.

PS - You know what's weird? The connection between ants and electrical voices in the air. I knew a guy who became schizophrenic, I guess, who once tried to rescue ants from people walking on them, and I met him later and he said the electic voices in the air were commanding him to do things. Isn't that interesting?!)


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