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Power, Part 2 - ("Killer Queens", Part 1.6)

But what is POLITICAL POWER, oh great Preying Mantis of wisdom? First of all, there is some power in being able to type this stuff out on my laptop, and then being able to take a rest-break when I see the need. Granted, there is very little power in this - as there is very little power in ME - but I need the rest in order to revitalise my CAPACITANCE, and so my ability to produce and associate and convey information further. So, will be back soon...


I've had a severe headache right in the very NUT of my head. I've been 100% gluten-free for days, and have been taking coconut oil and other good things - so, when this clears, I do hope to be in better shape. Let dog out during this central migraine, he charged out, before N-Girl and her dog could get a leg up. Maybe she was again trying to be artificially nice, in her cowardice, which is as cheap as monopoly money,and only betrays her double face, when compared to the relentless passive aggression she performs INSIDE... or... I don't know if she was actually TRYING to stop us short, by getting out first, or if she was just going out and I happened to be doing so too. But her dog braked a little, at seeing my dog rushing about, hither and yonther, AFTER I called my dog BACK. Damn coward N-Dog. Well, N-Girl starts laughing. Who knows why - my headache was bad. I didn't do anything ridiculous, nor did my dog. Perhaps she relished that her dog barked, and she assumed that this was frightening to us. The only reason HER dog has confidence enough to bark is because I have been diligently keeping my dog under control, in deference to those loonie toons. Well, if that is so, or if she wanted me to think she supposedly thought we looked foolish, then this betrays another aspect of the (self-deluded) psychopath, (which I will be discussing in Part 2 of, "Killer Queens"), which is a great determination to be sadistic, and to overlay that sadism upon others. To culture a perverse society, where bullies are kings, and bully-wanna-be's sit mockingly at their side. This trait, sadism, (and the advancement of a psychology of might-makes-right in a society assumed to be already rooted in intense ambiguity and/or FEAR - as when some opportunist comes along and tells people that some confrontation should be considered an incident of RACISM, or HOMOPHOBIA, or ANTI-CHRISTIANISM, or TERRIBLISM, or whatever), ca be added to the standard traits for psychopaths, and/or my own observations:

- Psychopaths also have the skitzo-like tendency to believe their own lies, (as being an out-there-reality), or the "voices in their heads, (which they themselves automatically utter). (See below).

- Psychopaths may be diverted from fear or empathy through a resort or reference to some internal cognitive system or map or analogy of reality.

- Psychopaths are bad at adjusting their behaviour in accordance to negative feedback from others concerning their bad behaviours or thoughts. Instead of being deterred, they only amp up their insanity. They are absolutist in their conviction.

- Psychopaths are not keen on empathy. Actually, they may (alternately) convert empathy into immediate competition instead; (which will be discussed later).

- Psychopaths are demandingly narcissistic. They cannot easilly stomach contradiction to their will. Nor can they tolerate being ridiculed. Thus, they may tend to try to employ contradiction and ridicule against others, thinking that these mean as much to others as they do to themselves.

- Psychopaths become ENRAGED, in fact, when contradicted. They may also feign exaggerated and false indignation, employ drama, employ attempts to enrage or to blame. Rage, however, is not exclusive to psychopaths. Rage may also be displayed, e.g., by people with PTSD, who may suddenly feel the life-or-death fear of a cornered wild animal. Fight/ flight.

- Psychopaths may have boundary issues, paranoia, or delusions of grandeur.

- Psychopaths lie without batting a proverbial eye. These are delusions they believe in the moment. Doesn't matter that they may perpetually contradict themselves. An #antipathic mania may be at work, where they can never think themselves to be in error. - Psychopaths always insist that they are right. They may accuse their dupes of always trying to be right, and so sucker them along.

- Psychopaths may hide behind feigned social graces and their tools, such as behind GARDENING or behind CLEANING. They also may have a cowardly tendency to hide behind co-workers, machines, pets, and so forth, using such as ploys for gaining advantage, and to avoid standing alone, and self-centered. So, perhaps their onus of control is highly external.

- Psychopaths can have ritualistic habits or agendas, such as the killing strategies of serial killers. These can be obsessions.

- Psychopaths can seem admirably and successfully gregarious, (especially in societies which lauds bully tactics). However, this trait is shared by other personalities, and should not be relied upon as a sole reason why someone may assumed to be a psychopath!

- Psychopaths may be overly obsessed with social or political or sexual POWER, or violence, or force, or sadism - elevating these things above other human traits or values.

- Psychopaths tend to be overtly destructive in some ways, where sociopaths, I would say, should be considered more as socially avoidant personalities. Please be careful not to confuse sufferers of social anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, autism, migraines, etc., with psychopaths or sociopaths. However, some overlap CAN exist between psychopaths and sociopaths and other personality disorders, such as passive-aggressive, OCD, borderline, etc. I have not diagnosed N-Girl as psychopathic. I see her as being OCD passive-aggressive PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIC (personality disorder), with absolutist, "PSYCHOPATHIC INCLINATIONS." She is, at least, psychopathic-like. Although, as time goes by...

- Psychopaths may project their faults or personal failings onto others, and then blame the others. This saves time and expense normal people usually devote to higher cognitive processing, selectivity, repression, etc. - Psychopaths may also project their every menace or threat to society onto others, and then blame the others for being the menace.

- Psychopaths may feed off the egos of other people. This is related to "hiding behind" and tends to reinforce groupism.

- Psychopaths are always "right".

- Psychopaths want CONTROL, even as this may cause them to lose control. (see also #spite)

- Add your own here. See also my tags, which should include the standard traits as offered in the not-inafllible conventional test(s) for psychopathy.

Coast to coast is on, and I may finish my definition of political power later. Note, however, my excellent tangent into the subject of PSYCHOPATHS, which was intended for, "Killer Queens," may help describe some things that can go wrong with people, or via people, when POWER in and of itself becomes an over-arching value, above empathy, above compassion, above SOCIAL CAPACITATION. Also, those obsessed with power or CONTROL do tend to have highly external emotional oni of control, despite their tactics and behaviour - so external, sometimes, as to be on vacation in the Cayman Islands, or some damn place.

.... later that whenever:

I can say I have a few ideas of the definition of political power. But I am writing this just to finish the post and send it to the publisher, not because I am really interested in thinking this all p again right now. I woke up 20 minutes ago, N-Guy is back in the cat-bird-seat, the times are approaching for my dog's out-taking and his take-out meal, and plus, I have to figure out how to order gypsum, grass seed, cornmeal and sunflower seeds (and the rest of my next Azure order), without spending much money.

Political power can be defined in one or many or all of the following ways:

1 - Political power successfully CONTROLS, for a sufficient amount of time. It controls, and means to control, thoughts, actions, intentions, means, etc., of groups of people and individuals. It may control forcefully, on a few fronts, (which I may call, "violent control," or, "malevolent control 1"), or it may control discretely or adroitly on a diffused level or amount of small targetted fronts. The latter may be seen as having a policeman or spy follow every citizen around, intimidating. Or, it may be seen as benevolent leadership by a Confucian, Taoist or Socratic wise person, sending everyone a flower and a card, making people WANT to be controlled according to that person's respectful requests. In the case of the former diffuse control, (which I should call, "malevolent control 2"), backlash is eventually inevitable from some unknown direction or another, (USSR), as it is quite expensive to begin with. For example, some badly predicted element of the economy may falter, (China 2015). In the case of the latter, control can be rather successful for an extended period of time, so long as it is plastic, and generally democratic. But even in the latter, which I should call, "benevolent control," contrarian groups and interests do tend to arise eventually, tending to move control towards violence, to lose its moral authority, and so to collapse. Any centralised control over a wide distance or a large population or economy simply cannot last for too long. It simply defies entropy. Reality. Monarchies, attended by perpetual tribal warring, were actually a model that worked somewhat well. There are efficacies in some Machiavellian principles during epochs of high stress or need.

2 - Political power gets people to do and say things they would not otherwise do or say, (by choice or alternate duress). But this is am expedient, superficial, transient form of power. "The King wears amazing clothes."

3 - Political power is the ability to lie and get away with it. This is my own personal definition of political power, which I have used for some time. It's a great indicator of where power may be trying to hide itself, when one can discern where the lies are coming from. Often, like psychopaths, the powerful may not merely lie for tactical reasons, but they may lie simply for the hell of it. "To sin for the sake of sinning." That is why the "NWO" so often plants jargon information in its false flags and psy-ops, (according to Alex Jones): Because they want to test the waters, to defy, to see what they can get away with - it is a joke and a game, to see the public get taken, like a bunch of Muppets. A president in power may say we are going into Iraq for this or that bullshit reason, and get away with whatever he says, because he has the political capital of a big crime or a BIG LIE backing him up. The more people assent to his lies, the more powerful is his potential to wage military or police force on whomever. And, as taught by Goering, the bigger the lie, the more the public will believe it, especially if the lie is repeated over and over again. Lies like: "job-creators; unseen hand; free market; too big to fail; trickle-down; entitlements; austerity," etc. The reason why lie SIZE and FREQUENCY can be so effective is because these defy common sense and common sense by the common folk who are more familiar with they themselves NOT HAVING MUCH POWER. Their moral codes; psychological expectations of people; habitual practices; short-term interests; pressing life concerns and stresses; pocketbooks; feeling of personal/ private helplessness (externalised onus of control), and need for moral leadership, simply make it difficult for them to believe that BIG, REPETITIVE LIES ARE POSSIBLE OR EVEN SENSICAL. But size and frequency are themselves examples of POWER - the power to cajole the media into the lie conspiracy, the power to pay off puppets, etc. - in the more PHYSICS sense of the word.

4 - Political power can be productive and economically constructive, too. Economically, that power is found around the appariti of work, wealth, invention, industry, labour, investment, and so on. In capitalism, power is money. But money can become false, in which case, power becomes bad again...

5 - Political power is money. He who has the gold RULES. That is, in a corruptive society and economy. This power only extends in the realm of Caesar, the temporal, the material - or the SEEN - (see last post). When money, or the currency goes bad, and becomes more and more worthless, political ower divorces from those things which really matter in a economy, such as imagination, labour, and manufacturing, and it all rises like crud to the top, where cronies paint themselves with capital running like wine in the streets, while the people suffer, and must be forcibly controlled, of course.

6 - Political power is wealth. That is basically it, when it comes to the politics of nations. This is a more grounded version of #5, and a more abstract version of #4. If you consider wealth to be spiritual fullness, and all that humbuggery, then this can be a version of, "benevolent control," (see #1 above); or it can be a measure of the power of religion, ideas, etc. - see #8

7 - Political power is a carrier wave, transporting select groups through social politics, into the realisation of their planned or intended interests or schemes. For example, the NAZI Party became an instrument of such political promotion, by hook or by crook, and so it became very powerful.

8 - Political power as a latent capacity. I.E., CAPACITANCE. The ability not of a country to have weapons, but for it economy to be ready to mass manufacture products of steel, etc. The ability to mobilise on a dime. See my last post, all about the POWER OF THE UNSEEN. That pretty much covers this definition, #8. Note especially that power can come from diffuse sources of inspiration, even psychic, paranormal, subliminal, unconscious, accidental, synchronicitous, dreams, art, the Great God Pan, and so on. See also recent post on Power in PHYSICS - as CAPACITANCE - (also includes Quantum Entanglement discussion).... - links here:
http://madman101.livejournal.com/1376196.html - http://madman101.livejournal.com/1374220.html

9 - Political power can be related to psychopathic, tendencies, (see above) - especially in the need to control (#1), the need to lie and believe one's own lies, and the reliance upon the BACKWARDS logics of MIGHT-MAKES-RIGHT, and FIGHT-OR-FLIGHT, reinforcing #PARADOXICAL LEARNING, and the #Catch-22 vice - as well as fascism and all that. I have defined #fascism as the use of state to RULE BY FORCE in the interest of select corporations - but it can also be related to apoplectic #STATISM. In this sense, political power is always dystopic, counterproductive (as in war-machine), and tragically dysfunctional. Cuz, if you just think about it, why would society resort to such crap unless it wasn't working well in any other way? More in this series ASAP. Please be patient, my restive minions.

#10- Political power is a WOMAN. Hoooooooo YEAH baby!!!!!!
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