I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Anti-Google Manifesto

Privacy is the cornerstone of the Commons.

Guarded secret:

In our existence, we need food, shelter, water, warmth... Air would be nice... These are the values of our welfare, to which we look to family, society and government to facilitate. We faire well, by well fare, and in our human vulnerability, we cannot help but share these values, in Common. We agree to preserve, protect, defend - and enhance the pursuit: of happiness, of welfare, of property. These needs fulfilled - We humans exist towards things more transcendent - it is in and of our language - the voices we hear - the dreams we cradle. Our emergencies resolved - we are now relaxed, at ease, confident that others in Society do not disapprove, but instead give berth, or degrees of freedom, or allowances, in this game of life, where individuals may now think free, where cooperation is crucial, and where religion and the Commons may hold their ground.

But in society, there is a traffic of wants beyond, most centered upon things. Not things we need, so much as things we hold, and exchange, and observe. In this more economic and competitive side of society, it is the things we see that seem most important. But this is not so. Before the world came the word. Before sight, came OM. Before economy, evolved the man. It is not what is already known that matters, so much as what can be, and what once was, and what falls just and fair, and sleeps dynamic in the forge of imagination. In the heart of privacy. It is not what is seen that is important to society - it is all that is unseen. Justice. Ethics. Fantasy. Sentiment. Spirit. Wonder. Question. Dread. Kindness. Creativity. From the unseen only is the future created - the future upon which all investment rides - and all things rise and fall. From privacy, new freedom is berthed upon the world. There can be no creativity - no market - without privacy, trusted in Common. Virtually all great, lucrative inventions have come, not from public schooling, but from private dreaming. There is a NEED, in the soul of our animal existence, to converse with the divine, which is none but the time allotted us by Nature to while away sufficiently, in wonderment and love.

It is wrong to say that one may be entrapped, because, "one has no expectation of provacy on the internet." - or: in the market; behind one's walls; in one's letters or belongings; in one's choice to show or not show one's face. No person is obliged to essentially become an OBJECT, a SEEN thing, in the controlled realm of society or economy or government, where what is is, and what is not seen is not. In the public realm of the SEEN, all is past-tense, and done, with and for, for it only carries on as a shell - the status quo - the byproduct of our private imaginations and musterings. To say that one must be a subject - a subset - of what is already seen, is to rob one of humanity, but more: it is to rob him from the independence of his own mind, where memory and aspiration abide.

The old way of thinking pretty much is based on the assumption that privacy may be allowed where one my harbour doubt or ambiguity. Privacy may be allowed where memory may fail. Who could say what is "seen" by looking into the failing memory of man? What use is it? What use is gossip and resentment and hope and love and uncertainty and haphazard creativity if these things cannot be measured? There is no profit in it. No competing. The private - the Commons - were left alone, guarded by myths ad churches and magic that knew a thing or two about the ESSENTIAL RIGHTS OF MAN. Such as, these things have been endowed by WE, THE CREATORS.

But if these things can now be said to be measurable - then - alas - they become THE PROPERTY OF THE SEEN? No dice, Andrew. God does roll dice and I think that's rather very nice! In our final arrogance, we think that we can measure the hand of god - the GOOD - that which is willed and chosen and inspired and expired in private, in cooperation - in CONSPIRACY - and so allow our seen "authorities" to act as crucifiers of those who do not comply? We could live in a world where every atom is seen and measured, and yet still fall prey to a great invisible Force latent in every wave, conspiring to undo it all. When you corner a possum in the night, his demonic teeth return as the Executioner in your dreams. So, I would urge all those who invest hubris in this chimera of the seen, to LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS and get a frickin tattoo or something. You cannot arrest the Daemon, who walks alone with us all as one. You can have no other rights living and breathing unless you respect and defend the right to privacy. From the unseen - hearts of light and hearts of darkness - come our next reality, and there is no denying that without tragedy. Or do I jext? Give not to Caesar, as nature commands, merely by seeking to be left alone, and what happens? They fear you do conspire all the more. So. What end this great reach of entrapments? When does the greed stop? How true is this obsession with imposing and measuring and forcing us all out into the search lights? Are we concentrating ourselves right into "privatised" prison camps? Letting the obscene become our overseers?! Be off with those google eyes!! I NEED TO SLEEP!

And to those who would resist, as Nature would resist, having been here first, I would urge: Look at the world not as it is, but what it can be. Why not? Within each of you is the finest solution. There is no authority beyond the things that are seen, and you still have this whole ever-reaching, over-arching playground to draw from, which is ultimately known in the hearts of us all, in empathy (denied), and which has always been the only force to undo that overt profanity which calls itself "The Truth." There is no greater truth than springs from our shared human heart.

Wisdom is the preservation of innocence through adversity.

There is or sacrifice or suffering that you cannot own

and so


Rise above - there is no joy or hope that is not yours, alone.

Do not be jealous of what is merely visible and passing.

You are the center of a dreaming universe.

PS - Assuming there is no right to privacy where and since memory is never erased, (internet), is simply an obscenity of justice, in the same vein as, "money is speech - and so corporations are people." We need to see what is going on here. Our reason in being REPROGRAMMED by a small group of wealthy, vested interests, hiding in the shadows.


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