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What is "power," first of all? In my view of physics, power is the ability to tap the capacity of energy potential - to be able to accelerate, to do work, to propagate as a carrier wave for more discrete information, or capacitation. Power is force. Power is the ability to maintain and move order through entropic time - or, conversely - to undo order through enhanced entropic, or other, means. I mainly think of power as something systemic, or of a system. Ultimately, everything is systemic, depending on your level of analytical focus. We have come to believe that space or time travel requires a huge amount of power, perhaps the power within an entire galaxy, just to be able to provide the force necessary to accelerate a rocket to near light-speed. But, this assumption is based on the geometry and calculi of relativity theory. In fact, we already know that it should be possible to teleport discrete bits of information across the universe, faster than light, yet with a relatively small amount of power input. This possibility is opened up via quantum theory, and tests. See, "Quantum Entanglement," below - (also see tags). Therefore, from all the new things we are learning, and have yet to learn, about the hitherto occult dynamics of universal nature, it cannot be ruled out that vast space travel, time travel, or macrsoscopic teleportation will be one day available to us, should we fantastically manage to survive ourselves, and our devolutionary primate tendencies, and power politics. So, we may one day learn so much not about the more "fundamentalist" POWER equations and rules of the universe, but about the more discrete, supernatural and associational CAPACITANCE nature of the universe. These lessons will converge like a hologram before our awareness, through our separate studies of information, as in brain-mapping of dreams; the search for zero-point energy; experiments in superconductivity; the study of (quantum) photons and lasers; the study of "jargon DNA" and other molecular biology; the development of quantum encryption technology; the development of quantum and photon computing; the study of related quantum computational logics; the study of quantum entanglement; and the integration of may of these advances into our understandings in the broader life studies, or our better study of the paranormal. Further, a switch over to the electrical universe theory, and over to the "body-electric" emphasis, with the study of electromagnetic FIELDS, as related to SPACE, will be inevitable, although relativity theory will be retained in the same way we have not completely abandoned Newtonian Physics. One day, you may be able to vacation on Planet Zenon, and still have Fed-Ex make an overnight delivery of a print-out tooth, made to order, by your friendly mad-scientist dentist. Across the universe.

Find out how quantum entanglement keeps particles linked even when widely separated, in this LiveScience infographic.

- http://www.livescience.com/28550-how-quantum-entanglement-works-infographic.html


bobby1933 at 2013-04-09 18:48 (UTC) (Lien)

Space and time

Most of this is beyond my ken.
It all seems quite reasonable given all we know we don't know about the source and nature of things.
My question is: do we want to do this? and why?
Given the mess we have made so far of the limited piece of the universe within our purview, i don't think we should go farting around in the rest of it,
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2013-04-09 22:47 (UTC) (Lien)

Re: Space and time

I think you are very right to be concerned. This research is already occurring quietly but quickly on several fronts. And this is only the research which is published for public review. I am quite sure a great deal more has been done off-budget, off-record, in a black box by the military industrial complex and its corporate gangs. I fact, it is possible they have made big advances in anti-gravity propulsion and so on. And so, as usual, we the public have struck up no conversation as to the dangers, the regulations needed, concerning such research. This is the real danger. We always wait for disasters, when some particular megacorps has made off with $billions, and the Earth is further eating the unfortunate consequences.

However, research into quantum entanglement, or superluminal information transfer, does show revolutionary promise in many ways. Foremost, it would REQUIRE us to completely rewrite our understanding of the laws of nature, to incorporate what are presently called the paranormal and the spiritual. That brings a great responsibility for a mature civilisation. Hopefully, if we should survive the impending extinctions here on Earth, this struggle will force us to grow up, and then we will be more mature,and ready for the scientific and philosophical - and energy - advances. Unfortunately, I am not optimistic about us pulling through. However, I do see our present environmental threats as being a far greater and more urgent crisis that I do this research, and so, as it goes with humans, there may be an imperitive to proceed with the research as a potential source of solutions to today's quickly worsening problems. But, as I said before, we desperately need considerations and regulations put into place right now. That would include disallowing patents by particular coporations - but to instead put it all in the public domain, much as we did w/ Antarctica, or as was the internet once. I do sympathise and resonate greatly with your concerns. One reason I do work on my own philosophy is to help pave the way to dealing with these inevitable developments.
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