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beatles - george
Posted on 2013.04.02 at 15:51
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Thom Hartmann was inviting people to call and talk about what they do to counter people or times which make them nervous. Like, when a right-wing crazy is yelling down your throat, just picture him with a wart on his nose, and wearing a Micky Mouse hat. This confuzzles the anxiety right out of your brain. This can also be applied to bad memories.

Then he said that, it order to make himself at-ease, when talking in front of a group or auditorium, he would simply imagine everyone in the audience to be naked. (Maybe this is why Hitler had his little, em, problem, em..) Hartmann said that this method worked every time.

Until he went to speak before a nudist colony.

Now what?

When I was almost as destitute as I am today, I enquired as to a job position at a ranch in, eh, Arizona. Free camper home in the psychodelic desert, in exchange for help around the ranch. The "nativist" ranch. That's a nudist colony. Not wanting to give up on this promising idea, I soon had to consider how it would be, being a kind of maid on a ranch full of fat naked retired republican men and their pathologies. Could I handle running around nude while cleaning up horse schlop or something? Would I be nervous? Or could I wear a sexy maid outfit and make a little money on the side? Cuz, being clothed might actually be a turn-on for these people.

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