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Introducing: MadMan's Daemon!

I have been lying here, very slowly recovering, and half-thinking. Before I eventually take the dog out, and then retire into my prison chamber of economic mania, which I liken to, "the back of the bus," I thought I would mention a few important philosophical ideas - of mine - MINE MINE MINE MINE! I am sorry I have to insist on saying such things as, "MINE," or, "According to ME," but I've come up with a lot of ideas which are often mistaken for ideas or facts created by others, later on. That is, I am so often right in my original ideas, ten years later, no one sees my ideas as being original. But, the whole idea of creativity, anyway, is a mass psychic phenomenon, and nothing is sacred, everything is stolen. So, anyway,

Been a major miner for a heart of gold.

I now have three (3) major elements of my philosophy:

ENTROPISM - The metaphysical and logical science of strangeness in the material world, involving time, entropy, paradoxical physics, paradox and forgiveness, multi-associative thinking, consciousness, memory, info-processing, etc.

EXISTENTIAL TRANSCENDENTALISM - A subset philosophy of the phenomenology of nature involving consciousness and free choice as its main substance. The world is an empty spiritually dead place where we, freely and independently, nevertheless make painful, existential, free-will choices to be empathic, ethical, kind, meaningful, nevertheless, and so we alone create these as realities, truths. This is not a process of abstraction but of deliberate will. The sage holds up his own end of the deal. Thus, we transcend entropy and decline.

DAEMONISM - A subset "religion" where, through the superluminal, or, "instantaneously," interplay of consciousness and choice by beings and systems across the infinite universe, (or through the exercise of each of our own private inner voice, or daemon, the reality of a transcendent, shared Daemon exists everywhere, as an infinite network, and yet a single subliminal "mind," sharing perfect information across space-time, which can be called God, or which can be called, "a great cosmic coincidence," or whcih can be called, "NAUGHT." In the spirit of entropism and choice, these dynamic do exist, and yet they don't exist. I am both an atheist and a theist, and neither. Or each alone. This "religion" includes ideas on psychic awareness. Frankly, all three phalanxes of my philosophy blur together, and can't ultimately be classified away from each other. Maybe the psychic stuff, plus MY UN-NAMED ECONOMICS; AND UNNAMED PSYCHOLOGY, should also be named, but there will be plenty of time for that, and fixing my J tags, when I am all safe in my grave. PS - each person has a daemon, everyone shares in the Daemon, which is divine, in the EXISTENTIAL TRANSCENDENTALISM way, but it is also a trickster and a fool and a pain in the ass, true to the spirit of ENTROPISM. Think good thoughts, but don't end up on a cross...

There are mainly two kinds of psychic experience, ACCORDING TO ME. 1 - Savant psychic, and 2 - interpretive psychic.

1 - Savant psychic: Immediate awareness or intuition of being in touch with the Daemon, or another's daemon, or with perfect information. This involves less interaction with(in) the psychic observer. It is immediate and known, even if not interpreted into wider consciousness. One or two steps up, and we enter the realm of molecular-shape-memory, and, up further, we have the actual cognitive memory process(es) of RECOGNITION. There is a very slight, or diffuse, "microscopic," selective or recall involvement in recognition memory, involving interpretation.

2 - interpretive psychic: Interpreting psychic experience as approximations, hunches, symbols, etc. Involves more interaction via the psychic observer's subconscious and conscious mind(s). Psychic experiences show up like dream images, analogies, suggestions, and require interpretation, just as dreams require interpretation - and can be wrong much of the time, according to whomever. One step up, and we are in the arena of normal dreams, then of subconscious symbolism, then of conscious abstract symbolism, then of jugements and other interpretations, and REPRESSIONS, of the conscious mind, or memory. Its all a matter of the cut-off point, whether or not your psychic awareness ever breaks into semi-conscious analysis, or interpretation. You might just say, "THAT was odd. Seems like that was a meaningful coincidence!" Auditory and working memory tend to be more ego-involved, and tend to be more CONSCIOUS forms of regulation or repression or interpretation or abstraction of more bubbling-up forms of psychic process and of memory process, down in the subconscious and id and body and...

Important: All psychic experiences mirror the different forms of conscious and subconscious memory processes, such as recognition, recall, episodic, working, auditory loop, body, etc. Besides blending in to these, psychic experiences both resemble them in nature, and are naturally involved in those more-conscious, less-psychic memory processes as taught in standard psychology.

Important: Memory exists in the mind AND in the body only in a passing sense. All memory and (perfect) information is available throughout the universe through the ever-dynamical and shared Daemon. This is called universal #psychic entanglement. We are all antennae. The more discrete our associative processing, the better we pick up full psychic signals. "Psychic" is a misnomer - it is better thought of as a paranormal, or parascientific phenomenon - not yet understood on a wide social, scientific scale.

Important - tonglen: We are antennae. Both receiving and transmitting. On sublimininal levels. Some people are better receivers. Some are better transmitters. I think I might be the latter. Perhaps transmitters have a problem receiving, as their interpretations keep getting in the way...

Important: Although psychic imagery can burst through dramatically via limbic troubles, or fight/flight situations, involving FEAR and associated interpretations, it is via the infinite subliminal levels of communication, or nature-consciousness, where we gather most of our info. I am referring to jargon DNA, photon polarities, particle spin, quanta, ionic behaviour and charge, and such. As in sight, smell, touch - this ocean of discourse involves one very important element for communication to pass, and that is: SHAPE. The shape of molecules. The shape of atoms. Etc. Shape-in-space is fundamental to the structure of the universe, meeting locality in finite time. It is SHAPE - the infinite shape of tiny molecular antennae, reading not linear signals but 360-degree multidimensionality, which is the "collapse" of the superluminal, infinite, timeless, empty and void DAEMON, into the here and now. Likewise the similar shapes of our brains and bodies allow us to better share and translate psychic info between each other. Identical twins, born almost from the same place, or geomagnetic coordinates, in time and space, have nearly identical brains and physiology, allowing them true psychic sharing throughout life. There is so much more to all this, I can't begin to discuss it now. Please note that the electromagnetic fields about the earth are going bonkers, due to instability in the Earth's core. These mutations are messing with the place-in-time-and-space groundings of our minds, and are driving us nuts, or are allowing us to pick up new signals from marginal worldlines, and to imagine NEW POSSIBILITIES FOR THE FUTURE. According to me. Do not be so worried over your schizophrenic inclinations lately. Lear how to interpret them productively. Nothing happens without purpose. Everything is torn loose from its moorings. This is water. Let the water hold me down...

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