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Nether World

(I will chop this into bite-sized paragraphs later).

Karen Lewis is a black woman who rocks. She as head of the CTU, she led the Chicago's Teacher Strike against Mayor Emanuel's stringent conditions to lay off teachers, close schools, and install Charter Schools, (an injurious form of privatisation). Back when the deal was cut, and Lewis called off the strike, I posted that Emanuel was planning to go beyond the agreement, and close more schools, etc., anyway. The deal wasn't tight enough. Emanuel was looking for that looseness, and Lewis, the still somewhat naive liberal, was expecting the best in Emanuel's humane nature, giving him the benefit of the doubt - not even thinking to be cynical, because, it was a plan, it was written down, like law. Remember when Norman Goldman spent hours expounding that the Obama-signed NDAA had no intention of arresting or detaining US citizens on US soil? Turns out, he later had to admit he was wrong to trust in the letter of the law - illegal, indefinite detention of US citizens was still retained as an option - as drone retain the option of, "not intending to blow up US citizens, but accidents may happen." What no one is mentioning is the megalithic elephant in the room, which is that we have been undergoing a slow, SILENT para-military coup, led by criminal banks too big to arrests, for decades now - and the Patriot Act still has us under a "benign" state of MARTIAL LAW - (I bet you didn't know that) - whilst we shunt drones and advisers and troops and equipment into 36 nations in Africa, (aka, "WAR"), in service of the drug-and-gun-runners, the gold-grabbing banks, and the military-industrial-CONTRACTORS grip on the US PETRO-DOLLAR, so that we can go on believing we have comfortable living standards. (Right. Look at me, forever attacked by N-Girl. Literally too near death to even consider walking to the store). Remember how Rand Paul seized on the photo-opportunity to do an actual, physical filibuster on the floor of the Senate, concerning DRONES, while McCain and Graham , etc., were carefully scripted to counter in favour of drones, and drone-guy Brnner was put in, after a small drone was bizarrely spotted hovering in NYC's Kennedy Airport? (Hmmmm... What else has been launched from that airport in the past, hmmmm)... Well, Rand Paul decided to end his news-grabbing display when Attorney General, (and former BANKSTER LAWYER for Chase and Goldman-S, etc.), sent him a little note, saying, "You asked if we intended to blow up or detain US citizens. The answer is, 'No'. We can't envision that ever happening..." WHAT A RELIEF! Rand Paul could now leave the floor and go to the bathroom - like a man! The asinine thing about this is, though, that nothing had changed - (except)... In fact, the position that William Holder expressed was exactly the same position that existed PRIOR to Rand Paul's filibuster. The filibuster was completely scripted - for SHOW - it had nothing to do with policy - (except)... WHAT REALLY HAPPENED WAS: The GOP catered to it's TeaBagger base, while it was slipping into bed with the rogue military and See-Eye-Aye! Holder's response was scripted. McCain, et al, were scripted. It was yet one more example of them pulling the wool over our eyes, and going ahead with their plan - pretending it had been argued out and hashed through democratically. (Folks, THAT'S the whole purpose of McCain and Graham! Whenever they speak, they are serving this ulterior, nefarious purpose. Graham apparently HAS to comply, partly because he otherwise risks being exposed as gay. And McCain learnt how to service his torturers back in Vietnam days. These aren't real people. They are Liebermatics. Cheney-dogs. Rumsfeld merchants of death). Everything had been pre-bought-and-paid-for. And, before long, even progressives like Norman Goldman were saying such banal things like, well... drones are a new technology... we should have a CONVERSATION..." Why? Because Obama had told them that he means well, and drones are better than invasions - INTO 36 AFRICAN COUNTRIES?!?!?! - INTO ALLIES LIKE TURKEY AND PAKISTAN?? Now, they are naming drone GUESS WHAT. Not Patriots or even PREDATORS - but "TERROR DRONES" and "AS-SAS-SI-NATION DRONES"! No wonder a lot of people believe the USA actually runs Eel Kaiedda as a cover for its incursions and destabilisations. BTW - the corrupted banks WANT social instability - the more the better. But that's a whole nuther post...

Well, you wouldn't think that Obama would play into this matrix, would you? Even though he may strongly desire to turn things around, his life is apparently on the line - or, as some speculate, he is also threatened with being exposed as gay, should he not play the puppet. Well, who secretly bargained with big Pharma, etc., to bring us the "Affordable INSURANCE Plan?" Who tacitly accepted the banishing of any dialogue concerning single-payer, (and even a public option)? Who, perpetually, ends up being favourable towards Social Security cuts ("Chained-C.O.L."), tax breaks for rich Republicans, AND SO ON? (I understand the whole Harry Reid dance, which I hope to cover later, but this weakness-in-bargaining-skill has been so absurd it can only be rational towards dystopic interests. And why would THAT be a surprise to anyone?) Well, you wouldn't think that Obama tries to put PRO-KEYSTONE Suzanne Rice in, (after the, "Progressive," PRO-KEYSTONE Senator was easilly elected in South Dakota - but he did. You wouldn't think that he surrounds himself with people from BIG PHARMA, MONSANTO, and GOLDMAN-SACHS - but he has. And, so, you would never guess that his EDUCATION SECRETARY is a big fan of CHARTER SCHOOLS - (same old same old privatisation, SUPPLY-SIDE delusive thinking). But it is true. So - when Rahm Emanuel, Obama's buddy, goes back and becomes mayor of Chicago, because he is a friend to the black community, (by association to Obama, who is said to be black), I bet you would never expect Emanuel to try to privatise things, close black schools, put in Charter Schools, cut pensions and wages and so on and so on... But, that's what he's doing - JUST AS I HAD WARNED PRIOR TO HIS GETTING ELECTED. Well, here's how Emanuel negotiated the Teachers' Contract, (which he is now breaching by closing 50 black schools): He didn't. He wasn't around. From a distance, he dictated conveniently. Oh - and he called Karen Lewis an asshole. Now, Karen Lewis is yet a little more jaded, and, on Ed Schultz, she described Rahm Emanuel as a, "Murderer!" Oh, my, that's rather a little harsh thing to say, isn't it, about someone who sends folks dead fish in the mail. cracks his knuckles in Obama's ears during a Cabinet meeting, called Progressives, "F**king RETARDS," and tings of dat nature... Isn't it? "He's a murderer! That's what he does. He goes around killing things. Murdering." Well, hmmm... I gues that's kinda right. Rahm Emanuel seems very very good at going around killing things, doesn't he? Having served in the Israeli Intifada, for the likes of Netin-Yahoo and policies of APARTHEID - and possibly genocide - towards the Palestinians, here is supposed pro-progressive, pro-black Emanuel basically trying to exterminate away blacks in South Chicago. Force them to move if they can. Have them take their anger out on each other. Watch their health fail. 50 black schools are being closed, for budgetting reasons that make zero sense. Forcing kids to bus across town, go through risky neighbourhoods, lose sleep, etc. Well - I don't know if N-Girl would have expected such a thing from Obama's buddy. And I doubt if she even KNOWS who Karen Lewis is. But N-Girl has been banging and smoking and cleaning and complaining and staring out her window, for several days now - as this issue has been in the news - and so, I must be responsible for these schools closing, just as I must be responsible for the unfairness of the NYPD toward blacks in NYC, which was the black-relevant issue preceding this. THE CORRELATION ONCE AGAIN FITS. Funny, how there is no noise below when Jesse Jackson Jr., or Kweisi Mfume, is in court for embezzlement of campaign or city funds for personal use. And Chinua Achebe has died - but would N-Girl have noticed that? (PS - All the other predisposing factors are aligned as well: 1 - It is pre-holiday, 2 - The bitch moon is waxing, 3 - It is pre-storm, (snow), 4 - It is Friday-into Saturday, meaning the LL is gone! And there are two more I've never really discussed: 5 - Spring, or March, madness, usually affecting dogs more than people, and there has been a, 6 - Large geomagnetic storm! (I know #6 always rubs my own brain the wrong way, so it would certainly affect her, who is clearly not so self-aware).

Oh - to add aside... You would never question why the Vice President happens to come from the state which is the second most permissive when it comes to liberties bestowed on corporations, (Delaware), esp. on CREDIT CARD COMPANIES, right? You would never question why the Speaker of the House comes from the state which is the MOST permissive towards corporations, (Nevada), including towards casinos, mobsters, Mormons and Sheldon Adelson's gambling affiliates in Macao. (Adelson funded Newt Gingrich's recent campaign, which, somehow, got side-tracked away into the Greek Isles, a bit there). There is no reason to ask if there may have been anything untowards about Lieberman and Dodd being from the richest state, (the NYC bedroom community of Connecticut - remember? Sandy Hook? Remember? The "shooters" dad and mom were mixed up in billions upon billions of derivative deals?), which is home to the giant Insurance, etc., companies. And, all the Obama appointees just happen to be from the Fed and from Goldman Sachs, (NY), who's ilk have also been appointed into leadership positions throughout Europe - (that's the COUP, kids). Clearly, most GOPpers are crooks. But one would never question these other players cuz - cuz they are Liberals - and therefore cannot be crooks. Until we are betrayed shamefully yet again, and again, and again... And, Obama is black, right? His mother just worked in a bank and knew Giethner's father years ago. Oh - and, somehow both Hillary and Obama happened to come from Chicago, no longer just home to the Italian and Irish mobs, but now the center of the universe, where Supply-Side Reaganomics arose, (from the Randian Austrian School), and continues to destroy the planet. Nothing to question here. And it's not unusual that the OKC Federal Building happened to hold hundreds of documents pertaining to Mexican guns and arms running through the Mena, Arkansas, airport whilst Bill Clinton was Governor there - all blown up... I won't even get into 9/11. Or the mass-shootings. Or the shooting of Reagan. Or of JFK. Or of Lincoln. Or of Gabby Gifford, who was preparing to present evidence on the "Fast-and-Furious" gun-running operation vis-a-vis Mexico. Oh - and how about that Alaska Congressman who suddenly died after the FBI withdrew investigating him? Or how about the death of that recent internet genius guy... forgot name... Or how about that high-ranked News-Corp whistle-blower in the UK? Or how about the DC Madamme? OR HOW ABOUT JOHN FUCKING LENNON? No - we would never think to ask questions around these Nether Parts, right? Cuz, somehow, someone else who is GOOD, like maybe a bunch of mailmen, are taking care of anything bad that might be going on in those regards. Thank goodness for the US Mail. ha ha... So, you see, we should also not ponder the fact that Rahm Emanuel likes to run around in Leotards, and could be imagined - in some far-fetched, tinfoil-hat head - to have known something about Sandy Hook, or to have an unhealthy fondness for severed heads. No, because the very head of the Chicago's Teacher's Union merely described him this way: "He goes around KILLING things! That's what he DOES!" No, since he is somehow MAYOR, buddy to Obama, then Karen Lewis, who is black, must clearly be insane to babble that way. Maybe she will write a book one day, and the reviewers will call it this, "A long, random, incoherent manifesto, comparable to a Unibommer rant, or a Ramma Damma Ding Dong Video from some cave in some valley in some place called Afghanistan, Disney World, USA." And since you wear underwear, YOU must be the Underwear Bommer!!! Fork over the dough, kiddies! Empty your bank accounts because... We may be poor. But at least we're safe...

OK - it is 9:10, and I am lying on my big futon in the little back room. I set it up so that I could get away from the Nether Aggression. There hasn't been much noise down there since about 7:pm, but the cigarettes are still cooking, and then never bodes well - plus it makes me sick. So, it's nice to be in this new vacation bedroom, with cleaner air, and much less noise - and if I make a peep, it won't be answered by one of them throwing something at their wall. I have a radio going, playing African pop, on WPR's weekly, "Higher Ground," which is an awesome, rich show I always promote, so you should check it out and grab some songs and stream live and so forth! I am running the laptop on battery only. And the lamp next to me has a bulb which is too bright, so it is very dark in here, ad I normally look at the keys when I type, but it's going OK. There will be no internet in here until I buy an extension for my phone line - maybe 30-40 feet. But, this isn't too bad, hey, and my dog is in here with me. It's the one good option I have to survive until Custer shows up. Luckilly, the white trash universe next door moved last year, so there are no yapping dogs nearby to hate and despise lovingly. Wow - this is nice. It's not too cold - but I will need to buy some kind of AC for the summer, cuz I don't want to be madman jerky.

I'm just in here to compose the last part of this post - so I need to start thinking... Alright...

(Speaking of the big tall white landlord next-door, "He's in jail now," says Nether Girl.

"Oh, really? Usually it' the tenants are the ones in jail... so he doesn't sound like a great landlord, ha ha hwee..."

"He a fag."

"Uh, wut? He's wut?"

"A fag. It means he likes men..."

"Oh - a fag - uh-huh..." (Who ever says, "fag," to describe a gay person???)

"See where all those cameras used to be? He was WATCHING people!"

Because that pretty much is included in thee definition of what a "fag" is, I guess...

Well, I always thought of this conversation as weird, but only lately have I seen it as being possibly very telling about N-Girl - meaning...

First of all, how did she KNOW that this LL was gay? He's never there. Why's that so important to her? And how did she know he was in jail - and WHY was he in jail?!?!

And - those cameras... WHERE DID THEY GO? All I saw was twisted stubs. They had obviously been vanquished in the vandalising fashion. Someone had deliberately ripped them off. Now, know anybody who might have done that - and why?? Ummm... Nether Guy, just suppose. You see, when you constantly hear N-Girl complaining to N-Guy, trying to manipulate his opinions, etc., and when you constantly hear her reacting to your every move, just waiting for a chance to bang on the walls, or put the anger into her dog so HE BARKS, or put the hate into N-Guy, so HE over-reacts... It becomes something to consider. With N-Girl constantly thinking that other people are out to get her, I can imagine how insane she must have felt, being constantly WATCHED by that FAG white guy behind the cameras! So, as she had demonstrated is her style, it is not beyond the realm off possibility that she finally moved N-Guy, and/or one of his friends, to rip out those WATCHING cameras! Hypothesis: She fixated on them, as she now fixates on me.

And - why was that LL in jail - (if this was actually true). Could it be that he reacted to N-Guy's vandalism, although N-Guy and N-Girl had together come up with a fail-safe alibi?

Once, while I was a-fixin to take out my dog, a cop shows up at my door, asking if I was such-and-such - and he seemed pretty ready to arrest me, if I was such-and-such, which, I assure you, I am not. Such-and-such happened to be a tenant who lived in my apartment, prior to the modern age. Let's call him, Joseph Q. So - it seemed like the police were out to arrest Joseph Q., (although it is possible that something else was up). Going with this hypothesis, why would they want to arrest someone who had lived in my apartment, prior to the modern age?

Well, even then, I had the theory that tenants previous to my occupancy VERY LIKELY experienced extreme passive aggression from the N-People, just as I do now. I say this for many reasons: 1 - they have their system of abuse DOWN to an art, 2 - When I came in, they were already at it, basically blaming me before they even knew me - blaming me for merely existing, 3 - My lease was completely bursting at the seams, flled with precautionary rules which seemed a lot like complaints N-Girl would be making about me, or previous tenants may have complained about her! I need not go into detail on this, for I am but one man. 4 - There is a good chance that most or all of the previous tenants were white. This is based on the names on their mail which still comes here, and on the way my own landlord finds renters. 5 - Anyone living here would be driven mad and hair-trigger by the Nethers - the stultification, the anger, the bedroom full of second hand smoke, the toxic fumes coming upstairs from the Nether Regions, the paper-thin walls, the paranoia and blame, the dogs, the constant cleaning and bang bang banging, and, 6 - Other reasons I can be bothered trying to remember right now. So - a few months ago, I expressed this to my landlord: "It's very possible that problems in the past here were fomented by the Nethers, and not so much by the previous tenants of my apartment, before the modern age.

So - Joseph Q. had disappeared, and now he was wanted by the police. Well, most likely explanation? PROBLEMS WITH THE NETHER PEOPLE. He was drawn into their trap, ad they walked away, with yet another alibi! OK? This starting to look real to you now?

Similar antipathies existed between N-Girl and the white trash universe that lived next door, and I don't know if they ever had policia tussles, but they seemed near such a possibility. When I moved in, N-Girl said, "Now I don't like living here anymore," with her head nodding towards the bunch of younger black guys hanging around next door, making noise, and WATCHING. N-Girl would make a point of cleaning, cleaning off her path, pushing back all the little stones these guys had kicked her way. Well, I think the wife beater moved out, (possibly after a complaint by N-Girl?) And those pot-smoking Rasta Rap guys are gone somehow. And, recall back to last fall. Someone had called in some kind of drug complaint regarding the house next-door - ad the police drug squad showed up, checking out the whole house. And then the firetruck show up later, (possibly to see if they could have the house closed down based on some fire danger charge). Did Nether Girl male this call?

Remember the Village Idiot? I ended up calling him that, not simply because his apricot-pit brain was very rich in the element, mercury, but also because all of his conniving, ad paranoia, and passive aggression, and gossip, DID NOTHING BUT RUIN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD WHICH HE CLAIMED TO BE DEFENDING, making everybody sick, and angry, and moving out... Similarly, N-Girl, who greatly resembles him - except that he was gay, and she is anti-gay, but does "enjoy" minority status none-the-less, ruins things for herself - and of course for others. Except, usually, she does have an alibi, which - I guess so did the Village Idiot... I will compare and contrast these two characters later. The main thing is that, just like the Village Idiot, N-Girl seems to have a penchant for not minding her own business, and instead is driven to cause other people to get into trouble, since they are all watching her, knowing things, thinking things - things she MUST control! She wants to be the boss of the lot. Or else, she will whine all day about how she wants to move. And - remember how N-Guy is all concerned about how he appears in public? More and more,it seems to me, that N-Girl seeks to publically over-dramatise her anger - by slamming the outside door over and over repeatedly, cursing when she leaves, shouting outside, etc., so as to make people think that I, inside, am just this terrible, unfair, intolerable MONSTER! The Great White Satan! Oh, now, who's going to turn THAT bait down, in a society full of four-year-olds around here? In a society weaned on FEAR and SPITE? Looks pretty clear-cut to me. Jut like Village Idiot said to my face, basically, "YOU moved in - AND THERE WENT THE NEIGHBOURHOOD!" Cuz I wasn't gay. Cuz I'm not black. Well, it couldn't be any clearer, when she obviously augments this with rancid GOSSIP - because whenever I see someone leaving her door, they look over at me and GLARE with extreme disgust. And some glare from cars - she has gotten to them too. Getting her story straight. Setting up her alibi for when she needs it... See?? Pretty clear-cut. Since you read my posts, many of you have thought to brush me off as being paranoid - when in fact it is paranoia coming from her, which she is trying to transfer onto me, by creeping around, leaving things, tapping on walls, etc. See?? She likewise seeks to transfer the HATE, and the ANXIETY, and the etc., because, after all, I AM THE VOICES IN HER HEAD - SHE ALREADY KNOWS WHAT I THINK AND FEEL - SO SHE NATURALLY ASSUMES THESE NEGATIVITIES ONTO ME. SEE?? The jealousy which imitates my clothing, my cooking, the time out with my dog - these thefts of spirit seek to infiltrate and plant the parasites of paranoia and racism. FORCING an issue of racial contest, where there may have merely bee ambiguity or uncertainty or distance. She keeps people and dogs separated from us, just as Village Idiot had tried to do. Whenever I say HI to a passer-by, her jealousy and revenge become insatiable!

Am I painting a picture yet?

Remember Wavy Girl? At least she waved and talked. I told her I would be too sick for hanging out, and she was OK about that, she just didn't want problems. Then, one day, I went out, and there was Wavy Girl, who shouted angrilly at me, "Something, something, YOU MOTHER-FUCKER!" Hey -hmmm -I just wonder if she had been chatting with Nether Girl lately, hmmm? Got the same crap from neighbour in Ye Olde City who didn't even know me, but who knew the Village Idiot. Sow the seeds of hate. That's what they do. "That's what Rahm Emanuel does! He goes around KILLING THINGS!" See what I'm saying here? This is death warmed over, and it won't stop thieving away lives, unless society comes together, recognises it, and finally says NO to it.

One of the first passive aggressions pulled by, (quite apparently), N-Girl, was when she left a wallet on my porch railing. It still had ID in it. Did this belong to a former tenant of my apartment, prior to the modern age? There was a picture D inside the wallet, and a business card - to a personal injury lawyer. I didn't take this as an oblique threat, but soon saw it as someone who had been drive to breakdown, possibly, due to life with the Nether Gang, soon to be a hit reality show, when the Four Horsemen are riding high. So. Rahm leaves dead fish. N-Girl leaves old wallets. Do you want to spend all night, now, making the comparisons - of how both seem to be absolutist controllers with psychopathic inclinations? Although, I don't know if Rahm was ever actually a paranoid schizophrenic. I do know that he was constantly whispering into peoples' ears, like the FUCKING DEVIL HIMSELF. Oh, woe, wherefore-Girl, in this sad, pathological world? Very much OF it darker elements, wouldn't you say? Woops! OMG! I said "DARKER!" I should be roasted in Hell - which, um, is what is already happening, so...

Oh - besides the wallet - don't forget the gunshots. Oh... the gunshots...

I'm sure there was more, to tie this post together, but I am done for the night. Let your imagination do the walking. I did all the prep work. Detective madman, and his faithful dog, Watson.

Well, one last word. Maybe, I was the first to buck the trend. Maybe, instead of ME ending up in jail, like many of those who had gone before me, maybe my daft astuteness ended with NETHER GUY ending up in jail, instead - which is what happened, back in November, btw. So, I guess I can sleep on that but, now that I am moved back into my normal, smoky bedroom, I hear knocking from below. So, maybe I can't sleep on anything. Ya. I wish I were back in Madison. Egh...

Send in the drones...
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