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I am the person who will destroy China.

Things Fall Apart

As I have intimated, I have experienced many a queer coincidence, in these days of miracle and wonder. I can't even begin to count. I think the greatest "miracles" occur when I come out of a bad relapse, and my VPC, (Brain-Finger), as well as my Pineal Gland, (Penis-Flashlight), become so creative that I come up with these genius associations and paradigm shifts, (which are often mistaken for sinkholes). Unfortunately, the most amazing and revolutionary of these, "visions," have been completely brain-white-washed away again, by the stress from the Nethers, and my subsequent severe dementia. (Note that I hope to do another post all about how the powers that be are forever dropping SMOKE BOMMS upon us, which basically serve the same purpose. Social instability, after all, is their favourite piece of art).

But, at least I often have enough memory space to retain the queer coincidences that happen to me - most of the time. In these days of wine and comets, whilst the Earth's Geomagnetic field conspires chaotically with the likes of Rahm Emanuel, I am graced with, at least, my own fair share of queerities and perplexions.

For example, only recently, a comet fell or exploded around a city out in Oregon, bearing the same name as Yee Olde City. Comets are falling everywhere, so I wouldn't have seen this as a coincidence, if it were not for the fact that ANOTHER strange event, possibly caused by something from the sky, occurred way far away, in the tiny town where I was actually born - and this happened not only recently, but during an extremely, extremely distraught time when I was caught in a death-grip of a dementia-anxiety-fatigue relapse, from which I was certain there could be no escape. At that very moment, the universe, which includes all the dead people I have even loved, (or passed like ships in the night)... the universe was saying: Remember the place of your birth!

OK - fine - fanciful thinking. Ego centric. As if ego-centrism is apart from the nature of the universe, as said by science, of all the nerve. But, here I am studying sinkholes and comets, etc., and what happens across the street, after I move to THIS town?! A SINKHOLE OPENS UP. Sitting there, directly in front of my house! Now, I'm a little curious.

I think back to when one of my beloved dogs died, and left me with one final, audible BARK!, to which I awoke in the lonely night. At the same time, UFO lights were spotted over the city where I lived. These were the plasma, cluster type, ghostly blobs of light, so common these days, especially around... RI, NJ, CT, MA... And sometimes seen around fresh crop-circles.

I have a theory that these piezoelectric events, or ball lightnings, or whatever, can be seized upon by multidimensional information-travelers, which is the same thing, for all practical purposes, as ghosts, or aliens, or talking stars, or simply the resonance nodes of diffuse consciousness throughout the universe - and, like everything, they can be 50% (100%) thought to be meaningful, and they can be 50% (100%) thought to be meaningLESS.

I am fine with all that. I am fine with the Coke bottles that fall in my Origami Universe, and speak to me, of great things hidden. For, that is my human nature working, right damn there yo.

Before those plasmic lights that came to tickle me wonder, upon the crushing death of a beloved pet, there was another strange event in my life - in many people's lives - many years earlier. A white buffalo calf was born in the area. And, you can research all the symbology about that one. (Also, many years before that, more UFOs at the stateline). And, of course, many other quirky coincidences occurring during times of struggle or loss.

I cannot say - I am not allowed to say - if these accidental, sudden constellations - these ACCIDENTAL ACCRETIONS THAT SEEM TO MATTER - are relevant to anything but, perhaps, the divinity of the Daemon within me - and I don't know if they make me any more or any less divine or insane than anyone else. All I know is this: My life is forever falling apart - being ripped into shards and streams of diversionary entropy.

But, at the same time, I am struggling with all the power within me to figure out and love this existence, and be useful to humanity - and that means you - even as documents fall away, accidentally deleted - and spiral-bound journals are neglected and disposed of - and bills and stresses accumulate, making me feel like an ant trapped in a bottle, whereinto shines, magnified, the scorching majesty of the sun... and, like anyone else... I take whatever I can get.

Things go better with Coca-Cola.

Things go better with Coke.

In honour of the fine African Writer, Chinua Achebe, who died yesterday. - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinua_Achebe

(Stay tuned for PART TWO which will be even better than before!)

These Golden Moments! Be sure to mark your calendars for late next THURSDAY NIGHT, when Linda Moulten Lava will do her monthly report on all things highly strange!!!
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