I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

"America is Going to Crash Big Time" ...

Here's an economist who looks and talks like Jimmy Carter, but worked as a prime shaper of supply-side Reaganomics, which subsequently destroyed the planet. Like David Stockman, (and like Alan Greenspan every few years), he has largely recanted. Perhaps governments are backing up failing megacorp monopolies, and banks "too big to arrest," by forcing retarding austerity on us, stealing our rights, (and bank accounts...), etc., BUT it was Randian, supply-side, Laisez Faire economics which got us here. It gave us bubbles, unrestrained and irrational greed, and SOCIAL INSTABILITY. Pop goes the Commons, down goes the planet. When asked how do we get out if this, he said he feels tere is now no way out. It is too late. Remember, this guy was CENTRAL to Reganomics. Now he is saying that big-L Libertarian DEREGULATION has failed, there is no way out, three big bubbles are waiting to burst, and the only foreseeable future is one of WORLD WAR. Now, ain't that nice? How nice that people in the 1980's gobbled up this crap, so long as they could have big hair and big movies and big music on their credit cards, dancing over the bones of the falling poor, always convinced they were - AND STILL ARE - absolutely right, since "Reagan defeated Communism, yay!" 360 degrees of BULLSHIT, my friends, my megacorps zombies, my bankster puppet-masters. Alex Jones, not wanting to hear that all this was the fault of DEREGULATION, (which came from Carter and Clinton as well, btw, since it was the BANKS who were in charge all along), became noticeably agitated, and is now railing insanely about some unrelated issue - he is screaming that coyotes don't eat people!!! So, people are stupid if they run away from coyotes!!! Talk about mind games. He who shouts loudest. Bang bang. Shoot shoot. "We need an order!"...

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts


Videos - I am not able to view these, but maybe there's a good one in here, who knows...
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