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A great, "Sound Opinions," this week, about a producer of T-Rex ad also David Bowie, including bits from Bowie's new album, which is about 1/3 bad and 1/3 pretty good, as far as I can tell. I had heard the story about T-Rex originally being an esoteric psychedelic Donovan-inspired band in England, before they became glam-rock. ( http://madman101.livejournal.com/1061178.html ). I love Bowie's, "Heroes," which is a fav of mine. I learnt something new about its production - three simultaneous off-tune tracks merged together for the "pipes" guitar sound in the background. The only bad part of this show was that one of the critiques said he couldn't be without some song called, "Sylvia Plathe," with him if he were abandoned on a desert island, which makes me think he is insane.

My dog is insane. He cannot be controlled. He has turned reptilian. Because I have needed to train him to walk on eggshells, so N-Girl won't start up banging doors and so forth, and so literally endangering my life, my dog has stubbornly been internalising dysfunction, and become abominable to me. I need to have him airlifted out of here soon somehow. I ordered food to be delivered, which I do once a year. He would not shut up, crying in the bedroom, even starting to scratch the door. Poor bastard. I have been in fear of the N-Girl passive aggression to start up over all the noise, even though it is obvious I am trying TO CONTROL HIM FOR HER MENTALLY ILL SAKE. I was thinking of starting calls to peoples over the eventuality of me moving, but I have been too frayed, and I would risk N-Girl hearing me on the phone and attacking again. It's like I'm frikin Anne Frank. Which is the new pope, right. BTW - I'm lovin on this Pope, but more on that later. - http://news.yahoo.com/pope-wades-crowds-surprising-onlookers-184944876.html

One of my ancient Irish ancestors grabbed Saint Patrick's staph and stabbed him on the foot and every year I celebrate this by ordering Italian or Mexican food. Today, I ordered 3 enchiladas, cod, fries, sauer kraut, nacho & cheese salad. I wanted more salad, but they couldn't assure me that the taco shell salad used wheat instead of corn for the shell. Alas, no glutenised beer today. No wine, either. Pretty good decision, only costing me a little over $25. But why does all fish have to be BREADED in this country? Do fish, like, swim in from the ocean, up creeks through fields of wheat and then fishermen catch them and they are little loaves of bread, omg I have sacrileged... - http://www.davidbowie.com/vision?videopremiere=true
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