I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

grace under fire

Well, Nether Girl went and did something that could decide for me 100% that she is really mentally ill, were it not for the problem that I don't know if she did it, fuming about me, or fuming about N-Guy. It was nothing much, but it would be decisive, if it were about me. How to find out?... Anyway, she is all enraged today because I am finally recovering from my severe relapse and am finally walking around in my apartment, quiet as a mouse.

I might be able to get back to thinking about ideas I'm mean to post about herein, unless things go crazy here and my stress spirals, or else if I just don't want to. This is what I did today: Um... Put foods into smaller containers, and froze some. Mixed pea and cabbage soups together. Made popcorn w/ partially rancid oil. I am failing at making popcorn well, again. It is possible that I made the popcorn last night - I actually don't remember now. I do know I made some morning porridge w/ apples. A dangerous move. Half-caf coffee. Used some pea soup into mix for cornmeal pancakes, and then made a bunch of those. They didn't taste the greatest, cuz I'm low on onion/ powder, but I added apples and corn as well. They did, however, hold together extremely well. And cooked well. Fed dog 3x. Took out dog 3x. Dog bothered me 12x. Also mixed wet dog food, included some pea soup, which was as thick as... canned pumpkin pie mix. Washed dishes, etc. Entertained the Pope. Did a little amount of laundry by hand in kitchen sink, which is easier than doing it in the bath-tub. Made sure the laundry was sanitized by a little bleach, or else it would smell after hang-drying. Dripped out the laundry over tub and then later hung most of it in living room. Sought out fresh clothes to wear, still in layers, cuz I sleep in a 55 degree bedroom. Took a bath. Freeze-dried. Rested. And put a few things away. After putting out dog, and hoping N-Girl would turn her stereo down, here I am. And she did. Tomorrow, I hope to be able to walk downtown, and that my doggie will not cry or bark when I am gone. I'm pretty sure they slam doors down there to shut him up, even though he cries cuz he's locked in the bedroom TO KEEP HIM FROM BOTHERING THEM AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. I need to make a $$$ deposit, buy some hold-over groceries, and possibly stop in and chat with the police. I had other things to do, but which can't be done on a Saturday, so I'm just pushing ahead, and hoping that I won't be in relapse next week. Which may be possible, because I very likely will be eating gluten pizza and gluten beer in a day or two. I am tentatively feeling better about the concept of hiding with my dog in the back room, to get away from the passive aggression, until the N-People finally move. It will feel like a relief to be able to see N-Girl as mentally ill, instead of evil, even though she's also evil. If I wanted to go out on Saint Pats, I could, probably, except the only thing that prevents that sort of thing is that it is impossible to leave this dog here by himself. It's not good for him, and I get retaliations - which have been making him jumpy and nervous. N-Girl's mental illness, forcing me to make my big majestic dog walk on egg shells, is making MY DOG mentally ill, and all he does now is run around, smacking his lips for food, and hopping away from me thinking I am mad at him. Its disgusting and shameful.
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