I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

surrealistic times

People who look
for the secret of long life
wind up dead.

- Tao T'Ching - http://daily-tao.livejournal.com/782014.html

I slept through C-to-C last night, woke up fell asleep - about 4 times. I was pleased that I was able to do that, knowing I NEEDED the sleep, as well as the EarthFiles. I never heard any of the part about BigFoot. But I have so many ideas to post, ASAP, but I am just so tired. My own ideas. But while listening to C-to-C, some guy called in and said that in 2008, he became aware of a new military weapon - a sound cannon. This was more intense than the KNOWN sound cannon, which simply makes the enemies ears bleed. This more INTENSE cannon, he described, once pierced a wall, and killed a man inside a house. It LIQUIFIED him. All that was left of him was his heart, lying behind a chair. At least his heart was able to escape in time. But I found this quite profound. That the centre of the person, which generates its own independent electrical current, held out for dear life, to continue, to prevail, whilst in one lightning second, the whole body surrounding it turned to liquid. The idea fits nicely with my "philosophical" thoughts. Well, it is possible that this sort of weapon has indeed been developed, using all the $billions of our money which have been disappeared through the magical fingers of the banksters - liquified away... But I am looking at what I heard from the call, and thinking that this may either have been more of a microwave weapon, like a really high-powered cellphone application, hey, or else it was a case of ball-lightning leading to spontaneous human combustion. I don't know how he came by his info, whether he made direct observations, etc. What else? So, this all has to do with all the big BOOMS, (etc.), people have been reporting, and our National Security Apparatus has been pretending do not exist, and I feel I have come up with a good, but ominous, theory about it all, with both older and newer of my ideas. (One OTHER fairly recent hypothesis is that smaller drones have been used in a renegade (coup) faction of our Pentagonopus, to target undesirables with micro-neutron bomms. This may or may not be occurring, even if my other larger theory is correct). I will discuss that when I am less tired, less frayed, and more confident that my evening won't be liquified by the Nether Stereo downstairs. They pulled another little thing today, and I swear, N-Girl is really evil, how she is manipulating that guy to no good end.

Other, easier posts about sinkholes, or sequestered, "Eggs Benedict", might come before then.
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