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I spent all of the morning looking for my 2 lost pairs of glasses. Or resting desperately. Last night, I cooked up some dog food, which burnt a little at the bottom. I hate that flavour. I also made more cornmeal pancakes, and these turned out excellent. Have to finish pouring the large batch soon, or it may start to go bad. In both "dishes", I used containers of food I froze maybe a year ago, but not before they started wanting to go bad. So, this is good. Saved them, and made space in the freezer. Also took my kitchen garbage out of the freezer, and bagged it with a bunch of dog leavings, and set that out for pick-up, which apparently enraged Nether Girl. I'm telling you, this is bullshit, living like this.

I hope I might relax and just putter, and write posts, this weekend. Too tired for much right now. But Joyce Riley had a guest on, who describes the whole pedophilia and trafficking thing in the Church, and some stuff about the outgoing Pope, who remains insulated from prosecution, still protected by the V-Policia, within the Vatican, which is an honourable country. The original, "Sovereign Citizen." Well, don't think I am Catholic-bashing, cuz most Catholics are not pedophiles, and all that. It's just the top-heavy lie-machine, which rationalises itself to its members, cuz it is so awesomely important, that people don't speak up, or else get knocked off, and the Church is just plain TOO BIG TO FAIL.

Hour 1 - http://archives2013.gcnlive.com/Archives2013/feb13/PowerHour/0228132.mp3
Hour 2 - http://archives2013.gcnlive.com/Archives2013/feb13/PowerHour/0228133.mp3

Also, I've always thought that the fall of Elliott Spitzer was suspect, he being destroyed not because he crossed state lines for prostitutes, which is like the WDC version of snow-boarding, and very popular, but because Spitzer was a progressive prosecutor, coming down on the BANKSTERS. Well, highly likely, but not confirmed. But, when I hear that the guy that did him in was once a main covert COVER-UP guy in the Watergate scandal, (which went way beyond Nixon, into sex trafficking, etc.), then it looks pretty clear. It was a hit. Payback. Underbelly-up, fishy.

Add that to all the other bodies falling around WDC - and look into how many $millions, (or $trillions), of bankster derivatives the mother of the Sandy Hook shooting had been handling, and you start to realise that this is no game, and conspiracies of corruption are indeed controlling, and killing away, our democracy. 21 heads.

Avoid temptation, otherwise you will be coerced into becoming a part of this Evil. It all about choosing the lies, defending the public face, keeping the system going in all appearances, eating it away in private, in reality, and undermining the motivation, empathy and the WEALTH, of the general population, who, for the most part, ape this death-grip politic amongst themselves, in homage, I suppose. Just keep believing, keep your fingers crossed, the tooth fairy will bring you a winning lottery ticket one day, and you shall be shown to have been BLESSED... And, the various groups in the powers that be are now to the point where they are knocking each other off, just to sustain their own schedules of greed.

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