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crazy - insane clown

Why the universe laughs.

Posted on 2013.02.25 at 18:30

Here is a simple metaphor for how our brains, (etc.), work. As I see it. Look at the body as a quantum, psychic and sensual antenna. It picks up extremely discrete and variable information. (It does not compile this info statistically, as we do, which has it's advantages). Electrically (chemically) and neuro-acoustically, this info is sent to the brain. (This includes info from the talking food and bacteria in our guts, laughing at us).

So, we have a bunch of quantum partial/multi-dimensional info which is converted into discrete ionic transactions, through sodium channels, etc., upwards via neurons. Upwards, "into the brain," this info is measure out and integrised, and switches are made, and a great deal of info is rejected, as the ego suppresses the id.

But, most importantly, the brain separates out what is sight, sound, touch, taste, touch, stress, psychic, unknown, etc., and delegates info into these categories. At this point the info is now "integrised" into elemental quantities or measures or numbers, in their separate categories of the senses.

The next step is that the brain recombines this info in a synesthetic fashion, merging touch with sound, etc. And, while this begins the dynamic of IMAGINATION, this i also the beginning of modelling, within the head, a construct of the world around us, first through recognition and limbic circuits, and then through associational/recall and neocortical circuits.

Depending on our gross level of stress, we may be stuck in the former, more immediate-processing circuits, and then use our imaginations to construct very FUNDAMENTALIST models of the world around us. In this case, we are mistaking a lot of discrete incoming information coming through our antenna(e), and so we polarise against, "black or white forces out there." Fight or flight, war, lie-and-get-away-with-it, lie-to-self, forgo atonement, etc.

If, however, our gross stress is low, which greatly depends upon us transcending expensive physical-cognitive, (processing, habitual), loops of anxiety reinforced through #paradoxical learning, errant #abstraction or self-serving #superstition), then we use the higher associational circuits to construct more discretely synthetic models of the world around us.

Through transcendent, empathic, or awe-inspired associations, (in thought, in the neo-cortex, in society, in nature), we come closer to correctly modelling reality based on the true discrete info surrounding us which, at the finest levels, is multi-dimensional. Basically, we form a better "world-line" for ourselves, based in how the universe stands at this moment, in relation to us. We are, "in the flow." Our soul is following a bodilly, healthier path, "closer to where it 'SHOULD' be). Body electric, electrical universe, baby you can drive my car. We are not grossly symbologising, being startled by big sounds crashing out of nowhere, big smells detached from what we expect should be occurring, big scary movements by strangers, etc. Our risk, our dopamine, our pineal, our superstition, is more finely-tuned than that - and when we do see inexplicable coincidences, then they are the more sublime.

And, so, when you relax to the point where you hear the static chaos of two fans dancing in a colourful interplay, across the outer folds of your brain, skirting here and there, (as before we drift into Alpha Wave, feel a play of relaxation drifting "out there" across our skull, needing little energy or control from us, and fall asleep), then... Then the discrete admixture gives us the same power to come up with dynamic, magical ideas - this is the time of associational inspiration which has been shown to drive most human invention, theory and science itself. Just ask Einstein or Maxwell or the Curies etc.

But, of course, I haven't even mentioned the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (VPC) which, when performing well, concerns how such association may be extended forwards in time, as in planning, expectations, understanding the future, and sometimes even prophesy, dreams or, "psychic empathy". :)

But this metaphor of mine can be proved wrong, and than is fine, and as it should be. UNLESS you also understand that there is a paradox in it, as in anything, and that is this: whereas the body may be considered an antenna(e), the source of incoming info, (as junk DNA is to the regular DNA molecule), so too is the neo-cortex, (and associated), an antenna, simultaneously sending information downwards into and across the body, where, as well, gross processing occurs, (as via gut bacteria or the parasympathetic, and further).

And the source of info for this brain-antenna, is, (not merely the gross and interactive and recombined and reinterpreted information originally from the body), the ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD PROCESSING, (of such info, and more), occurring instantaneously across the brain, (i.e., not requiring neuro-chemical transactions, or economics), based around magnetites in each cell, glial working memory, and PHOTONIC PROCESSING FROM THE EYES, THE PINEAL, AND IMAGINATIONS ACROSS THE PARIETAL AND OCCIPITAL LOBES, AND INCOMING LIGHT(S) FROM THE EYES. This includes polarised photonic, para-visual-range, psychic, quantum, and superstitious informations. (Apparently, endorphins, stem cells, and ketones are intricately connected to these "grounding" associational processes).

Well, so far, this is more of an actual description, rather than a metaphor, of how our brains work... Sorry... now for more metaphor...

I have said that ideas travel the folds of our neo-cortex like lightning storms roam the Earth, and like geomagnetic storms travel the surface of the sun, leaving footprints of sunspots behind, possibly resembling the arrangements of associated star clusters, whom the sun likes to text a lot.

And, who knows, maybe foo fighter agents of the sun are bringing solar perfect information to us, here on earth, leaving footprints of crop circles and ridiculous coincidence behind, beholding some deep order that ranges across the consciousness of the universe.

Or - hey - maybe these are only solar opinions, so, I would remain wary of crop circles, ha ha... Anyway, I am just dropping these nice allegories on you again, for your free association, before now moving back to our brain metaphor... Please wake up, students. Students?...

OK - So, basically what I have said about the brain is this: It gets a bunch of discrete, iffy, multi-dimensional information from the body-antenna(e). Then it turns this info into "elemental" forms. The brain also filters out a lot of info it regards as irrelevant, (to world-line continuance, or existence), being greatly a regulatory organ, at this point, (as in the reticular and thalamus and cerebellum). Ok, so then it takes the chosen elemental information, and recombines and structure these in synesthic and associational fashions. If highly stressed, it will do a crude job, and create black-vs-white fundamentalist thought. If freed up, it will work towards more discrete, creative associational thoughts, actions and compassion, etc.

In both cases, these will culminate in electromagnetic "morphic" field effects across the brain, but most efficiently in the latter case. These field effects, interacting with (local) neuro-chemical processings, are responsible for brain waves - theta, alpha, etc. - the inducement of gross reproduction of neurotransmitter stores and releases or consumptions - and can act as a psychic transceiver. Such fields also extend across the body, and relate to all cells, which is how we have currently "inexplicable" growth of, and delegations of, neurocrest and stem cels into forming organs, etc., during fetal, et al, development.

Condensed: Discrete, quantum info, converted into elementary, recombined in an orderly, constructive fashion, determining action, thought, health within a (modelled) universe. "Remind you of anyone you know?" - Craig Ferguson...

(Recall also: cycles of health, and abiding in the momentum-inertia of the cycles of biological "history")...

So, isn't this what happened in the "big bang"? From a mess of instable, discrete, iffy - "nonexistent" - information, suddenly there was an explosion. And, quickly, this virtual quantum information, and now energy, was converted into helium, hydrogen and lithium ATOMS, or "elements," (just as the brain makes elementals of its incoming info). Thusly, the exploding kernel of our universe made a model, and determined how to follow its world-line, along its insistent bias to remain existing, (see #existential bias, if tagged).

From naught but consciousness, or, "the word," or, "Om," or, "VIRTUAL REALITY," the universe constructed a model of its own reality, and this is what we refer to as physical reality - atoms, and such. Just as a fetus explodes into its own world-line, the universe exploded in its determination of further elements, molecules, configurations-in-space. It combined and recombined these, "in a synesthetic fashion," and created chemistry, thermodynamic heat, rust, radioactive decay, and even: life as we know it.

But, I think we are naive wee things if we do not at least entertain the possibility that the universe was tapping consciousness, and thinking itself into the existence that was given to it.

We are surrounded by diffuse consciousness everywhere, (see #quantum entanglement, #solar entanglement, #subatomic particles, #psychic, etc., which, like virtual particles, BOTH IS AND ISN'T. (And, you simply MUST stay tuned for my upcoming posts on this whole Ickes idea that we are all living out some computer-generated, "virtual reality," programme or holograph. My answer to this concept, or "conspiracy theory", can be found at #origami universe).

Being surrounded by diffuse consciousness, we tap in, and we construct our own ego-consciousness, which is mainly a physical modelling or structuring of the world or universe around us, DEPENDING GREATLY ON FILTERING OUT OR REGULATING-DOWN A WHOLE SHITLOAD OF "NOT-USEFUL" DISCRETE INFORMATION, just as the universe keeps most virtual particles or anti-matter in its place, essentially "non-existent". What we do here, thought to be within our brains, is to construct our own egos, or WHAT WE BELIEVE TO BE ACTUAL CONSCIOUSNESS, as opposed to all the now-irrelevant physical, dead matter which surrounds us, like "tables," and, "chairs."

We call this great affair, "actual consciousness," which, not long ago, we thought EVEN ANIMALS were not capable.

But, as all animals experience pain, (drifting away from their models or their world-lines), all animals are amazingly conscious, and hold free will, and hopes, and designs, and contradictions, and dreams, and languages, and so forth. Not only this, but all life is actively exercising this type of ego-consciousness, (which is inherent in the #existential bias), and so, all the rest of life is thinking and aware and subjective and observant and manipulative and evasive and intentional, to some degree.

As pylo-bacteria blur over to viruses and viruses into molecules and molecules into atoms and atoms into particles and waves and these into iffy quanta and insane psychic signals from god-knows-where, so this ego-consciousness, which is selfish and local and regulatory, cannot ultimately be separated from the universal diffuse consciousness which surrounds us, even in "dead" matter, (as it is part of the ego-consciousness of the universe, in which we abide).

Of course, I am speculating here, as is the right of every being in the universe, yo. (Free will, empathy, imagination, self-honesty, tru-eth, transcendence, creation - these are all important to our conscious, dynamic existence).

Unlike ego-consciousness, diffuse or psychic consciousness is non-local, super-luminal, timeless, and across-the-universe, just as the electromagnetic field is transcendent of the locality of our brain, (as a quantum field).

But, I don't believe there WAS a Big Bang. What?! That's right. No Big Bang. Yes, in some constructs, a Big Bang can be said to have happened, and is continuing. But I have studied this a great deal, and I have an alternate construct which is equally valid, and this is more in line with the, "perpetual creation," model of the universe, where no central, initiating "Big Bang" ever occurred. Personally, I think the so-called, "Big Bang," but all theory is ultimately opinion, so... In my opinion, there is no need for a Big Bang, and all this fudging about dark matter and dark energy and microwave radiation and anti-matter.

Please understand, I don't dismiss the, "Big Bang," based on some spurious inability to grapple with these concepts, or to acknowledge some Theocentric-type model of the universe, like some disobedient child. No. For one thing, I allow that some "Big Bang constructs are valid - and yet so is mine. In my construct, all you have to do is to look at how galaxies of stars and dust are aggregated around black holes, not as much along the predictions of relativity theory, but along the new ideas presented by what I call, the emerging, "Electrical Universe," (or plasma) theory. I name it this because it sounds simple and easy to throw about in didactic conversations.

But, even current science is learning that great wisps of stars and dust may not have been condensed out of spinning black holes in the manner expected, but that they condense along great arcs of electromagnetic plasma which are related to the black holes. So, long story short, what I am alluding to here is that black holes themselves are like little Big Bangs, creating the universe from various takes on virtual particles or energy, and constructing elements into heavier and heavier elements, molecules, stars...

So, if you ever think the center of the galaxy has been texting you, you just may be right, and should not be immediately dismissed as crazy.

And that's another thing. Schizophrenics, e.g., are mainly just processing incoming diffuse information in alternate ways, perhaps reconstructing "synesthetically", in ways which society may see as inappropriate and mad, and which even evolution may see as a bother, but it does not mean that these thoughts and views are not latent or real in the universe itself. The fact that any living individual "invented" them pretty much tells me that they exist in potentiality or reality, elsewhere, or perhaps nearby, in the universe.

OK - got all that? Now, for the clincher!...

Not everything travels like billiard balls down a gutter. Starting here. Ending there. Going through a single time vector. That is the nature of atomic matter - as far as we can see - but even at the atomic level, there is a whole lot of other stuff going n, from different directions, through differing time vectors. Ask an ant, and he will tell you that even on the ant level, a whole lot of strange stuff is going on, which cannot be explained by the whole billiard ball model. We suppose that information comes in, and our brain deals with elemental, billiard-ball type information, and we put it into logics and language, like a computer, and then we file it away, along some time-line.

But that is not what the electromagnetic FIELD in our heads is about. It is like a re-apparition of the essential WAVE nature, paradoxically inherent in all things - in all things we assume are billiard balls. And, the field extends outwards into quantum uncertainty, faster than light, and becomes part of a large NON-LOCAL field, or wave pattern, that is everywhere throughout the universe, diffuse. Beyond time, or containing ALL time-lines, or all world-lines. Billiard balls, going in one direction in time, is merely a construct of our ego-consciousness. We assume ourselves mortal, finite, and destined to die - but this is only partly true. It is and it isn't. Wave, and particle.

So, even in medicosmic, or macroscopic, events, and life, weird things do go on. Things which cannot be explained along one local timeline of cause-and-effect. Science and stats are currently naive in not comprehending this in great dispatch, (ha ha, I said "dispatch"). More as a function of politics and society and economics - more than it is ready to concede - common science tends to be reductionist, abstracting ideas and theories from local, billiard-ball events, trying to control away the "chaos", or, at very best, 2% of it - not realising that chaos waits to raise its ugly head some time down the road, when the scientist sleeps, and his monsters awaken. Sanity is arrogance. (See upcoming post about the mask that America jerks to shirk, or remain dying in the status quo. The social face, become lies).

So, anyway, the point is that even in the most mundane, or tame, occur the most insane, or wild. It may seem easy to dismiss the visions of Edgar Casey or even of David Ickes, unless you realise that they are not predictive computers, running billiard-ball, orderly programmes. They are psychic antennae who make alternate interpretations of alternate incoming information - and it is a WONDER that they even manage to translate these images and commit them into writing, in linear time, that we may have a glimpse of the divine - even as strange surrealistic dream images of incorrect years or false positives or Reptilians in red dresses all loom up like creatures in "Alice in Wonderland," or, "Where the Wild Things Are." I'm telling you, we should be THANKFUL for these rare luminaries. If we are not gracious and grateful, we will learn next to nothing from them or from ourselves, and soon we shall die. Be thankful for your own dreams; you live! You can be as innovative as an Einstein, imagining trains of light, in his muscular glial brain.

Likewise, in the brains of mice, there are sparks of divine wisdom - of justice, of empathy, of wonder. In a bowl of soup, there are strange sailers wandering. No two things are ever alike. No two molecules text the same message, or, at least, they don't mean to, but you know how cellphones are. In lithium batteries, there may be cold fusion here or there. In ball lightning, there may be gross quantum events. For all their timidity, scientists are recently discovering that gross subatomic dynamics, like UNCERTAINTY, do indeed impinge upon our larger world. And, so, mass observation, or mass wishing or praying, may indeed impinge upon the future of our society. And hope is not to be slighted, because hope is more than 21 grams - hope is a main thrust of will through a conscious universe.

We fail to imagine that perhaps radioactivity within the earth, or within nuclear plants, may be directly influenced by the sun. But, at least as far as neutrinos go, the sun indeed does influence radiation half-lives, and so life, here on Earth. Who knows what thoughts spark in the heart of an active nuclear power plant? Do we really understand radiation at all? No. Not really. We look at radiation from the perspective of billiard-ball logic, not from a field-effect perspective, as is central to the Electrical Universe theory, at least as I explain it. We thought that DNA could not be altered, but later found that MRNA can alter DNA. We once thought "junk DNA" was chaos, now we know that it is almost infinitely pliable and influential. We once thought that empathy was learnt, now we are learning that it is common in infancy. We once thought that - oh, I forgot the rest of the examples I had lined up here, but you get my drift...

Well, in an origami universe, information and will criss-cross across diffuse consciousness, and you never know when or where the next "weird" thing might happen. And so: I believe we must be open to the mysteries and challenges of UFOs, crop-circles, psychic events, synchronicity, imagination, invention... FREE WILL, in our dying democracy! We don't know what is behind or within the latest strange reptilian crisis event - some mass-shooting, etc. If you apply fundamentalist, billiard-ball thinking, you may jump to the conclusion that there are deliberate NWO conspiracies behind such things, and so get us into wars and such.

Or, if you keep on associating, you may remain open to that idea, as well as to many other ideas, a few of them being this: Even in these salient political events, there may be messages or designs being sent to us from voices across the universe, if only by chance, as if in dreams.

We don't know if UFOs are another civilisations, coming here to stop our nuclear weapons from being launched - and we don't know if these are not simply warnings and designs from a conscious universe, and/or aware ego-consciousnesses within that universe, telling us to stop, or else, or else, or else, and chaos ensues, as it was written, if only by chance. It is, and it isn't. I'm fine with that, if that is how it is, or isn't.

So - who knows if the face of a nuclear explosion was deliberately that of a clown, laughing at our folly? We may read a clown-face into the chaos in the picture of the bomb, or we may read in broccoli, or we may read in chaos - but that is exactly the point! Because:

In a quantum universe, the receiver of the message is also the sender of the message! In quantum computing, the sender sends even as the receiver receives, and vice versa. In quantum entanglement, one particle an infinity of miles away turns the same way as its (superconductive) "clone" across the universe, or has the same weird thought, and this is the way it is ALL THE WAY AROUND. 360 degrees of origami, projections, interpretations, messages, aliens, self - it is all the same phenomenon. See how insane!

THIS is why we need the arrogance of an existentially-biased ego, in one time or world-line, to shelter us from most of this absurdity. But, in dreams, and in shocks to fundamentalist thinking, and in mistakes, and in instances of prophets, and in so forth, these absurdities SHALL EMERGE! I'm sorry, but that's just how it is. Even to the most refined and finely-tuned VPC grey matter, there comes a little colour that puts the whole body through a Hoffdink step and along comes a phase shift or a stock market crash or a phase shift or a mask removed or changed - OR A NEW PARADIGM - and this we must LOVE WITH ALL OUR HEARTS, my friends.

So. Who knows what lurks in the mind of the sun? All these crazy things are going on in there, too. And. The sun burns its hydrogen and helium and lithium, in nuclear processes, and who are we to say the sun don't know? And the sun constructs new elements of iron and heavier elements from these, just as did the Big Bang - and who's to say the sun don't know? And the sun posits trails of spots and filaments and flares and CMEs, messing with our weather and our minds, just as the Nether People mess with my mind - and so, who's to say the sun don't know.

All we know is tomorrow we die, and today is fine, and these go on forever. In some way or another. Find a nice time. Lie out in the sun. Look up at the stars. Love one another. Kick some ass. Make mistakes. Your feelings are valid. So, who's to say that you don't know?


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