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Deep bone-crushing brain ache today, maybe comparable to intense ice-cream brain-freeze, all day long. Still climbing out of it, but it's always nice to start feeling thoughts and feelings not completely painful, but more and more nice. So, the one thing I accomplished today was that I made fart soup. It was cabbage soup plus collard greens. Almost not soup, cuz there is so much veggie in it, less liquid. Contents: (Water + 1 can chicken stock), Cabbage, collard greens, 4 big carrots, one large sharp onion, rice, soy beans, much garlic, olive oil, onion powder, cajun black pepper mix, black pepper, basil, sage, sage oil, clove oil, nutmeg, cumin, soy "bacon bits", soy sauce, ginger, lemon juice, vin/BS, salt. I don't know where one would place this soup geographically. The best I can come up with is Burma or Nova Scotia Cajun... Oh, oh! Mongolian Russians in the panhandle of Alaska! With Aleutians over for dinner. Definitely. That's really the only other place this soup might have been made. Although, I'm not sure where they got the nutmeg and clove. I guess maybe it's more of a Florida or Louisiana soup. Forgot about the collard greens. Collard greens are great, like mustard greens, and kale - so nutritious and yet confusing and generally boring and sometimes down-right unappetizing. Anyway, why is this called fart soup? Sulphur. Lots of sulpher. Cabbage, garlic, onion. I was really going for the sulphur. And the beta carotene. Plus the soy+rice.

I started checking out what GF grain/ cereal I want to buy from Bob's Red Mill, but haven't got far on that, or on planning my next Azurestandard order. I've got time. I'm just happy the latest Nether crisis is tamped down for now. But the moon is still fulling. Tonight was the annual, "everybody ride through town flashing lights and sounding horns and sirens" celebration, which I simply don't understand. It's like the only thing that happens here and it makes no sense whatsoever.

Listening to good old Art Bell. Dog was very good today. But he kept following me back and forth as I tended to the food all night. Also made some corn pancakes for the morning, and organised a few things in fridge, defrosting in prep for making big batch of dog food. Also think I found a big bottle of frozen hot-chocolate ("cocoa") I made about 3 years ago, which started fermenting during my move here. I can boil that and use it in my next batch of fermented chocolate. Just about all the sugar in my chocolate has turned to alcohol, and it is pretty good, so it basically got consumed quickly - compared to all the cost and work that went into it. My wine continues to age - and it is the most like true wine I have ever made. Really good. I was afraid it would turn to vinegar. Now I need to go to the store and buy real wine, mix them together, put most of that in storage, and then get drunk. One bad thing about getting drunk is all the sodium chloride in the chips I must also eat simultaneously. This causes me problems, I think. Maybe more than alcholoholol.

Cabbage? Alcohol? Am I Irish? Yes. You'll never find potatoes lacking in my pantry. That's what she said. PS - Cabbage, and carrots, and tomato paste. These are life-savers, nutritious, and they store for a LONG time. They should always be in your kitchen. Oh - also - (I still have 1/2 a cabbage left, even though I made a massive amount of chunky soup) - I do think red cabbage tastes better than green cabbage. Plus it contains QUERCETIN, also found in RED onions. This is the best natural anti-allergy, anti-histamine there is. The next time you drink RED wine, which has SULPHITES which cause many people a HISTAMINE REACTION, then eat RED cabbage & onion soup - unless - unless - unless all the sulphur in the soup ALSO contains sulfites! Isn't that curious! I think sulfites are added to wine as a preservative or something, or to retain colour. I read about it the other day and i have already forgotten. So. What was I saying? Anyway...

Oh. What's so important about sulphur? It's a very important element which manages your oxygen mobilisation and use. It is more abundant, and generally in a more natural form, in organic foods. I expect that MSM, an important energy and bone nutrient, related to sulphur, could also be found as well, in sulphur-rich foods. Another way you can get sulphur in your diet is by eating appropriate comets. Or by being hit by ball lightning.

That's what she said.

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