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The Real Deal

So, I keep planning on dropping off a bogus job application at Starbuck's - that'll be great! EXPERIENCE: Being stared at and talked about at every other cafe in town, thanks to KRIS - how I love her...

Well, had coffee with rainbow13 and rainbowone, who are the only people reading this journal - so this is pretty absurd when I think about it. But I liked them very much, and probably left them scarred for life. La di da...

And, some things I just don't discuss here in this journal, huh ladies?

Consider yourselves part of the "IN" crowd!

Yep - had to lie down pert near til 9:pm with tiredness which effortlessly seguieyed(?!) into a bone-crushing headache... It's the DAMN DOG!

At least I killed the mouse that thought it was my roommate for a while there. Realised too late I should have saved it's ass and gave it a new home at Starbucks - yea ha!

But, really... I'm nice, really...

Well, that damned Dido has has me all sad thinking about Shannyn - who is the only casualty for whom I feel great remorse. So, Andrea, tell Kris to tell Shannyn that it has always hurt me to think that I might have hurt her - and I pray to god that this is a dumb thing to say.


"In your dreams..."

PS - thought I saw Cathy L. today, seeing me back... And, there's the other Dido song upstairs, "The Best Day of My Life," reminding me of her.

Life swivels and hops along these blips and bops of outrageous coincidence...

A profoud thought to mull over: "Nothing is invincible. Synchronicity..."

I can explain...
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