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Sunspots are an electro-magnetic phenomenon, and not unrelated to chemical and nuclear activity within and around the sun. New unstable sunspots have quickly formed in the last day or two, and any activity following from them shall affect this planet in one way or another - ranging from subliminally to cataclysmically, (the latter which is very rare). But, seemingly independent events here on Earth are not unrelated to events on and/or from the sun. Lightning and thunder storms, for example. These are more related to space events, the "electrosphere", geomagnetic changes, etc., than most people realise. Even our old version of the ocean-evapouration=rain cycle is incorrect or incomplete.

I like to fancy that sun spots are like thoughts which move across the grey matter of our own brains. Really, there may be some similarities. I am in awe and overwhelmed by the Earth-shattering revolutions portended by concepts of "solar consciousness," - or that the sun is a lens of a diffuse consciousness which permeates the universe, and which is tied together faster than light through infinite quantum-entanglement. The repercussions of these ideas are absolutely, ahem, mind-boggling - far beyond what we know and believe and see and experience in our present two-dimensional matrix.

As thunderstorms move across our Earth-surface, merely intimating at the vast forces at play beneath and beyond, the same is true for sun-spots. Lately, on Earth, we seem to be having ephemeral geomagnetic mini-nodes appearing and disappearing, weakly contending to become some new geomagnetic pole - and certainly failing for the foreseeable future. But, during this mirrored phase of solar maximum, our Earth resembles the sun even more than usual. In my fanciful head, we are mirroring some thought patterns of the sun. And the sun is mirroring thought patterns of distant stars, or... (Gaggle: "View sunspots on our nearest star").

Well, all this has to do with everything else, including trumpets and meteors, and origami, & so, the only way I can download all this is gradually, discretely, Socratically... Enough of the haberdashery for now, & on with the link...

(I am double posting this link, cuz there are extra links in both versions)...
NASA's SDO observes fast-growing "monster" sun spot

One reason I am posting these things is because we may be nearing significant "geo-cosmic" events within this next year, as if we haven't had enough already... Always remember, make like the boyscouts, "Be prepared, or be gay..."

(also fun): PS - what the following correct article fails to note, (however), is another scientific angle, which is that this star may have already exploded - we simple have yet to observe the explosion here, on Earth, so far away. - http://earthsky.org/brightest-stars/betelgeuse-will-explode-someday - Betelgeuse is in the Orion cluster, which is a constellation mirrored by the geometrical arrangement of the main Pyramids of Giza, while a long shaft through the Great Pyramid points directly at the Orion Constellation. And, I hope you try to remember the following fact, which is very important, but which I will not be able to discuss at length or completely soon, and that fact is this: In the "center" of the Great Pyramid lies a giant slab of GRANITE. Please remember that! And, here's one final, fanciful note: Someone needs to be connecting the dots on the sun, and looking for the likes of the Constellation Orion. Everything is always 50/50, but I'd say the glass is half-full that they would indeed find that pattern, in days to come, or in days of future past... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betelgeuse * http://phys.org/news/2013-02-simple-view-gravity-fully-stars.html

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