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Posted on 2013.02.19 at 19:26
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Big Monsanto case in Supreme Court, doesn't look good. Small farmer arguing he shouldn't have to comply to Monsanto patent on its mutant life forms. He is right, they are wrong. Supreme Court will rule in favour of Monsanto. And we will evolve into mutant life forms, and have to come back to Earth from the future, seeking the DNA of YOU AND me !!!!!!

How can we stop this? I propose a grassroots "POPCORN REBELLION"!...

You can't lose with popcorn. Organic or completely stale and lifeless, popcorn is, so far, NEVER GMO. Monsanto has no sway here. This natural, Native American treat, is a way to protest things we can't control! Just rent a dystopic horror flick, put on the popcorn, and dance until your baby disappears, to make grotesque noises in the bathroom, which you don't give a damn about - cuz you be so fuckin drunk they could skin you alive, and you would say, "Gotta spliff?"

So... I have wasted so much popcorn, trying at least 7 times lately to relearn the art of making quality popcorn. Now, I have successfully succeeded! The secret is STEAM. And I don't know how Native Americans could make good popcorn cuz they didn't have metal pots or tinfoil to seal in the steam, so they must have used a clay pit or something, cuz you really can't make popcorn like you make s'mores. Here's how I did it:

Heat big heavy, lidded pot for a few minutes on low heat. Add not a lot but enough oil. Olive oil WILL work, esp. in combo. Also add 1/3 - 1/2 WATER. Heat slightly above medium, add popcorn mix and shake baby. Pop that fucking corn. It will take longer with the water. So, above medium heat to start. I don't know how high you can go on the starter heat yet. Turn down to MEDIUM heat when the corn starts popping. Shake occasionally, and flip-mix even less occasionally. Prepare wine. Empty popcorn into giant bowl and curse the gods because you still never bought popcorn salt. Add olive oil perhaps, or butter-flavoured PAM. Salt to taste, not enough to die. Big popcorn kernels pop full and moist and there are almost no kernels left. Steam keeps shells from become dark and more toxic.

A further discussion of popcorn:

Popcorn can be bad for many reasons:

1 - salt. Try to choose a popcorn salt powder which has low sodium content, which doesn't exist, so powdered sea salt is best, which also doesn't exist.

2 - sharp kernel shells can slice up the innards of people with IBS, or related chronic illnesses, like zombification.

3 - high carb, some sugar, can add to diabetes/CFS/Alzheimers problems, raise new baby toxo-bacteria.

4 - fried oils - create toxic aldehydes. These accelerate aging and dementia-related illnesses.

5 - toxins in the burnt carbo kernel shells. Fortunately, this is lowered somewhat when you use my STEAM method, and the colour of the kernels appear golden brown instead of burnt, and this is pleasant to view when doped up on government-sponsored mind-control drugs.

6 - high carbs gain weight and lose boyfriends.

How to minimise these problems:

1 - drink wine or green tea or lots of lemon grass or kiwi fruit. Vitamins E and C also good. SO are anti-inflammatories like fish oil, turmeric/ curcumin, and sleeep.

2 - Eat greens with your popcorn, yeah, right.

3 - take potassium and magnesium supplements to counter sodium intake.

4 - don't eat popcorn every night but make it every night just to piss off your neighbours.

5 - take or add cinnamon to help control your exotic insulin levels.

6 - see your doctor. Doesn't he look ridiculous?

7 - eat garlic and onion powder, quickly followed by a fair amount of baking soda - I'm this is something AN OFFICIAL DOCTOR MIGHT SAY

8 - eat enzymes in fermented foods, and good biota in yogurt and such.

I drank twice as much wine tonight, and ate twice as much popcorn, as I did last night, and am doing far better. This just goes to show you how central my CFS is to my predisposition to becoming drunk or insane or both.

More fun with popcorn here------- http://madman101.livejournal.com/707044.html

This evening, I FINALLY accomplished the great MIXING OF MY GF FLOURS. This has been overdue, but I have been waiting for the right time of low humidity, and low N-People reactivity, and of course, CFS ability. Some things, I like to do as if they are the most important things in the world - like mixing this flour. Because you have to do things to try to make sure your LONG-TERM flour won't get infested by grubs or moths, like adding (food grade) diatomaceous, garlic, lemon rind, cinnamon, bay leaves, etc. I feel good about a job well done, even though I don't see straight flour as as-important as I once saw it. I have a whole 5-gallon bucket stored away in a storage facility that gets very warm in the summer. But if that stuff remains useable, it will remain good to mix in with newer flour as time goes by, which I will then use only partially in things like pseudo-Hispanic corn bread. If I need to, I can use it to make actual bread. I also have about 40 or so pounds of rice around here, and countless beans and grains. Best of all, I can eat my dog.

Fortunately, Monsanto may die on the vine after all, since a lot of farmers actually do think for themselves, and, well, SCIENCE IS MAINLY POLITICAL BULLSHIT... U.S. farmers may stop planting GMOs after horrific crop yields - http://www.naturalnews.com/039158_farmers_GMOs_crop_yields.html

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