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I am the person who will destroy China.

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We are in a lost decade that just won't quit, so this whole depression thing gets a little boring at times if it doesn't kill you. Like it apparently did to that madman in the LJ link I recently fed you. But, as predicted, another one of my predictions is correct. Off by maybe a couple of years, for which we have the Obama QE stragedy to thank - as well as for his ridiculously strained but high moral leadership... and I am referring to the inevitable RETAIL CRASH. Stores are closing everywhere. Big stores. And it isn't just Borders and all that - this is THE BIGGER WAVE. Why is this happening? #1 - take jobs and wages away from consumers, they stop buying. Forget whether or not China is not buying our goods - WE aren't buying our goods. #2 - rents remain high. That's in malls and strip malls. You haven't seen rents go down for apartments, have you? Well, the same is true of commercial, retail rents. Banks aren't interested in extending more loans to cover "unserviceable" rents. The whole bizarre housing market is an anomaly which needs to be discussed all on its own - but it's as freakerzoid as thinking that a healthy Wall Street means a healthy USA economy. pffft!

http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/retail-apocalypse-why-are-major-retail-chains-all-over-america-collapsing *



Sorry to burst your buboes, but you have the Plague, America World. One unfortunate thing about being humble and depressed for so long - you end up being right, constantly. That is just another way of saying that nobody listens to you. So, yes, I was right when I predicted the Retail collapse, as I was when I predicted the 2008 crash in 2006. It's unfortunate that I continue to be thought of as insane, which we are not, we are perfectly sane no we're not yes we are shut up why I OUGHTTA!!! I should pat myself on the back, publicly, more often, and stop using Chinese hexagrams, and then maybe people will listen. Like when I say that we are headed for currency wars, rising inflation, rising values in precious in-hand metals, and a vast devastating derivatives crash which will leave you about as wealthy as an Irish potato farmer during the blight, while the Chinese arrive on our shores in giant shipping containers, panning for gold. Wait 'til you hear about how the middle of the country is going to sink under water, because Atlantis was never in the past. This is the dawning of the age blub blub blub blub-blub ...

* - required by website bylaws to always say something bad about Obama

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