I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

fine-tuning the coincidence

One more follow up. This time, I'm talking in CHICAGO (Central) time. Last night, the ASTEROID was predicted to come closest at about 1:30 pm Chg. Early this morning, it was predicted to come closest at 1:25 pm Chg. (That's what I was referencing in my "coincidence" post). About an hour before the actual fly-by, the prediction of the closest approach was adjusted to 1:23 pm Chg.

Well, my friends page blanked out. Everything prior to a few minutes (of 1:25) was blanked out - and remains so even now. (I can't read your earlier posts!). Well, there is ONE post which sometimes appears, and sometimes doesn't. It was the earliest post, right before the blank out. Guess the time of the post?

1:23 pm Chg.

Yep. The exact same time as closest approach of the asteroid!

And, as if that isn't coincidence enough, the 1:23 post itself only appears PARTIALLY. That is to say, it never shows up in ENTIRETY. Instead, it is split in half, and incomplete. As if something intervened exactly at 1:23. Coincidence, or some unknown association - you just don't get any more coincidental than that!

Unless you want to go back to that solar salute to the Pope's resignation ( http://madman101.livejournal.com/1333972.html ) - - - oh, wait... WHAT'S this?!?!---

Lightning strikes Vatican soon after Pope's resignation announcement

'Blade Runner' Charged with Murder of Girlfriend

Pop psychologist woman goes to jail... can't find this story on line... but I used to think she was hot...

(PS - THEN - right after I post this entry - experiencing CLOSURE - what happens? My friends page returns to normal. Finally. But. I swear to god folks. It's as if the gods are using me).

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