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"A meteor streaked over the city of Chelyabinsk in Russia's Ural Mountains on Friday morning, producing a blast that injured hundreds, caused minor damage to buildings and temporarily disrupted Internet communication, officials said."

A large meteor hit over the Ural Mountains last night, sending over 50 people to the hospital. It was, "about ten tonnes." (Possibly, it was an associate of the near fly-by meteor which occurred around the same time, and was predicted, i.e., identified ahead of time. Many meteors cannot be identified ahead of coming near Earth, especially smaller ones like these). The great thing about THIS impactor is that it clears up a great deal of hypothesizing...

Although unable to post at length, I have been gaining confidence that most of thee inexplicable booms heard around the world were associated with smaller meteors, perhaps 1-5 tonnes. One reason I came to this opinion is that there has been an unusual spate of incoming orange fireballs, corresponding in time, in general. I will mention that this does not completely rule out all other hypotheses, or other booms. The leading contender had been the hypothesis that most of the booms may have been due to escaped and exploding methane gas. Other hypothesis: Sonic booms from new military aircraft, or other aircraft; large electrical incursions from the ionosphere, associated with solar (and/or geomagnetic) activity; sudden downdrafts of anaerobic "space" through the atmosphere, associated with geomagnetic, (and/or solar, and/or HAARP), changes; projections of noise from underground caused by tectonic and geomagnetic, (and piezoelectric), changes, and weapons tests or taunts. (Finally, a smaller hypothesis was that they were due to deliberate intimidations, meant for particular persons, such as politicians, sent by the likes of Rahm Emanuel, Dick Cheney, or higher-ups). Figuring out all these scenaria, giving them somewhat equal weight, was a weighty task indeed.

Further evidence supporting the meteor hypothesis was the higher incidence of somewhat uniquely bright flashes of light, at about the same time, in general. Some of these flashes were attributed, in the gossipy press, to such things as discarded arsenal explosions, when not discarded entirely. Such was the case of the flash caught on video during a live news report in Phoenix. (Unfortunately, this event occurred in Phoenix, site of the UFO, "Phoenix Lights," years before, and so this pushed itself in as a possible factor to consider - egh!) Well, these flashes did not rule out the hypothesis of explosions of secreted methane gas from the Earth, which I am fairly sure is occurring, often, perhaps, associated with sinkholes. But, these flashes seemed to me to more resemble ELECTRICAL-type explosions, more than anything. But, along the, "intimidation" hypothesis, it was considered that they may have been caused by smaller neutron bombs, perhaps carried by drones. In THAT case, it had to be considered that some kind of hidden war was occurring on our soils, most likely part of a methodical, silent coup against our true-blue military, by rogue militant vectors. Well, look forward to this scenario anyway, one day, whatever happens. It's pretty likely, ONE DAY, if it isn't already being tested out now...

OK. Back to reality, (although related to the neutron bomb hypothesis): These strange booms reported across the country, and these light flashes, (and these orange fireballs - which I decided were not UFO-craft), had the special characteristic of doing essentially no apparent physical damage, virtually. (That would keep the, "underground," hypotheses in the running). However, some tree trunks were seen to break, and such. This, and orange fireballs, was a strong indication that the cause could be incoming micro-comets. A much larger comet(s) did hit in Tunguski, Russia, 1909, causing a great deal of downed trees, since it (they) exploded BEFORE REACHING GROUND. Smaller meteors can do the same thing - so micro-meteors were also being considered along with micro-comets, in my mind. Well, it is possible that the explosion in Indianapolis could have been due to an above-ground explosion of some such micro-UFO, as it would only take a small explosion above one house to set off a massive explosion via ignition of natural gas in that house. We do have suspects of a deliberate crime i Indianapolis. AND, the Indianapolis event may also have been due to secreted methane - so - Indianapolis remains completely unresolved.

The meteor last night, was said to explode above ground. Put at 10-tonnes, it is probable that a rock-metal meteor of that size would indeed explode before hitting the ground, (as reported). However, at that size, it is also fairly possible that such a meteor COULD have exploded in an IMPACT. This give SLIGHT suggestion to the idea that last night's "meteor" could have been a (micro)comet, as in the Tangusky explosion of 1909. I cannot determine at this time whether all of these booms, flashes, and fireballs have been rock-metal meteors, or snowy micro-comets. The (likely) associated asteroid, yet due to fly-by today, is considered not to be a comet.

However, I CAN say, from theory, that many or most "(micro)comets" may be something BEYOND snowy snowballs, (with perhaps a few central grains of rock-metal). Many comets may contain water, ice, rock and/or metal, in various degrees, but, ABOVE ALL, they should better be considered BALLS OF ELECTRICAL PLASMA, or ELECTRICALLY CHARGED MATTER. In this construct, comets can be associated with both snowballs AND asteroids, such as today's asteroid, (150' across, 17,200 miles).

So. Incoming micro-comets, and incoming micro-meteors, can have the same effect of producing explosions which are less HEAT-related, and more ELECTRICAL-CHARGE-related. That would explain the seeming more-electrical nature of the bright flashes recorded in the past. However, it is more likely that what we refer to as, "comets," are more appropriated PLASMA in nature, than are what we refer to as (micro)asteroids and meteors. It is inappropriate to think that snowy comets explode above ground, before hitting earth. What more probably occurs is that matter-based electrical PLASMA balls, (incoming "{micro}comets"), explode due to a massive transfer of charge, conducted between the ionosphere and the earth. Such electrical, (& thermo-electrical), explosions may also involve water, gas or matter in the plasma ball, even to the extent that nuclear processes may be possible, (hydrogen). (However, this final point is not an explored hypothesis).

As to the composition of these micro-comets, or micro-meteors,? (I will call these,"balls", from now on). Well, the comet over California burned orange, from most perspectives, and was said to have deposited some rock, around Nevada, I think- but as far as this rock-finding, I don't think it is solid evidence, but I don't don't. Rock or metal matter can burn orange. Lithium burns reddish. Sulfur dioxide burns reddish orange. I need to do more research on colours, but... Sulfur dioxide may contend as one significant gas in these balls, as such would be likely in comets or plasma-balls. That is not to say that solid matter would therefore be overruled.

We have a large comet identified and coming in, to be visible later this year, passing through the solar system over the course of a year or so. Comet Ison, (post Elanin). Early 2014 is the most significant time for the passage. (Sulfur dioxide may be involved in the comet). As the comet passes between the Sun and planets, such as Mars or Earth, there is the possibility of charge build-ups on these planets, and even of dangerous large electrical plasma arches, as once may have hit Mars long ago. At least, there will probably be upsets in our atmosphere and magnetosphere, (as well as unique solar flares and CMEs). This is theory. Associated to these changes would be continued instability in our planet's magnetic poles, and lines of force. That may include further, "hums", and, "trumpet sounds," which appear to be sonic results of magnetic alterations. But these sounds go off into their own territory of alternate hpotheses, and nothing is yet probable as far as explaining them.

However, expanding on the speculation now...

Facts - Even though the present solar cycle is relatively weak in general, we are currently in a grand solar sunspot maximum. Other strange occurrances have been happening on the sun, including a very recent, or continuing, "coronal hole," in the sun's southern hemisphere; large solar archs or filaments, and this: [SEEKING PIC/LINK ABOUT STRANGE DARK GLOBE "TETHERED" TO SUN].

It seems so strange that we would be hit by things like discrete magnetic pole shift (fact) and geomagnetic alterations, at the same time we are hit by an apparent large increase in volcanic, earthquake AND meteor activity - as if God is in fact rendering judgment. PLUS: GLOBAL WARMING! But, it is possible, if not likely, that all these things are related. As galaxies, and stars, and solar systems, and planets, and comets and asteroids, move about in the universe, they change and stabilise and change their electrical relationships to the bodies around them. So, as our solar system changes its position in the galactic plane, in its cycle, along with the moodiness of the Sun, it is not surprising that stresses and relational changes should occur in the Earth, and planets, and comets, and such. These things are all related - more than ultimately, but most probably INTRICATELY. So, we may have an incursion of comets and micro-comets, all in a wave, at the same time electrical potentials are changing in the Sun, and in the Earth, and in relationship between the celestial bodies. This, indeed, is the, "music of the spheres." (I am sorry if it bothers you, Nether People). As humans, we tend to anthropomophise upon it. But, there may be truth in our wonder, as well. For, who can yet say that the sun is not somehow aware of these cycles, and may be poking at us, to arise from our slumber, and get our act together? Who can say that the quanta throughout our bodies and our consciousness are not divinely speaking to us with a wisdom entangled from across the universe? We should not nurse hubris and think that we have solved the meaning of our existence, as reflected only by what is plainly visible in a universe of rock, or billiard balls, when perhaps the whole point is for us to continue to wonder, to choose, to be free, and to improve. These are the days, my friend. This is your time. Use it well.

Dye free and live!!

*madman marches away in a din of patriotic music*

PS - Forebodings?:

I have said that many crop circles and many UFOs clearly seem to be predictive, whatever their cause or reason.

Looking up comet Comet Ison in my notes, I found that it was due for a fly-by, (of Earth? Of Sun? forgot), on November 9. I don't even remember if this was November 9 of 2013, or November 9 of 2014. (This info can easilly be cleared up online). Well, along with this note is the statement, by Professor McCanney, probably, that this November 9 fly-by could POSSIBLY portend a, "mass extinction event," here on Earth, due to a large electrical plasma arch, I believe. He also spoke of "fingers" of sulfur dioxide falling into our atmosphere, appearing blood-red. Now, as far as this goes, another's conjectures are far from being my own postulates, but they are kept in mind. They are generally too weak for inclusion in hypothesizing. But, weirdly, also found in my notes was info on solar events occurring earlier, in EARLY NOVEMBER, (2011?). Well, I saw the date, November 9, and I thought, "Huh. Coincidence. Keep in mind: Possibility that Sun is somehow, again, warning us. This is something to laugh at, wonder at, dismiss, be in awe of, all at the same time. Everything is created by us, folks... to some extent... Also, as far as solar consciousness - we are naive to assume that this is not possible, when from all I've gathered in my learning, it is very possible. For all we know, sunspot configurations on the sun may mark and reflect stellar constellations far away, with which the sun is in informational communication, via quantum entanglement... All is memory, and memory is shape, in space, in time and energy... So, well, here are most of those notes:

oct 24

POSTED NOVEMBER 8: http://madman101.livejournal.com/1009890.html
Well, look at that. It is 11:00 am, but my wall clock has stopped at 8:44. Of course, the battery is weaker. But look also to spurious, coincidental, precipitating and synchronistic events and possibilities as well. "Punctuated equilibrium." Always. That's how life happens. That's how phase transformations happen. "CHAOS." Well, the last time my clock stopped, it was at the very same time we were hit by a sunspot/flare/CME. I did not correlate the time exactly. But this time I can do that. So, we may have experienced a solar event, around 8:44, Chicago time. MAYBE. (Or, it may be the failing battery plus humidity from the rain). Well, this would relate precisely to what I am writing here in this post!...

light takes about 8.25 minutes to reach earth

Solar flare-up (http://www.livescience.com/17001-northern-lights-dazzling-moon-skywatching.html)

"On Wednesday (Nov. 9) at 8:35 a.m. EST (1335 GMT), a long duration M1 flare erupted on the sun, again in close proximity with an eruptive solar (magnetic) filament. Shortly thereafter, satellite imagery indicated a full halo coronal mass ejection — a massive burst of solar wind containing up to a few billion tons of plasma —lifting off from the sun and apparently directed toward Earth. That subatomic material is expected to arrive sometime this afternoon or evening and potentially could spawn another significant auroral display tonight.

sunspot group AR11339

8:44 utc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
November 9: An apparently Earth directed CME was observed after a filament eruption in the northeast quadrant.

A large filament eruption was observed in the southern hemisphere starting at 08:44 UTC in SDO/AIA 193 images. The associated CME does not appear to have any Earth directed component. Another filament eruption was associated with an M1.1 long duration event peaking at 13:35 UTC. This event occurred between regions 11342 and 11343. The associated CME was wide and could reach Earth on November 12.

The geomagnetic field is expected to be quiet on November 10-11. The CME observed on Nov.9 will likely reach Earth on Nov.12 and cause unsettled to minor storm conditions

aurora expected nov 11-(13)

http://thewatchers.adorraeli.com/2011/11/10/huge-filament-eruption-m1-1-flare-solar-watch-nov-10-2011-video/ - great site!!!!!

youtube- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnyDVmQjOzM

And here are some more delicious notes!, including a post centered around Indianapolis, but never completely, since I burnt out. But this post has lots of good thoughts in it, very relevant to this post now...

</i>(NOTE: This tiny post is not the one I am referring to. THAT one is further down, scroll):
OK - coast-to-coast is coming up soon, featuring the great Linda Moulton-Howe - so be sure to check it out, and learn more about strange earth booms, etc. Some AM stations: 1100, 1140, 840, 850, 890, 1420.

And here's her site: http://www.earthfiles.com/index.php - It also shows strange object near Mar. Can't find pic of strange object near our Moon. Saturn ring is now being punctuated by strange objects. Boom near Lake Tahoe associated with meteor. See earlier post: Strange meteorish lights over Chicago, plus "whale" falls into CT. So, with all this, my hypothesis is strong that we are being barraged by micro-comets - and these are exploding in our atmosphere, producing the weird BOOMS. Also explains vast amount of strange flashes. Map at site link does not show ALL BOOMS or "TRUMPETS." Possibility of military craft, training instead, (or also). Several booms are near bases. Third hypothesis also valid: geomagnetic Earth changes, associated with sun, astral plane. Driving nuts. Can't post more, responsibly right now. Too damn much. So, check out coast-to-coast if you can, and be ready for more. Goodnight.

The powerful blast caught sleeping people unaware.

The cause of the explosion and fires wasn't immediately clear, but Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard immediately squelched initial speculation of a possible plane crash. "It was so strong that it clearly had an effect for blocks," Ballard said while grey clouds of smoke still billowed after the fires were contained.

While some questioned whether natural gas was suspected in the blast, he said he had no preliminary information on a possible cause. He said it was still a time for taking care of those forced out.

When a space station was expected to blaze down to Earth a few years ago, it was said to come down outside of Canada, but it may actually or additionally come down over the Atlantic and Brazil. (As far as I'm concerned, this has not been resolved, and never will be). That same night, there was a huge explosion over a neighbourhood in Brazil, (possibly in Brasilia, where the make resilient bras). That's what this explosion in Indianapolis reminds me of. In the former, although neighbours suspected a meteor or comet, local officials were quick to conclude, without sufficient evidence, that a house had exploded due to escaped natural gas, (domesticated methane). That would be the normal explanation, by bureaucrats, for normal times or to induce normalcy. And, it is a completely valid hypothesis: Vacant houses can and do explode due to escaped natural gas. Perhaps squatters turd on the gas and forget about it or become dead. This is a valid possible, ad even likely, explanation for what happened last night in Indianapolis. Dust everywhere may in fact point to an individual house exploding.

But we do not live in normal times, and competing hypothesis really should be considered, if we ever want to learn how to survive. So... For one thing,it could have been falling space junk or a meteor or comet. There are a lot of space UFOs and weapon/espionage things up there, that a crash is more likely than most assume. I'm not sure a large craft would cause so much destruction, though. However, they do have covert super-blimps up there, perhaps filled with gas, and an accident with one of them is possible.

However, there has been a widespread phenomenon of unexplained loud booms and flashes occurring across the globe, including one inadvertently televised event in the Phoenix area, on the anniversary of the, "Phoenix Lights." The latter was attributed to exploding ammunitions near a military base, but not confirmed. Well, the fact that these events are now very common, (and not merely more well-known due to the internet), points to a common cause - (for MANY of them). In addition, there have been Earth hums and "trumpets". But one cause may perhaps be asteroids and/or comets, because the planet has apparently entered an unknown zone where these things, as big as school buses, are whizzing by out of the blue, all the time. And there have been more-than-usual sightings of unidentified meteoric material flaming to Earth. So, it's very possible that this happened to Indianapolis. And, some dust may be due to dispersion of cosmic comic stuff. If we look at the Tunguska comet explosion site in Russia, etc., we know that some comets explode close to Earth, and then create no impact crater, but a lot of destruction. An exploding comet surely leaves some dust...

* http://lunaticoutpost.com/Topic-Booming-Noise-White-Ashes - Note: Having studied what evidence I have been able to find, it appears that such unexplained terrestrial explosions, often related to reports of unexplained, "booms," (some, "sounding like they come from underground - or far away, but in no one direction"), do not leave any physical relics, other than dust, occasionally. No sign of any other activity - mining equipment, pipes, a bomm, auto or airplane accident, rocks from a meteorite, etc.)...

(Repeat): An exploding comet surely leaves some dust... Why? Because comets are probably not made of dirty ice, as is thought. Although they may contain some water, comets are more likely asteroids and meteors filled with a high charge of static electricity - they are more like balls of plasma. They interact with the charges of planets and the sun. This will be proven true some day. Certainly, "dirty snowball comets," may also exist. But, presently, the solar system is entering a plane or phase involving increased electrical and ionic disruptions or phenomena, where the Sun is also prominently or centrally implicated. (This is more than a Solar Maximum phase).

During such a phase, the geomagnetic field of the Earth may tend towards instability, as it is presently doing. Such changes can create the unexplained, "Gabriel's trumpet," sounds, and others, in certain locales. When we had a recent Aurora Borealis, due to a Solar Flare/CME, I posted than my compass had gone demonic. I concluded that the northern magnetic pole had explained and moved southerly for a while. It was reported obscurely in the news that the magnetic pole had indeed expanded, partly explaining the compass's bizarre behaviour. But the expansion was not enough to FULLY explain it. Later, I learnt that the expansion, (and southern movement), had been far greater, according to conspiracy radio, although this was being kept secret. I can't confirm this, but it is possible, even though it may seem impossible. What is now becoming known as scientific fact is that LIGHTNING does not issue from or to mere clouds in the sky - they come from higher up in space, involving dynamics of the ionosphere and magnetosphere, which interact both physically and superluminally with events occurring from or in the Sun. The semi-covert HAARP complex up in Alaska is also said to manipulate areas of the ionosphere, which can be amplified geometrically, certainly influencing local weather. But, as far as HAARP being able to evoke massive superstorms like Sandy, I am doubtful. But - not impossible. Although more likely used on a smaller scale to help modulate ionospheric emergencies, rather than wage weather wars or win elections, HAARP MAY be involved in dealing with this new electrical phase our planet has entered, wherein the geomagnetic field is somewhat unstable. I am only adding all this about HAARP because it is partially related to the topic. I don't think that HAARP can target locales on land, and cause explosions, perhaps meaning to zap some Congressman who voted the wrong way.

However, zaps from space ARE possible, during this new electrical phase! Why? How? WTF? ...

There is far more going on under our feet than our soles may ever know. A moon-sized iron core rotating around in molten iron and lava, as the world rotates and produces a gravitational field - that means a HUGE amount of dynamical electromagnetics is going on underground. And this connects to charges aggregating in the ionic and magnetic spheres, which I'm just going to refer to as the, "electrosphere," from now on, relating to the charges from the sun, other planets - an even the wider galaxy. According to a "new," Teslian theory, these electrodynamics are much more important than gravity to solar system, and to relativity, dynamics. This theory, (which will occupy my LJ in some later time in my life), explains that charge, and electro-plasma, arcs are common in the cosmos. An explosive plasma arc may have been responsible for a devastation of the Martian surface. This arc was associated with an exploding comet, moon or planet, or else with a massive accident from the Sun. Recently, there has been a relatively large plasma release, which looped back into the Sun. There have been other inexplicable solar events. When the spatial arrangements of planets, the Sun, new comets, etc., changes, arcs are possible between celestial bodies. Under some arrangements, possibly when highly-charged comets or asteroids pass by or fall to Earth, there may be an electro-plasma arc which can reach down and zap ya. This is THEORY. Strong theory, though not at all popular. It conjures images of the movie, "War of the Worlds." Anyway - you can have a mini-comet headed towards the ground when suddenly it arcs, and then immediately explodes. This latter statement is my very own hypothesis.

Nuclear Radioactivity: The comet explosion over is said to have exploded due to an abundance of hydrogen. This is possible. However, other chemicals may have been involved instead, or additionally. One common chemical thought to be in highly-charged comets, (according to the Teslan theory), is sulpher dioxide. As to the possibility that this may become explosive via an arc, I don't know. But,just to note, it is also thought that our planet may cross between a large arc ("tail") of a large, new, highly charged comet soon, and this will scatter sulphur dioxide upon our atmosphere. This will supposedly enter the Jet Stream, and then fall to Earth, looking a lot like, "The Red Hand of Death," (goggle, bible), and will kill people. But, another thing to consider is that explosions related to radioactivity are not out of the question. The ancient scarring of Mars may have involved a NUCLEAR explosion. So, put these two hypotheses together, and you get a hypothesis for a possible correlation between arcs and nuclear activity, at least arch emanating from the sun or from inside a planet or moon... or... ???

One of my hypotheses which I do have much confidence in is that there is a greater amount of radioactivity occurring under the Earth's surface than we have even begun to imagine. There are surely pockets of high-density radioactive elements, (as discovered in a salt mine in South Africa), which could go critical, given certain conditions. These conditions would include pressure changes, and heating, as through UNDERGROUND MELTING METHANE, especially if it goes explosive.

global warming

See also:
"Yeomans, adding that the Russian bolide trail did not travel south to north as the asteroid will."
Wake of comet - http://www.livescience.com/25552-a-never-before-seen-meteor-shower-may-debut-this-year-alongside-the-popular-geminid-meteor-shower-as-earth-potentially-passes-through-a-debris-stream-from-comet-wirtanen.html
*As seen from sun* - http://www.livescience.com/26796-the-center-of-the-milky-way.html
Comet May Have Collided With Earth 13,000 Years Ago - http://www.livescience.com/18857-comet-earth-impact-younger-dryas.htm


Note also: The whole discussion of if and how the sun may influence global warming will be discussed in some other post(s). Global warming itself has been fund to be correlated ("causative") to increased volcanism, and I agree. But: Multifactoral!

TODAY'S STORY HERE: http://www.suntimes.com/18244709-761/meteorite-fragments-injure-more-than-400-in-russias-ural-mountains.html / http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/wp/2013/02/15/live-updates-meteor-in-russias-ural-mountain-area/ / http://www.latimes.com/la-fg-russian-meteor-pictures-20130215,0,4714030.photogallery

VIDEO - http://www.livescience.com/27174-meteor-hits-central-russia-900+-hurt-video.html (Some reported a shower, others reported a single meteor). These micro-comets, or meteors, may be part of a shower surrounding approaching Comet Ison. Or not. I need to do a tiny post on mass-extinctions soon... before its too late!!!! (jk) :(
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