You will own nothing and you will be nothing. (madman101) wrote,
You will own nothing and you will be nothing.

holy lotus flower of doom, batman!

i got a call from the bishop today

i said i'd think about it

they want me to be the next antichrist

It was maybe late summer when I was thinking about another damn prophesy where Pope # such-and-such had to be reigning, in order for all hell to break loose, and the world to collapse. I don't know - maybe it was Edgar Casey, or some prophesy more modern, idk. But, Pope Benedict couldn't possibly fulfill this prophesy, cuz the prophesy required one more Pope to be installed first: Pope # such-and-such.

"Well," I thought, "If the conspiracy-makers want the world to end this way, then they only have a few months left, (in 2012), to do it." And I didn't think Benedict would suddenly die. I didn't predict that Benedict would step down, but yo and behold wtf ha ha ha lookie here! It has come to be!

So, this German, conservative Pope has been surprisingly liberal on at least three major issues:




SUPPORT THE UNIONS?!?!?!? - Oh, no. That goes directly against the global onslaught of bankster privateers, reflected in the USA by a GOP compulsion to destroy the Post Office; bust unions; crash wages; turn the country "right-to-work-FOR-LESS-MONEY"; raid pension funds; destroy pensions; send jobs overseas, and so forth. So, here was a CONSERVATIVE pope who agreed w/ John-Paul II in making Poland safe for capitalism, and merely supported the necessary workers movement there afterwards, I reckon, and he SUPPORTS UNIONS globally. Um.

He's not safe there in the Vatican, is he?

So, as prophesied, out he goes.

Funny how these crazy forces conspire - ancient prophesy and driven wont and greed and...

Can you say, "21 severed heads sent from Chicago to Rome, address unknown".

I guess they succeeded once again.

Listen. If someone sends you a severed head in the mail, go out acting like a frickin cannibal, and it probably won't happen again, cuz these guys may be evil, but they fold like lawn chairs, and they don't fancy imagine themselves dinner for the masses.

Truth or fiction?! YOU DECIDE! You get another apple from me but I never promised you a rose garden did I so don't hang me I'm the ginger madman...

Oh. And what's this about Christopher Dorner being considered for the Pope job? I dunno. I dunno what the Cardinal of NY is doing running around shooting cops anyway, like he is Bonnie and Clyde, shazamm.
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