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Keystone Farce - becomes real! Like the Joker!

[mostly written this morning]:

So. They rejected S. Rice, even though she was pro-Keystone-Pipeline. And they easilly made Kerry the Secretary of State. I don't know his position on Keystone, but, he is very anti-global-warming. But he is also a player, so, idk... But, maybe he is super-pro-drone, so that trumps everything else.

Anyway, as soon as Kerry is shoed-in, now we are discussing Keystone. Presently, on the Diane Rehm show. The packaging of this show is, "Environmental Issues Concerning Keystone." Well, so, that means that Rehm should have several environmentalists on the panel, hopefully. Instead, she has one environmentalist, Michael Brune, (Exec Dir of Sierra Club), and two folks favouring Keystone, acting like they are impartial and all-fact... "Let us spend half the show explaining to you the complicated process of extracting oil from the tar sands..."

One of those two was, Coral Davenport, Env Correspondent for the National Review. Now, the National Review is a policy wonk WDC newsletter, about politics, etc. It means to show no slant. But let me tell you a few things about the National Review, which everyone in WDC reads. This magazine, (or newsletter), was created as a part of Atlantic Media Company. Founded by Christian Scientist NEO-CON, David G. Bradley, and Anti-Democrat, Michael Kelly, the Atlantic Media Company is based in Washington, (along with, The Atlantic, now), and is associated with the Washington Post, owned by the right-wing Moonies. It has a pro-libertarian-Neo-Con, or globalist, agenda. The last thing the National Review might criticize would be Keystone, meant to make a big profit for groups working with China, including THE KOCH BROTHERS.

It is known that the Kochs stand to gain a great deal from bringing the highly-polluting, carbon-intensive Keystone Pipeline through, to be refined way down in HOUSTON, enabling its shipment of oil and gas OVERSEAS. Despite their claim that they have no connection to Keystone, Henry Waxman, and documents in Canada, have proved quite the opposite. And, just as their puppet, Walker, completely lied in his campaign, re: workers' rights, I don't think it is beyond the Kochs to lie big time, habitually, addictively. That's the very perversion or corruption that keeps them swimming in money. Idiots believe and trust them, and off they go, with more pocket-books...

Well, from what I gathered about Coral Davenport, the guest from the National Review, she has two complaints in this world: Barack Obama, and Environmental groups, whom she described, at length, of unfairly twisting the arm of Obama, away from Keystone.

Michael Brune, environmentalist, said he has faith that Obama will prove that he indeed wants to seriously fight global warming, by turning down Keystone. And, I guess this is what Davenport means by, "twisting Obama's arm." But, as usual, deals have been struck, and the first thing you know Obama is trying to bring in pro-Keystone Rice; and the new Senator in SD is extremely pro-Keystone, and Obama has always said, priority #1 will always be, "the economy." By, "the economy," he means the mega-corps and banks. And China. And more borrowing from China. And the banks. So, once again, poor environmentalist liberal holds out, having faith, as one of those whom Emanuel has called, "f**king retards!" And, well, you never DID see Obama go to bat for workers in Wisconsin, as he promised he would do, did you? No - because deals were made, and Obama had to stay away from Scott Walker, puppet of the Kochs.

In the dialogue, Michael Brune gave some interesting facts and numbers, and he actually is a very good communicator for the cause. And then it was time for Coral Davenport to say something, and she broke in saying...

"I do want to TAKE ISSUE - uh, er er er er, uh - ADD a new set of numbers... uh to what Michael said...."

See how she starts out clearly OPPOSING the environmentalist, but demurs, changing her tone, to sound, "impartial." Practical. Scientific. Like an Objectivist. Yes. With her faith in the rationality of free trade... of the global market... yes... yes... whisper some more dirty lies to me, Coral...

"The price of oil won't change! The price of oil is determined on the global market. Specifically demand determines the price of oil.... No matter how much oil this pipeline puts into the global market, which won't be much at all, (*madman bursts out laughing*), it won't be enough to influence the price of oil. Have you ever heard such crap in your life? And whats this? Suddenly she has converted over to DEMAND-side economics, to rationalise this Juggernaut right under our noses?

The other person in the panel was, unlike the aforementioned Davenport, who supposedly represented the normative voice or "REASON", this third person was Mathew Cook, the Vice President of USCOC, the misnomered, United States "Chamber of Commerce". What do you perhaps know about USCOC, with its pretty, American name? Well, it is a gang of economic rapists, decried by level heads on both the rad right and the rad left, who's main job, as a people, is to secretly funnel money from Chinese interests, (which once were OUR interests - and jobs), into the campaigns of crazy right-wing and TeaParty candidates - and many Blue Dog Dems - and heck, probably that "progressive" Dem Senator in SD, (mentioned above).

What does Mathew Cook have to say? Well, when presented with the OBVIOUS REALITY that most of the oil from the pipeline will be headed not for HERE, but for CHINA, with Michael Brune giving some percentage - idk what, maybe 15% of the oil staying in-country, and so the USCOC VP, Mathew Cook, says...

"Oh... no... no... no.... no.... I can't IMAGINE how ANY economist could say it could be so small!" See? See the BS?! This USCOC-sucker is trivialising and acting all authoritarian, dismissing Michael Brune, (environmentalist), AS BEING ABSURD! Like, "Ahhh! Silly childish buffoon! You obviously were born wearing a tinfoil hat! And a Groucho Marx mask! And a strap-on banana! You are so mislead, you must have been vacationing in a redwood tree for 30 years! I bet you don't even know that "NAFTA" was included in the Ten Commandments! pffffft! Why do I even breath your air?!"

And, he also says, "Well, this project promises lots of JOBS! And lots of TAX REVENUE for local economies!" How many of you know this BS by now? It's lies. Whatever money comes in goes into pockets, or favoured municipal projects, of politicians, hoping to win the next term or office. And, the jobs suck, and are often filled by foreign workers. That's why there are so many Australians living in Keystone, Colorado - already! And both tax revenues AND jobs are miniscule compared to damages incurred, green technologies forfeited, and potential jobs and revenues from really useful, decentralised green energy!

He also quoted the cost of Keystone at $7 billion. In real terms, that is about $35 billion. Plus maybe 1/2 trillion $$$ in damages.

It doesn't matter it doesn't matter. Go to sleep and don't you fret, money grub worms... If Obama doesn't play the deal the way conspiratorial capitalist FATE dictates, there's always Scott Walker, who is already running for President, and is almost never in Wisconsin anymore. Last I heard, he was in Omaha. Where the big dispute over the pipeline is centered. And Omaha is also close to Iowa - a keystone state in the next round of GOP Presidential primaries, 2016. I'm telling you. These forces play THE LONG GAME. BY DECADES. A lie will travel halfway around the world before the truth can even get its boots on.

PS - Dear Norm: I told you so.
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