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HOW EMPIRE LIES TO ITSELF - (the harder they fall)

There are a lot of ways the left refuses to learn from the right, and vice versa, and these differences are instead only widened. Many times, it is a failure to interpret and empathise with the fears of the other side, as human individuals actually, instead of crazies.

If you start from the premise that everyone in this country is fuckingcrazy, as I do, then it gets much easier to understand and to get along, and/or the hell away. (I have meant to do big long posts around this topic, but not right now).

One thing that happens is that each side revels in the active angry public denials of their own politicians, while the politicians argue at each other. In fact, the politicians on each side have secrets they can't tell - secret intentions, secret agendas, secret info from the NWO, secret party strategies, secret Defense Dept. info, etc. They might simply want to hide the fact that they are lazy, corrupt and completely disinterested and full of BS. How often do you suppose THAT happens?

One example of this is the recent tussle between Hillary and her Senate B-Ghazi Inquisitors. On the one hand, you have Democrats all happy that Clinton won, was so aggressive and green, and so forth. On the other hand, many conservatives walked away thinking she lost, was lying, etc., and instead praised Ron Johnson, Rand Paul, et al, for kicking ass and winning.

How fortunate that the two sides walked away, maintaining separation between themselves, while the whole wild goose chase otherwise solved nothing of the slightest substance, other than spending taxpayer money.

Turns out, the whole thing ended up as yet another party-reinforcing charade. Many times, that's all these things were intended to be. And, again, as long as left can be kept fighting with right, the politicians are happy cuz their campaign doners are happy, their future CEO jobs are secure, the lobbyists are secure, the banksters keep more and more money, and the Bilderbergers have another dance party.

(I want to start a new fast food chain where people can construct their own food. I shall call it, "Build-a-Burger's").

By the time you get to office, and are in there for a few years, you stay there by learning how to cover your ass, and not exposing the secrets of those who dangle body parts above you. (Rahm Emanuel, e.g.). The politicians do a fake World Wrestling match, with a few TV-worthy sensational little nodes of excitement or weirdness, and they have done their job.

So long as they can get the public to believe them that THESE are as far as the "personal" dialogues can travel, because these little personal incidents have such big legs through the public and its very, very conducive corporate media, everyone in WDC is off the hook, can stay in office, can keep playing the partisan dress-up game - because they have given the public some sensational distraction in people-terms, while hiding all the cold calculations and secrets in the world of DEVIL POLITICS.

Just naturally, human beings don't want to explode. They don't want fear or stress or uncertainty. SO they yell, or they say, "THAT IS ABSURD," even when this is not so, merely to survive within their comfortable rut - of lightning steaks and nice cozy Sunday mornings. Most of the time, this need to BULLSHIT - feign outrage, etc. - happens when people come up against the COGNITIVE DISSONANCE of their own BLITHE DENIALS, because someone, or society, is powerfully FORCING THEM TO ACT or RESPOND or COMPLY.

That's why spiteful control freaks get pretty good at this sort of bullshitting - lying to themselves as well... Although, when you're at such a stressful juncture, you don't really worry about your internal honesty, you worry about GETTING AWAY FROM THE EXTERNAL STRESS, i.e., torture.

So, the torture may evoke complete lies, but at that point, both torturer and the tortured call it a day. Sexy, huh? Well, as I said, once you've risen into prominence in the world of power, you've gotten pretty damn good at this LYING - knowing, but pretending you don't know, until you are lying even to yourself.

And so, sad to say, the heroes to the left, and the heroes to the right, are very good at this whole lying game, squirming out from under the gun, deceiving their constituents into another day or two of political gossip and feelings of moral superiority. The more the politicians are selfish sociopathic controllaholics, the better. But, the process can corrupt even the best of us.

And so, sad to say, during the B-Ghazi Interrogation, both sides where blithefully, and ceremoniously, lying, at times. And that includes Hillary Clinton.

Once you begin to see that there are additional strata of social psychology layered "higher and higher" above and upon our own - or deeper levels to the onion of human psychology - you can start to learn better just HOW the games are being played by individuals. It becomes easier to spot how people lie. And you can do so without a bias of political or emotional agenda. Of course, the whole right wing thinks Hillary was lying. So - once you suggest that Hillary did tell lies, then you are immediately thrown into the same dumpster by the left wing. And, as I say, that is how they maintain their partisan distinctions, their fundamentalisms, upon which so much of their egos are based.

Well, that is how it work. And it is unfortunate. But I am not interested in pegging my worth to the external pastiche of some artificial group. I am seeking what is true. And I find that Rand Paul lies, Ron Paul Lies, and so do the rest of the GOP, etc., all in a game called "staying-in-the-game". Really. You can't survive surrounded by the insistent yet ephemeral judgments of so many, many crazed people, without being able to turn up your nose at them and walk through without any reality clothes, pretending that you are seriously addressing this group's concerns, and that group's concerns, when the main thing you become really interested in is more license and control, i.e., money, such as free vacations in the Caribbean or sex with anything that you're not supposed to have sex with.

btw - last night, an angel came down and said,"Have you ever noticed how Nether Guy and Nether Girl resemble Bill and Hillary Clinton?" And I said, "OMG! You are so right!" Seriously. But I can't get into that now, I'll just leave it for your own imagination to dwell upon.

I've told you that whenever you hear a politician or security agent or CEO say something hyperbolic, such as, "How DARE you say that! That is absolutely ABSURD! PrePOSTerous!", that's an almost certain clue that they are lying about something pretty big. You see, they get so suddenly scared and defensive, because of the question, that they blurt out that nonsense, even when all the while, and in private, behind the scenes, they are usually pretty cool, calm, calculating and demonic. (Another sign of lying is when people pause and gasp a little while they're talking, like George W. Bush and Mitt Romney. Ever notice that Mitt Romney never did that when he was giving his CEO speech about, "the 47%"?)

One of my sayings is, "Drama is a mask." And guilt is a sin, but that's another post... Oh, and sorry to say, Obama lies a lot. Sorry to disappoint you. But even if you've merely studied America Poli Sci in school, you pretty much realise that lying is necessary to the office of the presidency, ever since I dunno, forever.

Anyway, the fact that you now Obama lies, sometimes to peg his round agenda into a forbiddingly square hole, secretly, privately even, shouldn't force you to run with shame out of the garden of the Democratic Party, pelted by apples by the liberal fundamentalists and so-called "progressives" there.

Instead, you can stay and try to make the party more REALISTICALLY AND INDEPENDENTLY PROGRESSIVE, trying to grow beyond these habits which only keep left fighting right, serving the wealth of the central capitalists. That is the course Norman Goldman takes, seeing that he has no choice but to vote democratic each election, always choosing the lesser of two evils, because that is what they want us to think - we have no other choice than the two parties.

And - btw - just because I see Obama lies - it doesn't mean I am right wing.

It doesn't mean I must completely throw out all of NaturalNews.com because several of its writers clearly show a serious anti-Obama bias. It doesn't mean that the scientific studies cited there never happened. And, you can read crap articles to find out how crap opinions flow, and can be refuted. Learn your enemy. Also, love your enemy. You have NO IDEA how anti-Obama the TrueNews site and radio show are at times - absolutely intolerable at times - but there is also, often, an incredible wealth of voices and perspectives and insights there from alternative and right-wing guests that have a lot to teach. A lot to teach which is forever kept off the liberal radar because of this whole party-vs-party, divisive agenda, from BOTH sides. We have a right to see the lies - and to see beyond the lies.

Of course, many liberals can't imagine that they themselves can be unfair, because they can't believe that atheism or science or pro-human identity politics can be unfair. But they can. And they can't believe that, many times, they act reactively to their own fears, but they do, in a very different way than do conservatives, but they do. And, sorry to sound so negative, but, of course, there are very positive qualities to both sides!!

Anyway, for all intents and purposes, Obama isn't the progressive that may libs expected him to be. Functionally, he is to the right of Richard Nixon and even Eisenhower. But, I'm pretty sure, Obama is a progressive at heart, in some ways. Unfortunately, the machinery of partly corrupt government and corporate interests, with the constant badgering and racism and intransigence from Republicans, have forced that to go way underground.

And another reason for this is that Obama is very quietly, privately, a very competitive person - controlling, too, which is something of a clash with real progressivism, but not always. Pragmatism is useful. (Public face vs private face. Whereas Bill Clinton was lovable vs corrupt, Obama is affable vs controlling). Anyway, this underground progressivism, partly reflecting a tendency in his personality which the far-right has some kind of weird radar for, is one reason the GOP assumes Obama is a COMMIE and maybe even a MUSLIM!

Well, if you wanted to get a big job done, and people were attacking you no matter what you did - and especially if they disagreed with your private agenda - you'd have no choice but to go underground too. Unfortunately, in super-privacy, where one can resorts to confidentials in the Justice Dept. or in State Security, perhaps, the distinction between good intentions and hellish lies - lies to oneself - can very easilly be conflated.

In fact, that's how the system likes it. It's just that, with most politicians, the private agenda becomes something like being gay in the closet. And, when the omnipotent Bankster-Security Apparatus finds this out, they can force you do do almost anything they want, under the threat of EXPOSING you. Obama, on the other hand, though possibly being gay, who knows - well, I think he's trying to turn this giant sinking ship around, and sometimes making mistakes as he goes. He was pretty naive when he got in, after all. Trying to be Lincoln the Uniter, and all...

Well - so there you go. Now you see the duplicity inherent up the rungs of political power. Well, so there is also rampant, obsessive duplicity inherent in corrupting capitalism, amongst "the rich", as I have suggested in other posts. Well, just look at it. The GOP, (the cause of most problems, IMO), is persistently absolutist in its intransigence and attacks, (partly as a dysfunction of its own internal party dynamics). They prevent him from replacing Bush appointees in the administration, e.g. - (then it all goes to the Supreme Court)...

So, Obama has no other choice, to exercise SOME movement, but to bypass Congress and resort to employing EXECUTIVE ORDERS. (As Bush invoked Signing Statements). He tries to keep these within the law, sometimes by loose definition, and so illegally. He may have to resort to paying down the country's debt, despite any GOP debt ceiling legislation, as well. And, Obama tries to convince people like Kucinich, and the progressive head of the DNC, and Harry Reid, to play along and reinforce his approach. But some of those independent actions, by Obama, can have deleterious effects or results. The right to invoke DRONES, for instance, as the Commander in Chief in wars which actually happen to be illegal.

But, one thing he can count on is that Congress (including the Senate) is well trained NOT to be intransigent in passing bills favouring military expansion and the National Security State, which violates citizen privacy, and safety, under the generally invisible rationalisation offered by the perpetually renewed, PATRIOT ACT, which essential has the country under a nice quiet state of MARTIAL LAW, allowing all manner of executive breeches of business-as-usual.

The Congress, again, passes almost nothing but pro-bank, pro-militant, anti-privacy (etc)., legislation. Passing the NDAA recently, by a resounding 93-7 in the Senate: Surrounded by the obfuscation of sham issues - (like by the personality contests and yelling or sensationalism in the Hillary hearings and the B-Ghazi Petraeus scandal and so on)... Well, what liberal came out and voiced opposition to the NDAA in the media? ONLY the progressive, Rachel Maddow, and virtually no one else. (And she has been easilly labelled, and dismissed, by the right wing, as being a commie feminist, which suits the corporatists just fine).


So, what we have gotten ourselves into, via the widening left-right, blame-game dialectic, keeping the REAL truth from public view - as well as via this persistent moral hazard of believing such things as we only have a choice of a "lesser of two evils", of the FALSE EQUIVALENCY, of settling for reacting to our fears of being LABELLED, and so on - and via all the money that gets sucked up into the global mega-corps and central banks - is this thing where partisan bickering, racial tension, paranoias, all conspire to demand MORE TOP-DOWN CONTROL by the corporate-government cabal.

Obama feels no choice but to expand the license and the POWER of the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT, through executive orders, etc. Congress becomes more impossibly powerful by deliberately stalling out, e.g., via the perverted Filibuster Rule. And every damn thing ends up going to the activist Supreme Court, which virtually always rules in favour of mega-corporations, MAKING law, when it was only meant to INTERPRET law. And, so, all the police rules and laws flow down from this, and we end up with loads of cops in Darth Vader suits using tasers and spraying pepper spray into our eyes because we grow organic veggies or pigs or some damn thing. See?

All this is is an intensification of corporatism into fascism, and our own fundamentalisms, based on emotion, are feeding into it, facilitating any exploitation of "divide and conquer" by the powers that be, and fueling our own sense of helplessness or dis-empowerment vis-a-vis the society, the richer (on Facebook), the government, etc. Top-down threats and invasions of privacy, space, the Commons - what do these do? These inspire crazies to go out and shoot up high schools, thinking that they are Batman. And it is possible that these mass-shooters themselves are manipulations by the opportunistic powers that be.

Just as we tend to blame each other for the bad weather, accidents, chaos, nature - or blame cockroaches coming inside to escape some global-warming drought - so the powers-that-be may more and more exploit natural sociological trends in order to advance their own control or power.

And, they know what THEY do - and yet they DON'T know what they do! See how it works? We are basically reacting, en mass, to a crap environment that we, en mass, have created.

All three branches of government just get bigger. But they are merely a boot for the BigFoot of vested interests. Megacorps lobby Congresspersons to DO NOTHING, except that which benefits them financially. They spend millions on politicians to make billions in profit, with billions going into CEO benefit packages - and the politicians hope to be one of these CEOs when they are done with the whole government sham.

But the only reason banks and mega-corps resort to this corruption, beyond, "because we can!", is because they are DYSFUNCTIONAL on their own. They are anti-free-enterprise, anti-grassroots competition, anti-rational, anti-labour, even anti-customer.

The things that drive companies to become monopolies - things we cherish as noble "competition," or, "the desire to better oneself," become the very things which turn monopolies into corrupt, collusive status-quo TYRANNIES, through the boot of government. And, we citizens, they more and more regard us as irritating pebbles in the boot. Social Security - a gravel driveway which must be dynamited and paved by radioactive tar which makes them profit.

Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE DYSFUNCTIONAL NOW. They whore us out to the world economy and now they can't make money from we the consumers because we don't have jobs! And all we see on TV and the movies scare us unto obeying authority and buying reactively, rather than being a progressive free market. God forbid we try to invent anything on our own. God forbid we think outside the box! "Tinfoil hat!!!"

Why would BIG OIL spend millions buying politicians? Yes, because it can avoid paying taxes, and get free bailouts from we the taxpayers, and hold on to their capital and their drilling options until they are more valuable later. (eh!) Simple explanation? They are corrupt. But the corruption has followed the flow of capital upwards and into selfish pockets. Frightened pockets. Pockets of blithe denial. Pockets of grandiose egos. Into idle hands with a penchant for cruelty. Into sadism and war... And profiteering via DESTRUCTION.

But the main thing is this: The capital flows up and stays with the behemoth corporations because they are no longer investing progressively.

Instead, they are reacting to the depleting of oil on the planet, relative to the demands of rising populations. In other words, in a profound sense, all of this is happening as an economical and sociological reaction to ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGES.

They are defending the dysfunctional ways of the PAST.

Why don't new, green tech companies hold as much sway over politicians? Because they don't have the CAPITAL. They are denied the tax breaks. All the niceties afforded to big fat status quo dystopics.

SCARCITY. It happens in the real world. It feeds competition. It can be accidentally created through mere human activity, like chopping down a rainforest, or through the burning of carbon fuels. It can happen in relation to the sun, or to species interactions, etc. Droughts. Disappearing temperature feedback loops due to melting ice cover. Slowing of the Atlantic GULF STREAM conveyer belt, and the increase of freshwater in the north. Increasing acidification of the oceans. Emerging fungal-virus vectors, like bat white-nose, and bee colony collapse. Vanishing insect control, crop pollination, aquifers, etc. Warming tempt, the "Quickening", and rising disease and pestilence, as easilly prophesied from lessons learned in an ancient past. Houses are imperilled from mass wildfire, floods and hurricanes, increasing insurance premiums...

But virtual scarcity can also be created when investors exploit it in order to make money on future, commodity and stock exchanges. Investors in THE PAST further drive up the value of scarcifying goods, like corn or meat, and create BUBBLES. This further raises the PRICES, creating scarcity via cost inflation or virtual inflation. VIRTUAL SCARCITY.

Then, these bubbles are popped by those at the top of the hierarchy, with the means, the most capital to pull out, the fastest computers, etc., and the STATUS-QUO RICH ONLY GET RICHER, and the smaller investors lose out, especially when the value of their investments are compared to the rising costs of inflation, (and the fall of the currency).

Further... It is natural in capitalism, and it is pathological in corrupted, poorly regulated capitalism, that the little guy is squeezed out. That the consumer is given limitted options, except to buy the products they don't need; ("supply-side marketing"). Small businesses or banks are bought up. Invention ideas are locked up. Workers are hired and fired based on finding the lowest possible wage to do the job. Costs are raised on consumers as high as the customer will tolerate.

In many arenas, the, "DANGER OF COLLECTIVE ACTION," takes place, (please goggle), where groups or companies or states or individuals are pitted against each other, in an assumed or apparent "ZERO SUM GAME", (please goggle), where they sell each other out as short as they can each can get away with. States whore themselves out to attract Chinese companies or Hollywood movies, demanding no taxes from them, when these companies bring in their own labourers and pay virtually no taxes to the state as well! It's a criminal joke, the whole excuse that they will, "benefit the local economy." In fact, analysis has proved that the opposite happens!

So - the end result of all these trends is that VIRTUAL SCARCITY is increased everywhere, driving competition and money-spending by those who can afford to, and forcing the rest of the people towards impoverishment. How does a government manage people drive to tears? Force. On behalf of the status quo.

On behalf of the disappearing of resources.

And see how the issue of cheap labour drove us to add more states and to expand our empire towards the Pacific ocean. And see how the rising price of vanishing oil has driven us into illegal wars in the Middle East. And see how now the falling dollar, and the currency wars and the scramble for gold reserves, is now forcing us into owning Africa, and grabbing it away from China. We are ALREADY at war with China, all over the globe. But that's another post...

Wherever you look, it is the same thing: The expansion of authority and power in defense of the dying "status quo." In defense of the dysfunctionalising mega-corps. In defense of the useless capital of the central banks. Borrowing from the Fed and printing more money in a tragic hope of reducing the value due of our arithmetically rising debt. A major mistake that Obama makes is in not realising the extent to which he is enabling this dysfunctional process, in the name of holding things together. Too big to fail - too big to jail. Corruption s inevitable in times like these.

Just as people with low self esteem see the onus of control as something external to themselves, to be chased after and owned, Empire chases the illusion of global power. And those in charge all tend to be assholes, for some reason. Am I wrong? We get ruled by asshole rationalisations, but allow it, under deference to, "authority". False authority, in defense of the irrational. We flock around bullies with love and admiration when, in another universe, they would be punished as the bastards that they really are.

It is up to you to break these chains.

To make the words.

I was going to talk about how Hillary clearly lied when she so admirably responded to that grilling from Ron Johnson, saying, "What DIFFERENCE does it make," as it was very obvious to me - and it then points towards nefarious info behind the scenes re: B-Ghazi - (which could be good or could be bad) - and suggests she did spend some of her down-time being briefed for the hearing, etc. But, I just can't do that now. Oh well, I really don't care - it's mainly for elucidation and anyway what difference does it make? Absurd! Outrageous! Gotta go...

Oh - wait... I had this one important topic to add!...

I have found that when you find irritable, nasty customer-service people insinuating that you are the problem, they are almost always lorded over by a socially and financially dysfunctional and quietly corrupt corporation, and its managers. The pay of the CEOs tend to be vastly larger than that of the proles near the, "bottom." Banks, CVS, DMV, insurance companies, etc... It almost inevitably comes out in the news that there has been some major corruption scandal going on in these organisations. Pretty easy to spot way down here at ground level - like it becomes easy to spot the lying incidents of much more polished politicians, trying to keep corruption, etc., from our view. Or - battered wives can show the same strangeness, giving them away, with all the abuse and threats behind them, consuming their will and control...

Well, it's because these customer service people are treated with disrespect, and lack of appreciation, (compared to their needs), by managers who are themselves disrespected from higher-ups, and so on - all trying to keep one big nasty little secret, hidden behind one big lie, "YOU THE CUSTOMER ARE ABSURD! OUTRAGEOUS! GO BACK TO BEING PETTY AND INSIGNIFICANT - and LOVE it!" ha ha - ain't it so?

It's all because everyone is living in the past, believing that kissing more and more corporate ass is the way to advance and make more money, when it is only the top CEOs, (and the VULTURE CAPITALISTS WHO FLY IN AND BANKRUPT IT ALL AND BREAK OFF ALL PENSIONS AND LABOUR CONTRACTS AND WORKERS AS PART OF THE BANKRUPTCY AGREEMENT)...

Everyone is convinced that believing in UNIONS is a thing of the past - a liberal commie thing proven not to work - because, well why? Cuz voters let this country whore itself away to China, that's why.

So, like, I'm returning this dangerously defective HEATER, and the girl is all petty and testy, but, with my fabulous way, I have my way with her, and am allowed to spend some of the refund on dog treats before the refund is added to my credit card - (I didn't want any more than $100 added to my card, cuz that would fuck up my checking account - don't ask). But, when I said we need to let the manufacturer know about the specific defect, she was like, "Oh, that's OK, the person in the office will do that." So - she didn't even want to hear what the problem was with the heater, when there maybe SHOULD be a mass recall going on!

Later, I came back into the store, and asked if they had a phone available. Well, a nice small-town store would offer you their own personal cellphone,if it came to that, right? Especially if you are such a wonderful nice person like me. But NOOooooooooo!!!! The male manager was standing there and he give's me this incredibly patronising, "Um, no!" - "No phone, ridiculous worm! Bothersome peon! What kind of a rude question is THAT? You are no AUTHORITY! Do you even have a CAR?! Are you an ASSHOLE or something, Mr. Customer who just bought $50 worth of dog treats?"

And, what was his only POSSIBLE excuse for doing this? What was the only POSSIBLE excuse for defending the fucked up corporate status quo milieu?

He was TALLER than me!

We are reduced to animals.

Dog treats.

"What difference does it make?!

Yeah! Wow - we can relate to THAT!

As to the NDAA and the failed Filibuster REFORM, see (again) also: http://madman101.livejournal.com/1313425.html - (also #tags)

Under the cover of night, each side is forced to pass gun control laws, or pension-busting laws, or budgets, or ELECTORAL COLLEGE GERRYMANDERING (goggle), or Stand Your Ground Laws... Or anti-OCCUPY laws... Or wars...

"No reason..."

The, "danger of collective action," is a race to the bottom, which is inherent in the nature of corrupting, unregulated capitalism itself. It is as natural as fatal henpecking by a bunch of stressed-out chickens. ... No more job?

"Blame yourself!"
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