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NPR news again refuses to not suck.

Posted on 2013.01.27 at 16:32
What an absolute outrage. I just listened to NPR's main news story for tonight, including the long intro. It was about the failed Filibuster Reform Bill. I have never heard such deliberately crafted manipulation of the truth, lying by omission and misrepresentation, in all my life. It was a fricking COMMERCIAL for the Republicans, all prettied up to look all fun and harmless. It was sickening. I don't even know where to begin to tear it into the trash that it is. It is 4:30pm on the second day of the weekend, and I can FINALLY think clearly, after god knows how long. And, right now, at last, I don't feel like it is possible for me to collapse and die simply by moving the wrong way, or eating plain tostados. So, I really don't want or have the time to dissect this piece of crap - but it must eventually be done, by someone. I've got way more pressing things to do at the top of my list. But - I need to get my hands on the text of this story and it's intro, so I can hopefully get to it ASAP. So - if anyone can come up with the text for me, that would rock.

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