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heart like a mollusk

Who comes close to my ideal/girlfriend? Do you? Well, even if you have a boyfriend, or even if you're 15 years old, you might be on the LJ list. It doesn't mean I have designs on you. There are girls who are more like me in some ways, like jesmy or nocheapthrill or ohrainbowone or my_lonely_mind, who are not listed. It doesn't mean I don't like them. I'm just trying to describe my ideal. In fact, the girls in my past serious relationships weren't even close to the present ideal. Then there is the real-world list. I mention hair-color because there is always a rumor floating around me that I only like girls with blonde hair. I don't know why that rumor exists.

(spelling may be incorrect)

LJ list:
1-justyouraverage (has a light-hearted honesty, realism, naivite, likes herself, stylish, the look)
2-despair_faery (has a wise sense of humor, the bigger pic, caring, creative, cute, married)
3-xsensitised (honest, positive, light-hearted, sweet, stylish, cute, unique, classy, the look)
4-ahalysa (just found out she's only 15) (sense of sophistication, cute, creative, classy)
5-emerald_snow (positive, industrious, good w/ people, fun, creative, smart, dark side)
6-petitchou (classy, cute, smart, honest, light-hearted, sense of sophistication)
7-madfishmonger (genuine, generous, creative, good, fun, wise)
8-wooshies (sweet, cute, good w/ people, sincere, positive)
9-monocromatica (caring, good, cute, stylish, unique, real, independent)
10-psychostalker9 (creative, wise, unique, fun, sense of humor, dark side, good, Satan, not ugly!)

woops - I forgot two_tone... I'd squeeze her in around 8 or 9, she's got the look

1-leslie (madison) - little smart spunky blonde jewish princess who liked to have a good time, prim
2-kris - sweet, shy, stylish, unique, searching, into mx, good w/ people and yet not, sexy, i liked her best in curly brown, but black was amazing, and blonde sucked, the look
3-debbie (philly) - beautiful, sweet, stylish, creative, mature, rich, sophisticated, positive, smart, sexy, almost jewish, prim, lush brunette
4-carrie - unique, odd sense of humor, searching, into mx, sweet, good w/ people yet shy, caring, creative, dark reddish hair, almost has the look
5-catherine (too tall, or she would be listed above carrie) - unique, fun, into mx, creative, dark side, stylish, black hair, the look
6-"t" - sweet, shy, smart, independent, good w/ people, fun, unique, good, black/hair
7-amanda (madison/philly) - wild dead-head, shaved off her long brown hair, independent, sweet, daring, creative
8-evil lindsay (if she ever got an exorcism) - cute, smart, "good w/ people", prim, light brown
9-kim / shannyn / evil stacey after an exorcism - light brown, copper, black
10-leslie 2 (madison) - bold, fun, searching, hip, smart, curly blonde

the celebrity list:
1-bridget fonda if she had black hair (the look) - in hapen to you and that one where she was a hit-woman
2-that patau actress (the look)
3-uma thurman in pulp fiction (the look)
4-rene zellweger in jerry maguire and bridget jones
5-lisa kudro - roles / real life
6-natalie portland in closer(the look)
7-winona rider - roles
8-marisa tormez - cute / roles
9-the titanic girl - cute
10-brad pitt

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