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I am the person who will destroy China.

The WAY of Peace

Some have said that this world is a testing ground. From Calvinists to New-Agers to Reincarnationists. We are given the will to choose, and, by making the most conscientious and empathic decisions, we so improve all creation.

One reason that we have will is because we are resonant now in this space, unable to see the vast extent of our inspiration(s).

Another reason is because we are resonant now in this space, looking outwards, inwards, backwards and forwards, judging only finite quantity, through entropy. And we look back at ourselves as such, fighting to exist through it all. Since we act, we must have will.

We are destined to be of at least two minds. The ambiguity we see in, (or project upon), subatomic particles, is the same as our very nature. What, "delivers us from this prison of mortal existence?"

The peace which surpasses all understanding.

I walk the path of peace not because I am Gandhi-like, but because I am all out of energy. I can't be bothered. I am not interested in overtly or covertly destroying my neighbours. I am not interested in putting on any face other than the face that saves me. It is easiest this way, and I have no choice - no will - but to fade from any slight prominence in humanity. I must do this if I want to eat and to write, and keep the company of a dog. Namely, Dog and Company, LLC.

The way of peace, you should learn from me, goes so not because it seeks to convince or dominate or convert or impress or gain irrelevant things. The way of peace is the way of preserving the greatest amount of energy, and so allowing the will its maximum reign. This is needed, on a mass scale, in any dysfunctional empire, needing to take a breath, and change.

The way of peace is not an excuse to indulge in toxic pursuits, having so much spare energy or will. Scientists have shown that, "free will," is like a finite quantity. If you lose it again in corrosive enterprises, you will lapse into addiction, and become a slave.

There will be those who meditate and chant and breath deep and sleep well, in order to go into war and make slaughter. I cannot say that they are, in and of themselves, errant. A society settling into a way of peace will not always choose all peaceful means, or all peaceful ends. I do not know if it errs.

Peace is not about standing still. No body in the universe is at peace which is standing still. The way of peace is to resonate deeply, now in this space. That may be in dreams, or it may be in bounding around in the snow, or getting shit-face drunk every so often, for as the universe is testing us, so does our most sincere search test the universe. There is no peace in that which denies or self-deludes. Atonement and repentance are only possible through honesty with oneself, as oneself, or as an empire. This is the way of peace. Center. OM. Clever jokes. Funny faces. Sin is not blasphemy or affront or defiance of moral absolutes. Sin, originally, means the taking of an unhealthy course, energy expensive, and entropic. Who can judge what is sin but the sinner?


Remember that Thoreau, Gandhi, MLK, and other leaders in peace, affirmed that violence in self-defense is necessary and good, of course only when necessary and good. Who can judge this? Alex Jones believes that, "Resistance is victory!" This can be very true. Thoreau believed that passive resistance against an errant system most effectively corrodes away that system, naturally, for the 'sin' is (either) already in it, (or one is mistaken, and shall "fail").

How better to fight, than to preserve one's energy, and so gain will and self-determination, than to so resist? As one would live, one should walk.

But Thoreau did not preach civil disobedience through absolutist, (fundamentalist), "non-violence," which can corrode the will even of participating resistors. Thoreau believed that if resistance within and so against the system, through one's own independent, willful, principled and peaceful living of one's life, should require measures of self-defense, and so violence, then so it should be. One does not go out looking for violence on the way to peace, but shit happens.

Beware of Anonymous, calling out for signatures supporting the idea of civil war in this country. No one group is anonymous. Enemies may hide behind the mask of Anonymous. Errant, dystopic factions of the government may lurk behind the mask of Anonymous. Well-meaning Obamacrats have visitted there, as well. You cannot trust to give over your information, and inner formation, to whom who might merely want to see you on a grid. If there were civil war brewing, you would expect just such an invitation, by the desperate powers that be.

Be at peace, and inspire others through your vast reservoir, which reaches further and further beyond you, the freer your will.

The person who fights for one side, fights for BOTH sides. That person becomes owned by the banks. And the blood of all, empties into the same sewer. Know that wherever war rears its head, there is weakness, and the battle is more easilly won on a different field. Do not deliberately go out seeking violence along your path of peace. But be prepared. And be full of energy, will, and inspiration, for this kingdom is yours.

The way of peace is the way of incidental resistance, where errant fools and empires are only born to fall. You are not alone.

Your time is now.

Your place is here.

March to the beat of your own drummer, and peace shall follow, as it was born to do.

I walk the path of peace because I have only these few minutes, and then I am gone.

[2/6/13] - David Byrne on civil disobedience - http://david-byrne.livejournal.com/115576.html
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