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I found that having twin yolks in a jumbo egg is not a rare as I thought. Twin Yolks is a suburb of Chicago. (jk) Well, I pealed off the label of a can of pumpkin this morning, and there was another label underneath it. Weird things are playing with my mind. So... I found that you can add canned pumpkin into refried beans, and it isn't so bad - definitely healthy. I first salt and peppered the pumpkin. The result: tasted like it would go well with fish. But you can spice it differently, to make the pumpkin taste closer to Mexican refried beans.

Pumpkin, tomato, carrots, potato, spinach, sweet potatoes, - these tastes all mix well together. You can blend tomato with more vitamin-A laden pumpkin and spinach for a well-rounded veggie mix, that can be added to foods like soups, some pies, spaghetti sauce, veggie smoothies, etc. I added mini carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes, and diced tomatoes w/ green chiles, into a soup that had been getting low. (The original soup was GF, a little chicken stock, veggie, even some GF tomato-pasta). The result was really good!

Well, a main reason why most (if not all) of these garden veggies get along so well together is that the Meso-Americans selected them as food, and evolved them so. The American Thanksgiving veggies! Plus: They go well with corn. And refried beans. These are things that were easilly grown in a poor Mexican garden. Or, North American Indian. Green peas can be a nice transition from veggie tastes towards beans.

I don't fry eggs so much, because it is easier just to have boiled eggs ready in the fridge for my difficult mornings. Plus, when I fry some eggie creation, I usually add things which have some degree of carbs, sugs, or fats. These are not good in the morning. Just EGGS are mostly protein and things like cholesterol - they contain ZERO CARBS. So, if you eat nothing but eggs in the morning, you bypass carb metabolism, and increase possible ketone metabolism, which is a very good thing for CFS, Alzheimers, Diabetes, etc. Dieting. However, when I fry eggs, I do use olive oil, and hopefully coconut oil if I have it, so that this may be helpful. Coconut oil is extremely good for the illnesses mentioned, esp. in the absence of carbs. I want to do a post about the best way to wake up, and avoid things like anxiety spirals or immune problems, which can eventually ruin your day. I also want to do a post about melatonin, light /therapy, etc.

So - main item in this post: I decided to fry some eggs, ened up with THE most incredible Heuvos Rancheros!...

First, I will add that I still haven't found which type of onion is the sharpest. But the recent one I'm using is extremely sharp (hot). It might be a yellow onion? Anyway, frying a tiny bit - because too much can throw me for an intestinal loop and crash my CFS - but fried, these smell like McDonalds onions, (not the rings), or onions you want on a good hamburger, steak or cheese-steak - although I do not eat these things personally. Only impersonally. And with great shame. Final tidbit about onions: I have found that RED onions, (as well as red cabbage - both red, both sulfuric), contain the highest amount of Quercetin, which is marketted in supplement form to help fight allergies. So, I will be moving over to red onions as much as possible now, because this is a pretty important chemical.

On the Fly Huevos Rancheros Omelet:

Start frying a tiny amount of yellow(?) onion slivers.

Crack 3 eggs and yolks together over these, begin slow fry (olive oil).

Season with salt, pepper, slight Mex oregano and cumin.

Mix together 1/4+ (veggie) refried beans, 1/4+ seasoned pumpkin and 1/2- diced tomatoes w/ green peppers, ("Family Gourmet"), drained.

On one side, add slice cheese, milk-cheese or some damn form of cheese. That's the flip side.

On the other side, place 3-4 teaspoons of the tomato/beans/pumpkin mix, (pref warm). (But be sure that the eggs underneath have cooked a fair bit).

There you go. Flip the flipper side over. Continue cooking as an omelet. Be sure inside is not undercooked.

Soooooooo good!

btw - I sometimes make "omelets" w/o the whole stirring, add milk routine. Just use straight eggs into the pan. Sometimes, I feel, its better this way. In this crazy world. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But some day. Until then, we're not worth a hill of beans...

Haaaa - last food thingie... Trying to ferment juice, also milk, also milk chocolate in liquid form. Very surprised that, even though the chocolate is virtually solid-form, it seems to be fermenting very quickly. NOT what I expected. I expected a totally failed experiment, actually. But, besides the yeast and enzymes throughout, I've had a little wine and vinegar on top to discourage bacteria and to keep out oxygen. Turns out it smells pretty strong now, and tastes like there is no more sugar left in it! Wow! So, I dared to use a teaspoon of it today in my therapeutic coffee, hoping that it wouldn't poison me. So far so good.

But, one reason I've been so ill lately is too much wine, too much sugared chocolate, too much second-hand smoke, and no break in my use of discrete amounts of Zantac. No deep sleep to replenish my cells sufficiently. No matter how healthy I eat. But I've changed all that and have been pulling out of it - slowly - with trace minerals, vitamins from veggies, mRNA etc. from fresh /live veggies, TURMERIC, and so on. Whenever I do eat carbs or sugs, however, I always do a little garlic powder, followed by some baking soda. And turmeric as well. This is useful carb management. As to how this works - later folks. SO STAY TUNED YAY!

BTW - I started eating eggs for my health. Cholesterol, lutein, choline, vitamins - almost all-protein - these are essential things I need. I also drink coffee - and wine - for my illness. Otherwise, I wouldn't be spending the money. Remember: Anything that helps hyper-sensitive, ill me, is bound to also be good for you, most likely, and help you prevent disease. For example, once you lose your healthy gut flora, due to gluten irritation and carbs and meat and acidics and alcohol, then you might find yourself stuck with a simmering chronic illness, and by that point,it's almost too late to turn back, e.g., simply by not eating "bad" foods - unless you resort to a very deliberate, activist health regimen, and who needs that? So, be healthy now.
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