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where hypotheses come to die

End Poverty Now!

VISION for a New America: A Future Without Poverty (See CSPAN for full series):
http://www.tavistalks.com/visionforanewamerica/watch-now/ (aka: afuturewithoutpoverty.com)

Or go to CSPAN Video Library, Jan 17, "Tavis Smiley Presents Poverty in America"
Mariana Chilton: http://www.tavistalks.com/visionforanewamerica/the-panelists/mariana-chilton/
Jeffrey Sachs: http://www.tavistalks.com/visionforanewamerica/the-panelists/jeffrey-sachs/
See the other great panelists: http://www.tavistalks.com/visionforanewamerica/the-panelists/
SIGN PETITION OF THE PRESIDENT: http://www.tavistalks.com/visionforanewamerica/letter-to-the-president/
Smiley and West: http://tavisandsmileyradio.com http://smileyandwest.com
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