I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Racism & Blithe Denial

This American Life - Remember me posting about blithe denial - how people know and yet they don't know? Well, people like these are selected out and advanced in capitalist club systems, (as well as in covert mobs), because they naturally know how to lie with nary a stretch on conscience, or lack thereof. Lie to themselves. These people are favoured because they are willing to play along with the game, support the organisations immoral tactics, and hide secrets from the outside world. Cuz everyone believes they are, each and all, so wonderfully good, and fair, and nice. So, of course, the further up the rungs, the more you're going to find people who ruthlessly and sociopathically lie, to themselves, without batting an eye, injuring so many others, so that up becomes down, left becomes right, right becomes wrong... God becomes Satan. Or, what have you. So, is it so hard to see that conspiracies can naturally materialise along the upflow channels of capital, through organisations, such as through mere Country Clubs?! And then, organisations form Cabals and monopolies. And CEOs interlink by sitting on the boards of various mutually-self-interested corporations. And they bribe politicians... I don't see what's so hard to accept about this. So, "This American Life," features a story about a black lawyer who disguises himself as a busboy, exposing the tacit, "passive bigotry," in a local country club. Very prescient. Racism is just part-and-parcel of this human game that is played in all races, along with sexism, agism, classism, and so forth. You will find, it always congeals along the upflow of capital, (usually underwritten by some common religious system), each member getting a good enough cut, praise and credit, to keep them feeling superior to their unwashed neighbours. The most favoured recruits and future leaders are the very people who's oni of control are externalised, into the material world. I.e., they are THE MOST OUT OF CONTROL, seeking more and more control of others.


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