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I am the person who will destroy China.

The modern alchemy: Blood from Turnips

They don't know what they're doing. And yet They know what they're doing. That's what DENIAL is, after all, right?

Part of you knows, part of you finds some excuse or diversion to focus on - some rationale or excuse or diversion - so you can pretend that you don't know what you actually do know. For example, you casually blast your stereo, because WHATEVER, completely blotting out the fact that you know you should be considerate of the person in the next apartment, especially because they're ill or elderly or lost a loved one. But it's OK because they gave you a "look" the other day. And it's they're own fault. But. mostly, the real excuses you have - selfish unfair untrue rationales - often have to get over by some other more palatable excuse, like, "I am not my neighbour's keeper!" or, "There's really nothing poor me is capable of doing to change whatever is going on with them - and WHO EVEN KNOWS what is going on with them! If I cared or thought about everyone then I'd be would end up like the crazy people!"... And so on.

Fact is, your loud stereo could be worsening their illness, and they may be dying. That's how people stick it to the poor. That's how people convince themselves they deserve or are obligated to kiss the ass of the rich. And it's worse under stress, when individually launch into mob-behaviour mode, and stand behind the bully who is unfairly beating on someone else. People fold to great waves of denial, washing over society, sometimes in the best, sometimes in the worst, interests of life on Earth. So, I hope some of you might have noticed, that denial has been happening in our Congress/Senate. They don't know. And yet they know. They have their selfish little rationales. But, have you noticed, that we have CONCERTEDLY - meaning via a left+right il-logic - been stalling out, letting the important issues escape us? After all this conveniently timed bullshit over the "fiscal cliff", and the stupid See-Eye-Aye B-Ghazi "scandal", gun control and next, the debt ceiling, we have been deny not merely the big thins like global warming, etc., touched on in that LJ link I gave you recently, but we have also been NOT addressing:

1 - The need to cut MILITARY SPENDING (the REAL gun control issue)
2 - Additional wars being concocted (Syria, MALI, Algeria, IRAN - China/Japan, ISRAEL, etc.)
3 - The need to address issues BEHIND the mass shootings: PHARM Control, and POSSIBLE CONSPIRACIES
4 - The passing and signing of the N.D.A.A. and additional violations of the safety and rights of Americans
5 - Continuing massive crimes by global banks and the quiet slap on their wrists by complicit government
6 - Insufficient jobs, & rising threats in the economy from Europe, precious metals depletions, QE infinity, currency wars...
7 - Inflation and Impending rising interest rates followed by derivatives collapse
8 - ESSENTIAL IMMEDIATE ADDRESSING OF THE DYSFUNCTION FILIBUSTER RULE IN THE SENATE, so we can break the illegal stranglehold of the GOP minority.
9 - The inevitable march towards cutting Social Insurance programmes ("entitlements")...

How can we begin to address these when we won't even see how they are being blotted out of our consciousness, through fear-mongering, left-right blame-placing, and a shell game directing attention onto sham issues and distractions?! If we can't even see what is being denied, than how would we ever even begin to guess that we are being deliberately manipulated - by forces across the global who control TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS?! Someone says you wear a tinfoil hat and so you fucking shut up and run away? This is your life and YOUR childrens' future we are taking about. I once told a fried that, in order for the American people to wake up and turn things around, "What we need is a really good DEPRESSION." He never forgot that. But, apparently, our recent depression - AND THE PAIN - just has not been big enough yet. So, don't blame me, or the prominent true-tellers like Swartz or Assange or some economists and scientists and prophets - AND THE POOR - for the shit we're gonna see.

And so, like the delightful little dance some folks in featured in the media have been doing, gradually introducing us to "how bad things are in Mali - and how we somehow need to go and kill there" (FOR THE GOLD, FOR THE OIL, FOR THE CONTROL), now we are getting a happy little dance in the media about how we should take seriously the harmless little CEO plan to PRIVATISE (rape) SOCIAL SECURITY. Oh, how quaint. How palatable. How we shall vote and get a tie, which will then be broken by GOP vote-tampering or the SUPREME COURT. "How unfortunate", will the Senate Dems say, "That we never got around to fixing that Senate Filibuster Rule!" How can the American people BE SO FUCKING STUPID? So stupid as to be intimidated by this lie that we are all out of money, (because the banks keep gambling it away and have been denying credit to the grassroots economy), and yet from the mouth of Obama himself, who refers to, "Entitlements", when he talks, that, "WE ARE EACH GOING TO HAVE TO DO OUR OWN PART." In case you don't know, this isn't JFK 1962. This is 1984 infinity - AND YOU DON'T OWE THEM SHIT. You keep paying them and you'll be drowning in your neighbours' blood together in a mass garden one day. STUDY HISTORY. It rots from the banks down.

You say, "They SAY they won't touch Social Security!" I say, "Don't be an idiot, it's already begun."

They've deliberately virtually bankrupted the Post Office via insane pension legislation, preparing it to be privatised. And, similarly, they talk of Social Security in the same terms, when in fact Social Security is not bankrupt, it has illicitly been BORROWED out to the budget, by coward selfish politicians with agendae. So, they keep arguing that it is necessary to cut Social Security, (and other, "Entitlements"), in order to bring down the debt. THAT IS 100% BULLSHIT. And yet it is generally allowed to go by, except during an election year. Next, we watch as they lower taxes on the middle class, (which is not financially sane considering the recession), including lessening the paycheck allotment, (which they call a "tax" incorrectly), which normally goes to Social Security! Can you say "Post Office 2"? That's a cut right there in and of itself, which no one is even noticing - it's under the radar, because it pleases the tenuous pockets of the Middle Class, ephemerally. Next, Obama says he may be willing to concede on some spending points, suggesting readjusting the COLA calculation formula, which determines what kind of increase Social Security recipients could get each year, to compensate for inflation. The COLA is already unfair as it is - because it includes non-inflationary items which they don't buy or need, and minimises the rising cost of food or rent. THAT WILL BE ANOTHER CUT, de facto! And, they have been talking about raising the retirement age to 67, for older people already unable to find employment, who's health only gets more and more difficult to pay for. (And it also throws off MediCare). ANOTHER LITERAL CUT.

Medicare has been under even worse attack, which began with, "Medicare Part D", an expensive boondoggle subsidising BIG PHARM, forcing MediCare recipients to pay higher prices for drugs - and these recipients are generally ON SOCIAL SECURITY. And now, la la la - now that we've all fund comfort and seeming resolution after the whole MASS SHOOTINGS and GUN DEBATE and FISCAL CLIFF yappings, along again comes the happy dance of how nice it would be to slowly introduce the complete privatisation (rape) of Social Security. God, it just turns my fucking stomach. I am telling you, the MASSIVELY-MONEYED, powerful interests behind these movements, who hold sway over politicians on both the left and the right, who would serve you your head on a platter if you got in their way - THEY NEVER STOP. THEY KEEP COMING, like they have been coming at us for the last 50 years - 100 years - and beyond. If you don't think they know how to coordinate and conspire, than you are nothing but a pawn for them, partaking in their denial. Although our politicians may know, and yet also know not, these megacorp zombies who actually run our government and our wars and our lives KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING, and they fancy themselves saintly and benign, in their own narcissistic religions. The whole damn set-up gives me the creeps.

Oh look a kidnapping in Algeria. Ask any comedian. Or CEO. Timing is everything... http://www.commondreams.org/headline/2013/01/17-3 - - - http://news.yahoo.com/u-business-executives-call-raising-retirement-age-70-232942938--business.html
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