I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Something rotten in Hollande...

OK. It's starting to get too easy to see through this crap. At the very same time that France is fast intensifying it's war on MANUFACTURED terriblism in MALI - behind which is the NATO/USA ALLIE, Al QQeaedda*, (a USA/NATO, i.e., Central Banks, manufactured enemy) - there is suddenly this crazy protest of French right-wingers, (a la Koch-paid TeaBaggers and their DUPES), against introduced "socialist" policies allowing gays to marry and to adopt children. OMG - the OUTRAGE is all the RAGE!!! It is also another manufactured media issue to take time and attention away from the military movements into MALI. Can you say, "SAME AS GUN CONTROL ISSUE IN USA?! SAME AS FISCAL CLIFF? SAME AS LONG-RUNNING ABORTION ISSUE, WHICH THE GOP COULD HAVE RESOLVED YEARS AGO?!?!?!" FOR GOD'S SAKE WHEN WITH THIS EVIL END?!?!?! It's another fucking cover-up of the eyes of the public - in this case, the FRENCH public. And now, my whole hope for "Socialist" Hollande as being apart from this global corporatist conniving, I am discouraged. Whether he was a plant from the start, or he has been influenced by NATO or by Obama/Clinton, thinking they know what's best - FOR THE FUCKING BANKERS - the idea that he is a Socialist only now means that he is allowing himself to be played as a convenient PAWN. For one thing, he very mysteriously backed Germany's demands for Austerity on Greece - totally out of character. (Reminds me of Obama saying he opposed USA/ Europe austerity, yet always allowing another inch and mile to be taken by the bank-backed GOP, looking to cut and privatise social programmes). For another thing, Hollande's opponant in France's recent presidential election was DOMINIQUE STRAUSS-KAHN. Strauss-Kahn, an actual Socialist who headed the IMF, was, DECIDEDLY AND CLEARLY, set up to fail by the NYC prostitution charges brought against him. When that happened, HOLLANDE became a SHOE-IN for the office. So, folks, here we have a load of crap. It's time we acknowledge it, on a global scale.

I do have a somewhat more "forgiving" interpretation, as to why the so-called NWO might be running these perpetual resource-military scams, but that's not for now. And I do favour Obama's recent nominees - but this continues to get out of control, and if ever there was a need for real Executive Actions, it would be NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! Sick of it!!!!!!!!

* - (mis-spelling deliberate)
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