I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Infamous Cupid Junction Profile!


I was born with three heads, a tail, and have been referred to as the Antichrist, but my friends just call me Heather. Just kidding! I only have two heads! Just trying to spice it up a little. I mean, who wants to hear that I am devestatingly handsome, intelligent, fun, kind, and amazing? BORING!


Two heads would be nice, but not a requirement. I mean, I've got to be real, here, right? Do you think you could wear a doll's head when you meet me? I am partial to Sponge Bob. Other than that, you could be anyone - say, an innocent maid one night, and a wicked maid the next night. (Yes, my schoolteacher was a maid). Auntie Beth, we would call her. Where is she now? If you are out there, Auntie, come back, soon! I'm still wearing your garter belt! What a person she was: SWEET, FUN, LOVING, CREATIVE, BEAUTIFUL - and I expect to find someone to take her place? Who am I kidding?! Possibly Fred.

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