I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Boomers go Bust

I don't just say that we're headed towards worse economic times based on silly things like:

1 - QE infinity - endless money-printing + borrowing = inflation, (& taxes on jobless proles), leading to a spiral of global currency wars to attract imaginary buyers of exports.

2 - People's THINKING simply hasn't changed yet, as reflected in the stasis in the government, in the failure to punish banksters, in Obama/Europe's cow-towing to banksters, etc. Because of Euro Central Banks' MONEY MORALISM, there will be yet more austerity and riots and suffering throughout Europe - (and North Africa).

3 - The coming derivatives crisis, demanding more-but-impossible government bailouts, and leading to bank runs and pension raids, and personal loss of wealth...

No. These things are very probably GOING to happen not simply because they are possibilities, and anything that CAN go wrong WILL go wrong - and people will try ANYTHING, before they make, "the right decision," (should they be left with that luxury)...

No. These things - at least one of them - SHALL happen, because they are PUSHED by even bigger forces, such as:

1 - The nature of corrupting capitalism, (which encourages addictive greed), i.e., economic DYSFUNCTIONALISM. Leading to anti-economic STATISM, (and/or war). (Without CRONY, PONZI, Monopoly Capitalism, true Capitalism is still just a theory, it seems).

2 - The geometrically spiralling in-turning ENTROPY upon the global economic "system," including GLOBAL WARMING, RISING POPULATIONS' DEPLETIONS OF RESOURCES, and rising externalised secondary costs by weakly-regulated mega-corps privatising the global Commons.

3 - The relatively diminishing availability of oil, temporarilly slowed by our sudden glut of methane, yay... The back-and-forth boom-and-bust, high-demand / low supply / low demand, in oil and oil futures, upon which the ease of the entire economy depends, or is halted, (and which is more and more involved in big-money speculation bubbles), is as much to blame for the fits and starts in our economy as the DEMOGRAPHIC factors, as described in the link below.

4 - DEMOGRAPHICS. (This might also include repetitions of historical cycles, as in, "The Fourth Turning"). I love the study of demographics in economics, although I am more of a two-bit expert in the psychological side of things. But things like real entropy, real global warming, real mechanics of capitalism - and real DEMOGRAPHICS - are forces that can't much be argued. They happen. They have effects. You can't have much of an economy if there is a drought preventing food from being grown, even though this will create a temporary bubble on Wall Street. SO - here's an economic forecaster who bases most of his science upon DEMOGRAPHICS.

HARRY DENT: The US Has Gone Over The 'Demographic Cliff' And Markets Will Crash This Summer

5 - Other forces are: Institutions in the politics of world econs. Trade networks and "standard value grids" (my term). Bureaucratic inertia. Risky bank speculation instead of loaning to progressive invention and investment. This is where THE SALVATION OF AMAZING NEW TECH IS SUPPOSED TO STEP IN AND SAVE US. (Keep your crosses fingered).

6 - Permanent War Economy, (Melman). (Military-Industrial-Technocratic Establishment, Eisenhower). At home, this means the anti-economic, "NATIONAL SECURITY STATE." Thought for today: "Pallets of shrink-wrapped $100 bills which could be seen from space, disappearing in C-120s." This was once a conspiracy theory.
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