I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Just... a little... more... time...

They came in the night...

And when they came for the soil, I did nothing.

And when they came for the tax, I did nothing.

And when they came for my privacy, I did nothing.

And when they came for my self-respect, I did nothing.

And when they came for my name, I did nothing.

And when they came for my body, I did nothing.

And when they came for my life, I did nothing.

And now I have no soul.

They have come for me.

84 year old activist Dorli Rainey after being hit by police mace.

My dog is starting to get all over-reaching again. He wants to walk up to the no-minds here, and they get scared, and angry at me. But I need to keep teaching him NOT to do this. Why? Because, whereas the people here are verilly dystopic, dogs are people, too. Some dogs can be too trusting for their own good, or for their master's good. He could get himself shot. And some teens are wont to goad him into this trustiness, and blame me, white guy, for obviously being cruel and controlling. The rest of the time, they don't talk to me. Today, one girl just stopped shy on the sidewalk when I was bringing dog out. I conversed with her, but, as usual, she did not go far with the convo. And, with no recourse but to talk to myself inside later, I said, "How can they overcome their fears if they NEVER INTERACT?!" Seriously. People need to confront fears, and interact - and ASSOCIATE - if they want to stymie that little reptile brain that has them by the balls and drives them like they were toxo-infected cat ladies. (Except the latter, like infected mice, have the opposite problem - they are sexually attracted to the urine of their feared enemy)... But, the willingness to interact usually requires the absence of fear, so maybe it's a wash, and the lizards win. Cuz that is what we humans have always strove towards, hmmm? Anyway, so, my dog wants to be all friendly and run up to people, sometimes because he wants to test me as master of his freedom, which I DON'T WANT TO BE BUT AM FORCED TO. He doesn't realise there are good reasons for me, his parent, to guide him. Although, he does have some sense - EVENTUALLY - that I am looking out for him, so he'd better obey, especially when I patiently show him affection. But, his nose or his dog-neediness - his wild animal nature - is very strong, and can give me a run for my money, denominated in Milkbones. Milkbones is a famous large city in the upper Midwest. Well, I heard a wee bit of this weeks, "RadioLab", (which is always great), and one story was about how a dog trusted a coyote, who then deceived him. Wiley coyote. A coyote will pretend to be injured - (like a black bird flailing, to distract a predator away from its endangered children) - or will run up and play with a dog. In this way, the coyote sets its trap, and leads the poor, trusting dog into being devoured by the pack of coyotes. Animals are not stupid. (And this means BigFoot is probably really, REALLY smart. Like, he prolly knows about math, and talks to UFOs, etc... Indeed, one reason why humanity lost its AMAZING GENIUS for tracking and calculating the stars, and for building perfect buildings from impossibly massive, perfect great stones, was because, well, for one thing, its pineal gland is all messed up by sodium fluoride, and TV, and electric light all night long. But, more morely, it was because unlike us, they had lots of time to think, instead of drinking our questions away at all hours. It doesn't take a genius to listen to the stars)... So, I don't want my dog to end up in some lion's gate. Like the parent with morals thought to be absurdly strict, dead abstractions, I must keep taking one for the team... Well, I think there may be an object lesson here, for some in our society, or maybe I'm insane. Coming soon: "On the Reality of Hallucinations."

The Rest is Silence.

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