where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

I believe I might start using the word, "dystopic," as a substitute for, "evil." This sidesteps the whole argument over whether there can be such a thing as absolute "evil". Also, there is no clear line between "evil" and "mentally ill". "Dystopic" will blur this fine line, including mental illness in its definition, but only mental illness in the sense that it impacts society or personal relations in a way comparable to evil. For example, "sociopathy," can be a mere psychological condition, or a new buzzword used to blame corporations and GOP and other serial killers. A "dystopic" sociopath would cover the more negative connotation, along the impact on society, and yet lessen some of the subjective blame in inherent in the buzzword version. Perhaps, in time, like the French word for, "unclean," coming to mean clinically insane, and then just plain fucked up, (as in, "madman101"), the idea of, "dystopic," may itself degenerate into a new meaning, but we are all trapped in some dark, forgotten, misunderstood, "HISTORY," aren't we? One day, we will all be looked upon as serfs to the great Goldman-Sachs, Federal Reserve alchemists.
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