I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

solar synchronicity and magnetised madness

hhhhh.... OK - I highly expected that a large solar event has occurred in recent days, and here it is - http://www.space.com/19093-sun-eruption-video-new-years-eve.html / http://www.livescience.com/25925-sun-eruption-video-new-years-eve.html - I was pretty sure of this, or else an Earth geomagnetic fluxuation (which is virtually always related to events on the sun anyway), based on 3 things: Radio propagation changes. My feelings and dreams. The fact that several other people are having strange dreams coming out of left field. Anyway, we don't know. But the sun may be warning us. We are closest to the sun than ever, and here we also have the beginning of a new year. Now, if something was prodding us deliberately about THAT, then intelligence is involved. HYPOTHESES, dudes! Calm down! Well, what else has happened? Yet again, near the New Year, we have our third January of BIRDS FALLING OUT OF THE SKY. Now - can that be related to the sun? I say geomagnetic perturbations can allow holes to puncture through our atmosphere and allow in super-cold, anaerobic space, crashing down, also causing explosive noise, and showing up as odd circles on radar. But, then, some would claim HAARP could be doing that. Or maybe it's something piezoelectric coming from our unsettled below, related to solar/geomagnetic. We also have many orange fireball type meteors or tiny comet fragments coming in for the past month. Again... piezoelectric? "Comets" related to the comet approaching in 2013/14? Probably supermagnetic plasma, IMO. But all this is for other entries. It is exasperating trying to figure these things out. Too many choices. Main point here: "UFO" light globes or such always end up being PREDICTIVE. Of this I am now completely convinced. But piezoelectric-related phenomena (tectonic) can produce lights, and also cause (gravitational) stress, which may result in quakes or even school shootings or social changes. In that way, the "UFO lights" may only seem predictive. Or - are they signs from aliens, from the future, from alternate dimensions, from the sun - of from the great covert supertechnologies of the new world order? The concept of the sun throwing out a warning to us the other night, can be used to weigh these different scenaria. I have written before that the sun may be responsible for "perfect-information" crop circles, which also seem to be correlated to solar events, and which also seem to be predictive. As well as informative. But this is all PERCEIVED correlation - no hard studies concluding anything here. (!!!) It is associational observation. Say taht the sun may be warning and communicating in these ways...? Well, it may just as well be supertech from the NWO, playing games with the stooges it is threatening. OR - superluminal communication may be directed via the sun, as a space/time lens, to Earth, from beings far across the universe. We just don't know. What I hope may not be so, but which is ONE theory, is that our evolution is coming to a head, not unconnected to a common course in the cosmos, which has happened before on Mars perhaps, where ultimately the sun, prodded by a passing comet, shoots out a gargantuan supermagnetic plasma arch - a massive lightening zap - at our planet Earth in the future, destroyed now-insane civilisation. In that case, it can be said the sun is presently warning us of this, or it may also be said that these "warnings" are merely chaotic fractals or harmonies resonating from the future and from past similar events, in the same way that we ourselves resemble the lives of our grandparents somewhat. As I've said, Nature seems to want to condense into the simplest possible space/time, like a crystal or DNA, wherein reside a MULTIPLICITY of meanings or reasons or interpretations or intelligences. Go back and read my post "origami universe" as a suggestion of this, and for intimations of future posts from me - - - http://madman101.livejournal.com/1027487.html. Bye. PS - see also recent story where new planets draw in gas/dust for their new star - as a suggestion as to how it is possible that supermagnetic plasma may be channelled across great distances between sun and planets - zap! Note also that electromagnetism ("the word") was one of the first forces created after the big bang, although i do not believe the big bang existed, and this is now true of many scientists as well - that is to say, i don't believe many scientists existed ha ha at least not right after the big bang they were off eating sandwiches. pps - i never even mentioned methane!!!
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