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On Overgeneralisation - Part 1

Excellent appearance by Barack Obama, (um, he's the president), on Face the Nation this morning.

One thing desperately-rose-coloured Republicans do is to generalise. And I am referring to most reactionary conservatives, TeaBaggers, and also fundamentalists on the LEFT or in minority communities, some more than others. I am writing this post after, (among other things), hearing Hal Sparks say, "You could go up to a Republican and tell him you think he has a nice lawn, and, to him, this means that HE IS THE KING OF THE ENTIRE NEIGHBOURHOOD!" It's true, in case you haven't noticed it. Compliment them, and suddenly they think you envy them because they are SOoooo better than you. I guess what you remind them of, since they otherwise lack true meaning and self-esteem in their lives, that they make lots of money - because that's how they measure everything, according to the abstract SYMBOL of money. And the poorer you are, the less they will communicate with you in normal human language, until the only way they end up staying in touch is by sending you a photocopy of their paycheck around xmas time. You think I am joking? No - one of them actually did that to me. And it conveyed to me how completely sociopathic they can become. How they assume things about people that are simply insane. Projections of their own insecurities. Once, this same guy acted like I was his mortal enemy - a dangerous threat when in fact I was TRYING to LEAVE - and so he came after me, telling me he was going to kill me. Fortunately, I know Ju Jitsu. It was really funny, and involved blood and cops and so on. Never saw him again. Ha ha ha! They are just big mouth coward bullies, that's all. So, it's nice to see Obama waking up somewhat, seeing these people as a decrepit, conniving, CONSPIRING ALTERNATE SPECIES, and not caving in to them. Their "authority" is a bunch of gas which they call fine threads. And even if they did wear fine threads, clothes don't make the man, unless there are enough gullible women around who assume they do. All it takes for these jerkwads to change is either to have their asses kicked, or for gullible conservative women to grow up and stop believing or manipulating and using them. But, an ideology, (usually religious), where women are assumed to be lesser than men is what keeps them where they are, and is responsible for much destruction. Case in point: N-Girl.

Oh - btw - since I never actually wrote a post about the flight of rich LJ females mirroring the separation of rich from poor. But one of the recent triggers, I am pretty sure, was often this: They voted for Mitt Romney. I seriously believe that. They voted for Mitt Romney, out of a private defiance, or spitefulness, which they saw as a proud stance for AMERICAN OPTIMISM (richness), and so they voted for Mitt Romney and now don't want to face the fact that they were wrong. And I was right. Just do the simplest, easiest DENIAL thing - drop madman101, for some imaginary reason. Drop LJ completely! Because, just like GOP men, some women believe they CAN DO NO WRONG! And money is for insulating and protecting that belief, which ultimately manifests as a shitload of lies and abuses and collabourative high crimes and misdemeanors, (Ponsi Schemes). Well, one rationalisation for dropping me could have been my warning that the GOP COULD win because of vote-machine-rigging. And since, to them, that never seemed to happen, then there, see! Madman is wrong!!! He's a CONSPIRACY THEORIST. We need to stop listening to him! Indeed, I was not wrong. There WAS GOP vote-rigging. And there was a wide majority of GOP politicos PROUDLY AND PUBLICLY AND LOUDLY CONVINCED that they would win, especially OHIO. They were wrong. Why? I haven't posted, but I believe it was because Anonymous, a front for the Obama dems, (as opposed to NEMESIS), in fact infiltrated the GOP machine firewalls and prevented their vote-rigging software from operating. There is VERY good circumstantial evidence for this. But, like Area 51 never existing until it was covered by national media, this will only lead small minds - yet again - to immediately assume that I am a conspiracy theorist, without expending a lick of energy investigating things on their own. And here I am COMPLETELY DRAINED of energy, doing all the work. Searching for the truth. Blame the messenger, blame the victim of the bully, praise the bully, fancy the threads. This is paragraph is not abut me being self-serving, it is about justice. I will speak on about such problems further, in future posts, for the sake of justice, where I am little more than one lab rat in one large injust experiment. This is how society goes to war... They deny the true, the poor, the weak - they only opt towards the money and lies of the rich, who manipulate them into making their own profit, which ultimately has no other means of being turned, other than through DESTRUCTION, and the turn of a grave spade. Money starts off by allowing any choice of good, and ends in demanding the most outlandish of bads. Most are incapable of understanding this because their own personal minds are locked into the structure of capitalism, which more and more becomes a fragile pyramid scheme, or a funeral pyre. How many slaves did it take to build the pyramids? Answer? One. You are not a slave - beginning NOW!

"The challenge in life is: making music from what remains." - Isaac Perlman http://ttbook.org - "Begin Afain" (12/30/2012)

My dog is getting over-reaching again. He's been quite good. So, he's gotten food, beddy beddy sleepy sleepy, etc., no problem. An occasional sad wee cookie as a reward. So, you try to tell doggie, "You performed that specific task with appropriate dispatch," but it's hard to talk like that to a dog. Mot of the time, you say, "GooD DOG!" And you rub him and he's all happy and looking around for something more to eat cuz this rocks. "I'm good! I'm good!" he shouts out in his sleep. And this becomes equivalent to, "More food! More food!" He abstracts morality as a form of food management. And he internalises the idea that he is "good" and since he becomes GENERALLY, abstractly, narcissistic, "Good," sooner than later, this becomes his own inner justification for somehow merely DESERVING food - based on the generally idea that he is inherently, "good". So, he gets all rude and demanding and over-reaching, and you end up needing to INSIST - to force - him to STOP! You yell. You tap him on the nose. You give him quite time alone, as punishment. And, his small little narcissistic head is thinking, "I totally deserve more food. Even if I have to be BAD, I deserve to get my food! Because I am good!" Well, what does, "good", mean now? What is morality here? It is something external and forced and artificial. Feeling this, the dog acts bad for food, gets punished, and eventually gets punished TOO MUCH and what does he learn? He loves to love punishment more than the food (that he doesn't get). "Paradoxical learning" [sic] (Pavlov) means that a dog rushes enthusiastically into pain (punishment) over and over, more and more when intermittent, even if there is no longer any reward behind the pain, which was once the cue, but is now the punishment. Once a lover of the good, the dog is now the lover of the bad. That is inherent within the power of money: Offering any good, it allows narcissism to grow, while moral good is ascribed to self, and it encourages fantasizing about the bad, when rewards fail to meet expectations. Money gets more and more spent on DESTRUCTION, and less and less on moral behaviour and proper resource and commons management. See how it works? This is all my own thought, so always give me credit because I fucking deserve it, because I am good.

Most people do not understand how intricately connected money is to morality. And, that is to say, most people don't understand how closely connected capitalism is to Christianity. Do you recall th study where cute females tend to be less creative, and more concerned with social acceptance? Popularity? Conservatism? Well, these females also tend to equate money with goodness. When they give charity, they tend to do so for narcisstic reasons. "I do this because I am good! Look at me, God!" But, they don't make money by giving it away. Most of the time, they are stingy money-grubbing bitches, as a compensation for low self-esteem based on poor imagination and associational skills. Most of the time, they step on heads, on their way up the wealth-making ("social"/"popularity") hierarchy. But, they don't see that they are injuring peole, and extracting other people's wealth and labour and souls, because they are always looking onwards and upwards, away from the poor. Only occasionally, symbolically, do they turn back and so something symbolically good, and they say to themselves, "I am good! I am good!" Stay positive! Keep those rose-coloured glasses screwed on tight! Meanwhile, they begin to have these demonic urges. Something secret inside them is eating away. ALL OF THIS FUCKING TENSION CLIMBING TO THE TOP, with rewards fewer and fewer rewards between, and more snarls and punishments from those rich "good" people they worship! Well, like dogs, they develop a hunger for being BAD. If only they could break the mould, secretly, and dominate, or submit, or be with the same sex, or thieve or lie... oooh!!! Yum! So tired of being SO GOOD! Feel so UGLY inside! Must be puished!! Must be controlled! Must control! It's a loop, and what does it do? It spyres them further along in their pursuit of more filthy lucre. And this is one reason why the value of money becomes non-linear. The more the rich have, the more they need - the more they need to spend, the more they need to make. And, how interesting... just happens that this is the code of a failing capitalist economic system, where capital is unproductively shunted to the top, and labour is left to idle, needing to print more and more currency, to pretend to prop up the value of the currency. No wonder that this contradiction ens in nothing but shorter-term investment in destruction, a la derivatives or ponsi schemes. The dollar begins to evapourate. "In God We Trust," begins to evapourate...

And Alex Jones wonders why there always seems to be a correlation between Satanism and rich people. Well, can you figure this out? Now you can? Can you figure out why there is such a close correlation between Satanist mass-shooters, and the needs of a corrupting capitalist system, often backed by covert conspiracies? Now you can. These things don't happen by accident. They are a consequence of a natural fault of OVERGENERALISATION. More later... Obsessing on external rewards, often with insufficient emotional support, ends up with the rewards turning into (self-)punishment, bad becoming good, wealth becoming poverty, and freedom becoming slavery. This is also related to the addictive spiral of wants becoming "needs", and how that takes control of social power hierarchies, and moral and economic rationalisations for resource exploitation. A la, Iraq.

The first thing to do to slow this spiral is to avoind gluten in your diet.

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