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duh - zombies


Posted on 2012.12.20 at 00:00
The Prophecy of Bane

If Under Fell, If Over Leaped,
If Life was Death, and Death Life Reaped,
Something Rises From the Gloom.
To Make The Underland A Tomb.

Hear It Scratching Down Below,
Rat Of Long-Forgotten Snow,
Evil Cloaked In Coat Of White
Will The Warrior Drain Your Light?

What Could Turn The Warrior Weak?
What Do Burning Gnawer's Seek?
Just A Barely Speaking Pup
Who Holds The Land Of Under Up.

Die The Baby, Die His Heart,
Die His Most Essential Part.
Die The Peace That Rules The Hour.
Gnawer's Have Their Key To Power.

by Suzanne Collins, author of, The Hunger Games, and resident of Sandy Hook, CT.
- from "Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane" (wherein 'Ares', i.e., Mars, is Gregor's bondmate)... 'Luxa' is another representation of Mars. (For future discussion). "Bane" is also the name of the villain in The Dark Knight Rises, wherein Sandy Hook and Aurora are referenced. Bain Capital is a vulture capitalist REAL-WORLD EVIL.

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