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Ravi Shankar

Alex Jones was not Norah Jones' father, Ravi Shankar was, and he just died. Shankar was one of the most influential influences on pop rock. He was also influential through George Harrison, who was a major influence over Big Star, who basically created Power Pop. Whether "Norwegian Wood" or "Eight Miles High" was the first Shankar/sitar-influenced pop song is still unclear to everyone because they were doing a lot of drugs at the time. In any event, the emergent form, via the Byrds, Beatles, Donovan, and Timothy Leery, was Psychedelic Rock, which inspired Pink Floyd, The Kinks, Jimmy Hendrix, the Doors, T-Rex, Velvet Underground, early funk, that one guy, XTC, D-Lite, Dandy Warhols, Belle & Sebastian, and so much more, including punk, post-punk and hiphop. Only John Cage and Bob Dylan, and the Beatles, and Winston Churchill, rivalled such influence, by god. As a result, many people lost their lives. http://thebeatlesnews.livejournal.com/184666.html
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