I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

Digestion of Diversity - Part One

Some rr politico apparently compared being gay to MURDER. Apparently, that old conservative maxim of, "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND I'LL MIND MINE," kinda gets lost in their moral absolutism sometimes. And, ya gotta give them credit, they are forever desperate. They are addicted to saying stupid things and, uh, briging on the very apocalypses and police states that they force people to fear. If being gay is the same as murder, then gays are pretty much murders, then, right? Like the pro-choicers. That means they deserve the full penalty of (god's) law, which would be, um, eh... the death penalty! Since gays are murderers the we must murder them. Cuz gays have their gay agendas - and so do every other minority - which means they are, collectively, COMMUNISTS. Everyone has an agenda except the moral right wing - the GOP party of god, on a hill, over the edge. Of course, not everyone in the GOP believes gays are Satan's executioners in pink. I fact, the Supreme Court is probably moving towards saying that GAY MARRIAGE is OK. Since this will be a decision which the homophobes will hate, it will, to them, be a sign of BIG GOVERNMENT INTRUSION, and yet another reason for mass secession, i.e., civil waar, i.e., bloodshed. So, you see, people go really crazy, don't they. Apparently, there are no limits to crazed narcissism, hate, greed, and all these other virtues. That is precisely why we have struggled through the millenia for our meagre little Magna Cartas and our Bill of Rights. Our common rights, ad our commons, must be preserved, against this rampaging, blind selfishness which would stalk every corner of the land and, given the wide freedoms of money money money, would attempt to drown our common government in a bathtub, and seek to crush the neck of the wealth of labour with the fascist boot of Kochs and Walkers, and Snyder and the Amway guy in Michigan. So, if yu think there are few conspiracies, in a land which glorifies the central accumulation of capital by all means, then your naivete contributes to the endangerment of our rights, so please... Anyway, why, yo - why would the right-wing Supreme Court decide in favour of gay marriage? Well, the legal explanation would be that they would couch their decision in an argument re: equal protection RIGHTS, rather than on the moral and gender questions, which would otherwise prevail against whatever rationality would be put up in the defense of gay marriage. But, no - I think it's because of personal experience once again - it is hitting Republicans close to home, and so now, selfishly, they pay attention. Now they care. And half of Republicans are gay in the closet as well. These days. Yell about god, yell about threats, yell about gays, and secretly revel in your power and your depravity by turning gay - or however that works... But, more than anything else, I think it's because one Republican in particular is probably secretly gay, and that would be the Great Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh - a great agent for progressive change! Heh - I knew a guy from Missouri. He said he moved up to Madison for, "all the love." He was straight. But, one night, he closed all the shutters of the graphic arts studio in which I was working, and proceeded to rub his crotch up against me. "Show me!!" ha ha!... Those damn Missourians - almost as bad as those Kansas people. Beating their bibles. Anyway, this great swing is being accompanied by supportive literature, conveying to Catholics, and others, that there is ACTUAL ETHICAL AND MORAL REASONING BEHIND LEAVING GAYS ALONE AND ABLE TO MARRY AND SUPPORT EACH OTHER VIA THE LAWS WHICH WERE MADE FOR EVERY INDIVIDUAL. And, I only say, now, I am so very tired. SO very tired. Tired of beating my drum to no avail, abandoned by such righteous, all-knowing religionists, cuz I associate with gays and communism, if only in some vague, invisible-WMDs, way - while, all of the sudden, they all mass in the other direction, supporting gay marriage, and I'm still FUCKING POOR. And I'm still FUCKING EVIL. The bullies in power always get the girl, and the loot, and the spare gay in their closet. Oh eh I really don't care, just joking... here ye...

Goggle these: "The Conservative Case for Same-Sex Marriage, by Ted Olson," and, "The Religious Case for Same-Sex Marriage." Of all thing! Being Christian actually means ACCEPTING GAYS, and other, for whom they are?! Well, I NEVER! Meanwhile, the crazy homophobes only up their ante-bellum... That's the reptilian part of the brain... The gay part, I think, booga booga!

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