I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

the 1000 butterfly sneezes effect

well, i missed Linda Molten Lava last night, except the last part when she started talking about this guy where butterflies ate his brain and took him to heaven which is apparently the home of his long-lost in-laws or something... no but really, this is important... i liked how this guy described infinite love and/or information being the stuff of universal consciousness, which is right up my alley - as was his description of "infinite darkness" plus "infinite brightness" - "AT THE SAME TIME" - as the stuff of heaven or such, which is so true to my ideas that i pretty much no longer have a reason to live anymore, yay. break out the butterflies! (btw - i never realised before how much "ideas" resembles "disease")... this is the YIN in the YANG in the YIN up my WANG conundrum found in many a cosmic belly Bhutan... listening to last night's "C-t-C" is recommended but here also is her latest mock-up:

''...what would life be like if we ate butterflies and pooped rainbows??'' - (Actual Quote from an actual LJ)!

See also won't you: http://www.naturalnews.com/037917_Proof_of_Heaven_afterlife_Creator.html - This, on the one hand, emphasizes a Judeao-Xtian Hell, but on the other relates to quantum ideas of superluminal communication or thought-travel. I would get into a whole conversation on how all this is true, and yet it isn't, but describing paradox is an endless pursuit. If you believe heaven is simply due to brain oxygen deprivation, please know that I feel you are just as right as anyone else. Who am I to judge but rather to slash and burn mindlessly and without a whimsical care tra la?

And yet nothing.... NOTHING EVER HAPPENS !!!

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