I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

dog gone done it again dog gone it

Suffered various anomalies. Main accomplishment: Throwing together a massively warm bed which will even work pretty well if the whole house's heat and electric goes out. Took special care to add extra comfy blankets on the top for my giant dog and his eternally shedding hair. Got down to 22 last night but was only 50-55 in here, using no heat. So, I'm set. Plus I'm about a month overpaid on gas, and on the budget plan - where I only pay a small amount each month all year. If the banks die for a month, I'll still be OK with most of my bills - but still want to pay rent an extra month ahead each month... Can't budget that yet. Buying a new heater and dogfood online, to pick up later. Not that I even need a heater now, but I hate cold, and so does my friend, CFS. After big mofo headache, got ready to take dog out tonight. Thought to reign him back a wee bit before going out, as his long chord is permanently attached INSIDE, where I can alter the length. Looked out door, waited for cat out front to leave before I let the dog out. Waited more. Cat didn't leave. Let dog out. Realised I had not attached dog to long leash. Dog took off after cat and disappeared into the distant darkness. Went back inside to find my key. Finally found my key. Set out to find dog. Walked around several blocks. Saw my dog. Sat down at a stop sign talking at him. He kept sauntering away. Occasionally I walked ahead of him. Gradually suggested commands. Showed doglike interest in the things he was smelling AND NABBED HIM! Thank goodness he's on a harness. He was conducive. We walked home, he on a leash, me secretly at the end of my rope. It was fine. We went inside on good terms laughing. Gave him turkey. He is back up on the big warm bed, none the worse. It could have been. Must now to nurse remainder of headache.... We both shall dream of disruptive cats.

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