I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

again with the levity

Happy Thanksgiving to all my LJ friends. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. From eating. And drinking. No, really, I love Thanksgiving the most, even though I am spending it alone with a massive frontal headache. But, I can walk around now and so I am thankful. I am thankful no one is messing with me at the moment. I am thankful gold will be going up to $2000 by the end of next year. I am thankful for tonight's cold snap, so now I am boiling the broth/stock up again, and I'm going to throw a half a cabbage in later. Just a half - so I can remove it all at once. And, I'll be happy to finally start cleaning again, with the cold, as in under the stove. So, anything is enough for me I am low maintenance which, since I am a male, makes me highly unmarriable but be that way. Off ya go now and enjoy your Bubbly Jock 'n Haggis, and perhaps a wee Deoch an Doris, for Auld Lang Syne, and wake up feeling like me ha ha... No - I loved how wonderful this holiday was, so I hope you experience the same kind of fun and joy and lethargy. Everyone deserves one day a year free from worries of impending doom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qAXKqbSGhE

What part of the turkey do you like best? I like the gobble. No, really, I like the part where Estelle Turkey meets Eunice Turkey and they find they are not at all the bitter rivals they thought they would be, so they instantly become great friends and go for a hilarious road-trip up the Atlantic Seaboard. No, really. Why must we eat turkeys? It's barbaric. Why can't we simply go back to the days when we ate Native Americans or is that only allowed for Mormons now? And, btw, even though they are now saying that tryptophan-laden turkey does not in fact make you sleepy - I know from watching my dog that this is not true. He is so happy with his turkey life now, but he had to explode in a burst of running around today, I just hope the Nether People weren't home. I haven't smelt any svelt foul, sweltering up from down there, so maybe they're at N-Girl's sour mother's house. (Speaking of sour - that pasta I made wasn't great refrigerated so I added a little my balsamic vinegar mix, {but I forget which spice - possibly lemon and oregano} - made it really nice, like a pasta salad).

Well, I heard on Chg. radio about a murder in a nearby city, (goggle: KATRINA SMITH ROCKFORD). It's a sad drama. A shame that once again, a nice person is snuffed out, in pain and fear and dreadful sorrow. I'm wondering if I knew her. Her age and personality (and the church) fit a Katrina who was a barista at the main Starbucks where the often-sited Cafe Saga took place. She was one of the few girls who was above the nonsense, although I'm sure she partook in some of the gossip. She was (died?)blond with a sharp yet bubbly and honest personality, and very popular. I figured she was of Ukrainian derivation. (Her pronounced feature was a sharp Romanish nose). Didn't seem like a Smith to me. I won't know unless I see a pic or read an Obit. of the girl who was murdered. But, right, folks, eat drink and be well in self and others, for you do not know which Thanksgiving will be your last. So, make it all last. Chow.

Oh, wait - Smith was her husband's last name.

Oh - thinking of buying a unique xmas gift, maybe for dad? I suggest a survival stove. Not only for camping, but for emergencies - and emergencies are getting very popular lately. I hope to post some links for yas later. I need to get around to calling friends in Philly. And Portland. I want to do a - how you say - boring xmas letter for people I've deliberately fallen out of contact with, (so as to avoid dying). I might put up a site just for those folks later, and in the future avoid all mailing costs. Thank you, Al Gore.

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